How do I know what Trust Level I am?

There are a few ways to find out depending on where you are starting from.

  1. Go to your profile summary. Click on Expand in top right corner.
    In the status row you will see “Trust level”.
  • Member means trust level 2.
  • Regular means trust level 3.

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 0.21.56 .


  1. Click on your profile photo in any post.

Member: Trust Level 2
Regular Member: Trust Level 3


  1. Click on the three lines in the upper right corner.

Click on Badges

Look for your Trust Level Badge.

Member: Trust Level 2
Regular Member: Trust Level 3


but what do the green blips mean!? lol

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They have nothing to do with the co-ops :rofl:


Will open when complete/

I’m glad to see this re-opened so that I can point out that none of those methods seem to work with a brand new OG User.

I have a friend who recently joined and is finding his way. He wanted to understand the Trust Levels to see when he could post more than one pic per day.

I tried the methods above and it seems he doesn’t have a trust level yet. Odd because he is able to DM and upload an image.

This Is Not A Complaint, just an anomaly, and a question: Is there some way to see the Trust Level for @TARpits?

Respectfully Submitted,
-Grouchy :v: :green_heart:


If I had to guess the issue is the circled part. There’s been almost no interaction.


It looks like the DM was his only interaction with the site so far man. Let him know he will need to interact some move up in trust level.


Fair enough Doug, we just want to know what level he’s at, so he knows what he needs to do to level up. He’s on OG daily, reading posts like mad.


Oddly he is not even listed as basic. Looking at his stats, I would tell him to visit 8 more threads and reply in at least 3 of them. If he does that, gets and gives a few likes he will likely be a tl2 in a day as he us only a day from the 15 days visited requirement. Check out this thread for all the specifics.


Thanks @DougDawson, that’s just the info we were looking for. I’ll advise him as you suggested.


This has been open almost 2 years. It was meant as information for all. One on one activity should be addressed thru the @moderators :blush:

:green_heart: :seedling: