3D Printed Cannagar Molds

Hey there folks!

Just started hanging around a bit more again, and picked up a few tricks in my absence… I’m fairly new to CAD and 3d Printing, but I’m a quick learner when it suits me. When I came back I rediscovered @MBVapester’s Cannagar thread, and tried to go back and download some of the files that were listed for Cannagar molds on Thingiverse. Lo an’ behold, they’re gone. Not sure if the original maker took them down or they fell victim to all the problems Thingiverse has been having as of late.

So, being fairly bored and somewhat industrious I decided to go about designing my own Cannagar mold. What started as a humble project took a turn and ended after several iterations with me producing over 120 individual STL files that cover Cannagars of 10, 16 and 22mm diameters with three lengths for each and options for each of those combinations in either 1, 2, 3 or 4 slot configurations.

Note: None of these are EXACTLY the final model. The colorful one is the closest as the only difference is the height of the rings. I’ll be keeping the colorful one and the all black one for 10mm cannagars.

I’ll post the final print of a 1 slot 16mm Diameter 120mm Length when it’s done in the morning.
Final Design Pictures

I have just put them up at Printables.com, but it appears that my attempts at organizing the files into a simple heirarchy failed on the upload. So I went back and renamed all of the files to include the length and number of slots at the beginning of the file name to try and simplify it, but there’s a lot of files. I do have them in a ZIP with the original folder directory if anyone would like that, it’s much easier to get what you need quickly without all the extras.

DL Link: https://www.printables.com/model/200339-cannagar-mold-multiple-sized-mega-pack
Zip Folder: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t3c8fds5tgjca0c/Cannagar%20Mold.zip?dl=0

Also, what is not included in those files, but will be made available to members here is the Fusion 360 file, where nearly every single aspect is parametric and easy to alter. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was a way to make the number of slots parametric with even spacing. The current file makes use of supressed features to switch between the different slot numbers.

These files are being released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License

You are free to download, use, and modify these files, just link it back to this thread or the printables link, and no making a profit off of the models or the prints. Sell your cannagar if you wish (I’d rather smoke it), but these are meant to be free to use by the community.

This is not an offer for modelling or 3D printing services. Please don’t solicit members unless they have given their intent to offer these services.


This is great! Thanks @ChronicMcBudz !


My pleasure! It was actually a lot of fun. It’s like crack to me at the moment. Figuring out how to use simple shapes and changes to create what I want and using formulas to make everything flow automatically when you change one variable like the overall height. It actually inspired me to go back and get a Bachelors degree in Engineering. I start in the Fall.


Niiice, thanks for sharing.
That other one I downloaded wasn’t the greatest.
Looking forward to trying this and will definitely share when I do.
Thanks again, much appreciated! :+1: :v:


Yet another reason to buy a 3D printer🤔


3d printing is a fantastic rabbit hole. I’m lucky where one of my best friend’s key hobbies is 3D printing anime figures and warhammer peices.

He’s now running 2x diff plate size printers and has both a curing rig and washing machine.

Bonus for me is my printed “seed coins” come already cleaned :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful, best of luck with the schooling!


Small update: I got my stoned ass brain in gear and realized I could upload the Zip file to Dropbox… so I have done that and the link is now listed in the main post.


Thank you! I’m excited, but also a bit nervous. I’ve helped my wife out through her getting her Associates, but I’ve been out of school for about a decade now with the exception of one semester I took about 5 years back when I thought I wanted to be a teacher. Many props to those who teach, but it wasn’t for me.


I can definitely understand being nervous after so long, I’m sure that’ll go away quickly though once you’re in and learning!
I have family that are teachers, definiteIy not for everyone and major props for those that do!


Currently printing a 10x75 single :+1:

Excited to try it, thanks again for sharing the design! :smile:


Looking forward to your report! :smiley:


Don’t be. I went back to college for a bit at 39 and it’s like riding a bicycle.


Well, took two tries, but I got the final design mold printed. 16mm diameter, 120mm length. First one went spaghetti. Shoulda took a picture, it looked pretty cool lol. If you have any adhesion issues, a little glue stick helps. :+1: The taller it is with fewer slots, the more of an issue it becomes.

The bands are intentionally tight so that as they break in with PLA, they still stay sufficiently tight. They’re a bitch to get on and off the first few times. Some light sanding might help, but I prefer to wear them into each other.


Let me know how it works out for you! I have a couple ideas in mind for a v2 somewhere down the line, like a funnel system for easier loading. I’m definitely up to hear what people think needs improved.


So far so good, did a small test run without the rings and it’s working pretty awesome. Didn’t even let it sit and had a perfect little weed log.

A funnel top is a great idea, would definitely speed up loading

The tolerances are a bit tight but like you said it doesn’t take long to wear them in. Sweet little device for sure! :+1:


3D printers have come down in price over the last few years, and they’re so much more attainable now. I had a MakerGear M2 a while ago, and it was over 1000. Now, something similar can be found for half that price.

If/when you are having trouble with any coursework, you can contact me for help. I’ll try to point you to some resources. I went back to do it after 10 years in the wild, and some of the courses were very rigorous.


They have. My Voxelab Aquila was only $180 and actually ran damn good straight out of the box. I was piss poor at leveling the bed and still came out with pretty good prints with zero knowledge other than a few videos I watched after I ordered it. I’ve probably put another $25 into it upgrading, and will probably put about $50 more (PEI spring sheet and a new Z screw) into it before I’m done, but I love it. Eventually I want to get my hands on a Voron 2.4, though by the time I have an extra $1k sitting around they’ll probably be on 5 lol.

I appreciate the offer! I’m not too worried about the coursework itself. It’s more my family that I’m concerned with. They have made it impossible for my wife to do her coursework, and she actually just lost her degree program just from getting a C on a course this last semester where she wasn’t able to study due to all of the issues going on with our kids at the moment. All 3 are ADHD. Our oldest is 13, so that adds all the hormones on top of her already being a drama queen. Our 7yo twins both have further problems. My son has high functioning autism, and my daughter has been diagnosed with the adolescent form of bi-polar after being baker acted about 6 weeks ago. It’s been a ride lol


How did I miss this? Bookmarked and thank you! @ChronicMcBudz


About to print one horizontally, have you found printing the body horizontally vs vertically works better? I’m assuming there would be less resistance due to the layer orientation.