Canadian Seedbanks and Sellers - The List

This list of Canadian Seed Banks, Sellers and Cannabis Breeders is a wiki :memo::

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GTAseedbank Yes
Jordanoftheislands Yes
Hempdepot Yes
Truenorthseedbank Maybe
Older version of Hi-gradeseeds No No
These are the Canadian Breeders/Seedbanks I have used
to order seeds from, directly.


Nice. I’m sure there’s a few more but you got most of the good ones I’m sure. I used to be true to hempdepot with the odd purchase from truenorth. I had a good experience ordering from Female seeds out of the UK.

Honestly tho I’ll prob never order from a seedbank again. The game has changed a bit. I love trading and testing and buying off friends online. Once and a while it’s fun to hit a seedbank site and try something tho right.
Oddly enough I’m gettin into some American genetics for the most part now. It’s funny… we think sh!ts proprietary but stuff goes all over. Like how Jamaican genetics went to Europe and then what became of em (from indoor culture) went back to Jamaica and was bred in. I hear a lot of early Marc Emery gear went south back in the day and was worked into magic state side. Sorry… just ranting now :laughing:


Peak Seeds BC
Next Generation
JAH Seeds

Mephisto’s not a Canadian breeder but has a Canadian site shipping out of Canada.

I’ve ordered from all of them with good service.


I have some original offerings from med-man brand when they were 40 bucks for 18 seeds… anyone on OG buy from Dr.Greenthumbs in Ottawa? His prices are now in-line with the rest of the seed biz…10 yrs later LOL. He’s got legit cuts, always did… I’ve never bought though.


I had a Email from Doc a while ago in reply to a question whether Niagara was still available. He said there was an improved version called Jazz. He has some interesting gear that has local history. Haven’t purchased from him but I was planning to in the future.

Love the webpage, now it’s really funky retro…


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Been a while since you visited eh? LOL

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ive had good experiences with peakseeds BC.

i had bad experience with true north, germination probs and the “breeder” was their sister company canuk seeds so no help there either… it’s really just re-branded bulk spanish seeds tho