Curing fan leaves and wrapping with them

Looks tasty. Let it age and it will smooth out a ton!


The leaves I used were about 6 months old… pressed in a book then jarred. I moistened the paper towel to rehydrate them. Next time I’ll leave them in the towel longer as you could see the chlorophyll transfering… it is fairly smooth… can be a little hot if you try to hit hard. But puffing on it is quite enjoyable. More so than I expected.


This is a very nice idea, so basically all would be to find the ideal point of moistness in the leaf where it’s not molding or condencing water in the jar anymore but still is flexible enough to roll a blunt. I think studiyng cigarr rollers techniques will help you finding the right spot. also you can make it wet again before rolling it when you have the most chlorophyll processed.


just from reading this thread I’d say you are on the right track. I’d be interested in sticking those pressed leaves in an air tight container with a Boveda pack to re-hydrate them slowly. Then just before rolling might moisten them enough to be pliable and roll your herb mixture. Dry to cure and could perhaps be rum dipped like Swisher Sweets? If the leaves have a bit of ‘sugar’ that should help them seal.

Edit: could make a ‘glue’ with kief and rum to seal? Also link saving leaf curing for tobacco

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Hey guys, i am on my way to making cannagars as well, still need to order the press\mold in order to get a perfect shape cigar, that will help with the rolling process.

For the time being i placed the leaves between two kitchen paper towels and flatten them with a roller, most of the moisture was transferred on to the paper towels, and also made the stems of the leaves very flat, like paper…

Now, i placed them inside a thick Law Book from College, and will wait to see how they develop there, will also try to get a humidor eventually to re-hydrate them…

I will post my success or failure here…

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Check out this thread, too:


I bought my first, (and only) grower guide book back in 1978 or 79.

Yes it has been very well used over the years!
A few of the photos may be of interest to this thread.

The section on curing your fan leaves and rolling them into a cigar, or cannagar.

Have fun all.


@webeblzr is there any text describing the method?

Bought the same book back in the day but lost it over the years.

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“Cigar joints made with undried marijuana which is wrapped with long blades of fan leaves before drying.”

I had a friend who use to love making weed cigars. She use to come over my house and use my stickiest bud to make the cigars… lol much to my protest.

The first step she would take is decide on the diameter of the center of the cigar. She would use kabob sticks for this process. Then take the bud and compress it onto the sicks.

Once this process is completed and she had formed the cigar into the correct shape. She would wrap the cigar very tightly with string. She would then leave the cigars to dry for 1 to 3 days.

Upon return she would remove the string from the cigar. the bud would be compressed and could be easily handled without fear of falling apart. She would then coat the cigar with any type of sticky the abstract she could get her hands on and kief.

The last step of the process which I’m sure your the most interested in. Was that she used green leaves fresh off the plant to stick to the cigar. Once the entire cigar was wrapped in leaves she would cover the leave with plastic wrap and then wrap the cigar with string and leave it for a few days until all the thc “glue” has dried. I can tell you that they where the most beautiful cigars that you would see. And no one ever complained about the harshness of the green leaves.

In case you where wondering these cigars ranged for 7grams to a ounce depending upon how inspired she was.


Ahh the Thai Stick gars :yum:


There may be, when I get a few minutes to go through it, as it has been hard used over the years, well until I taught myself how to compute, and that was very tough as a moldie oldie.