Chez Calix - Journey of a Junior grower

It’s been so long , I was lurker no doubt, and one of my first experience with Web forums.

A stage of My life I dont remember, pretty hazy lol,
But I’m happy To be back and actually able to utilize the site for what it’s intended for! Such an amazing community.

I have finally assembled my grow tent , light is set up.

Any one looking to come along for the ride, be My guest!!
I have a friend who will be donating me some clones. He is rooting them for me too.

I am intersted in indicas.

My friend is going to supply me first round of nutrients, and soil. So I will start with his suggestions and learn from him, you guys, and through My mistakes.
Things I still need ( also open To suggestions)
I still have locate some circulation fans, intake /exhaust, flex pipe. A good electrical power bar . Pots, trays (what sizes should i get for stages through veg? I don’t want to grow very tall. Hoping for short and bushy.
I am sure I will be making a 100 trips to hardware store and grow store…I guess I can learn everytime i go. LOL id like to limit my trips however.

I am hoping for a very controlled growing environment. 2 strong females . Will try 3-4 clones and hope they all take…
If anyone wants to suggest some MUST READ threads for first time grower let me know,
Cheers all. Happy to be back

15-17 years ago, HPS was the norm for growing, and not accessible or affordable to a teenager .

From what I’ve been told and seen, this LED light will work fine for 2 plants…I will not be offended if im told it is not adequate or ideal.

Also x some tips for tents would be great .


Looking forward to see it run @Calix!!!


My experience with a similar sized box was 150-250 HPS. As for trays/pots start from solo cup size, to 8", to whatever you want. 2-4 clones could even share a large Rubbermaid tub if needed. Just remember that with soil, as soon as you see an explosion of growth, some nutes need to be given within a week and rootbound can happen quick. That’s my best quick advice. PM if you want friend! Edit…your enclosure looks bigger than I thought…could do 600 watt+ if vented properly


I found you. Yeah I would just run a 4" fan with a couple small fans. Personally I like to run one above the canopy and one below after my tent begins to fill up.


It is 2x4x5.

And here we have 9lb hammer,bubba.kush and sunrise sherbet.

Dec 03
8:05pm 20-4
Temperature 18c atm

Will be setting up reservoirs tomorrow and some drainage pans
Edit /
AND starting An official log book. Way to much information for one night. A lot of learning to Do.
I don’t plan on attempting to be a know it all guru . Just hope I’ Don’t need kill anything too soon


On your mark, Get set, GROW!


Thanks for encouragement

Ugh! I checked this morn

dec 04
7:35 am
Temperature 17c

Not happy about that’…maybe thermostat on ground /concrete beneath…
Or light sucks???

Furnace on all night aswell…


Yeah 17 is on the chilly side. Try getting it off the concrete and see what happens. If it works put your plants on some styrofoam to keep them off the concrete too.

That light probably pulls 100 watts so it doesn’t put out that much heat.

For transplanting I go 4” pot, 1 gallon pot, finish in 3 gallon. Sometimes I’ll go 5 gallon but it depends on how big they get.

I use a 4” inline fan for my 2x4x6

All the best


I have styrofoam placed underneath and raised the plants on a cardboard box and lowered the light a few “.

I also added a clip on light.

The thermostat says it had a max of 19.7 and low 17.5 .

Hopefully I can get temp up!


Got the temp up to 21 in less than an Hour. Sadly it was lights out at 3:00pm until 7:00 pm this evening .

I still need to pick up
-two reservoirs , 5 or 10 gallon maybe , I will start with standard 5 gallon i think…

  • Air pump 2 tubes and stones.
    -Ph up /down and a ph pen.

The timer I got only has two prong receptical so no good,

I still don’t have my mind wrapped around feeding amounts based on pot size.
*How much water will they get in the 16oz party cup?
Every 3 days, cycle water then nutrients ?

I have all necessary nutrients.
And the link for nutrient calculator.

Pretty sure 2 of the clone should are 2 weeks old and 9lb hammer is one week.

  • also, worried about plants getting cold during 4 hours of darkness

A bit more situated now.

I might be crazy but it looks like bubba was growing towards my clip on CFL…Just spun him around to see If that’s happening lol


Day 03 week 1
Set up my reservoirs
Mixed up my first batch of nutrient mix. With remo calculator.

I also got a electric oil space heater for the dark time (3:00pm-7:00pm) where it’s cold wiith no light. Kept the space heated Well.

I only fed water this time. Next feed will be nutrients.

I also ordered another light , the same…plus a inline filter system, so i hopefully won’t be scrambling come time to ever need it
Thanks everyone

Edit 9:30 PM. Got the temp up to 24 with the heater on ! Ahhh! Hopefully it holds some heat over night (my night)


Looking good man.


END of week 2 . Day 14
Couple snags along the way…
Couldn’t get the temperature Steady. During lights out.

It wasn’t practical running the electric oil heater .
So I rigged up a warm lung room Tom pull air into tent!

Got a second light so that is helping too.

Not much growth yet. Hoping soon! I did a bit of snipping lol but most grew back quickly. I don’t think it was a good idea to snip any fan leaves so soon . A few Had nutrient burns on tips I thought so I got carried away snipping and then transplanted and Only watered
Hopefully they recover . May have to start over. OR keep and get more clones…learn the hard Way :frowning:
HOping to transplant other two soon


Hopefully my pruning mistake only slows them down and they recover. Very disappointed and feel so bad for them! I read conflicting info and panicked when I seen the yellowish tips !

Should have left them alone .


Light seems to be a little high, I try to keep them about 18" above the plant canopy, good luck on your grow.


Okay thanks.they are roughly 30"

I will drop them down!!

I thought they stretch higher the light is!!!

Hoping for a speedy recovery and going to let them do they’re thing.

Temps are already now for good.

So water .water nute Water water nute Water water i think for now to be safe .


I wish my problem was not enough heat lol, always the opposite



Easier heat rather than cool I presume lol!


well where i am yes, ac costs alot more then heat does, and its cold here most of the year, like now i can draw in outside air thats at 5 F