MBV’s Cannagar Tutorial/Discussion

First of all this is my trials and definitely not the be all and end all but anyone feel free to add on as I am still learning and perfecting this.

My cannagar attempts.

First step is to have a mold to make your cannagar in. For my first attempt I grabbed what I had on hand. I took the largest pen I could find in the drawer and took it apart until I had the one end.

Then I slit it with an exacto and took the end cap and flipped it as a base. Found a small piece of pencil eraser to make the end and put the skewer through.

The next step was to coarsely grind about a ¼ of bud and start putting it into the mold and pack it tight all around the skewer in layers until full.

You need to let it set for a while (longer is better). I left mine for a week.
In the meantime dry some good fan leaves or preferably have some saved. The larger the better and indica trumps sativa for ease of use.

If the leaves are completely dry, then spray lightly with water so they are flexible again.

When taking the core of the cannagar out of the mold, ensure not to break it or remove the skewer. In this case I would not use the pen again as it was tight to remove without completely breaking the mold.

Ideally if you have lots of Rosen or any sticky concentrate then make a thin layer and roll the cannagar in it to start wrapping.

If you do not have any concentrate there are second choice options. I used some concentrate but since I did not have enough I used some liquid pectin or have read you can also use liquid honey. I very thinly coated on side of the leaf and then wrapped from end to end.
Once fully wrapped it needs to be pressed again and cured/dried. Hemp string wrapped tightly(not like here but this worked).

Once wrapped put it in a jar for a week or more and check daily with hygrometer if too high leave it out to dry. Once it is dried nicely it can be unwrapped.

I store mine in cigar tubes. When you want to smoke it, carefully remove the skewer and enjoy.

And enjoy some more.


My second attempt was using 2 pcs of 2x4 and drilled 4 holes for bolts to hold the press together.

Then set a drill bit with your choice of size so it drills ½ on each board.

For the tip of mine I used a dremel to make more of a torpedo tip and once you have the depth you want then drill a small hole at the tip through the opposite end to hold your skewer in place.

Same process all over again.

This time for wrapping, since it needs something to press it but yet breath, I used a strip of perforated nylon material that came from a pair of basketball shorts and it worked well.


Great stuff.

Thanks for sharing.




Oh man this is cool… I’ve seen it done with whole nugs though I don’t know if it makes a difference… I wanna try this when my grow finishes and cure a couple of them for a bit.


Awesome stuff! Here is another way to form it using some twine and parchment paper.


That looks beautiful. I may have to try buds and a keif roll as well


Next time I make one, I’ll share in this thread. :+1::seedling:


Both those methods look awesome, how moist are the buds you guys are using?


Mine had just finished curing for about a month and were ready for long term sealed jars.


Thanks for sharing man I’ll deffo be making my own cannagar press now :blush: question though when you unclamped the press did it not stick to the wood at all or did ya give it a couple taps before unlocking it?

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It is pressed in but you can lift it out carefully. Make sure to take some sandpaper and smooth the inside before you use so that there are no edges for it to stick on. It would be more of an issue if you drilled more on one side than the other.
Next I want to take a real good hardwood of say a 2x6 or 2x8 and make progressive holes starting around 3/8 and working larger the after wrapping I could repress it in the next larger size.


I think I’ll attempt one.


Haha I’m already on it

This will help me loads @MBVapester I’ve wanted to do this for a while but felt it was over complicated so props man I’ll let you know how my cannagar turns out once I’ve actually made the mold :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sweet. Cant wait to see different versions and improvements.

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Bookmarked! Twenty chars

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Now I’m sitting here smoking a joint and I’m starring at this thinking it would work well to get the ganja shaped. :v:


Yes with a duct tape wrap you could pack it in there for sure.


Well, some messing about and a trip to the DIY shop later :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

That end is to fill with filters with a skewer in to stop the tweed getting through and to shape that cigar tip. Pretty happy with it tbh I think it’ll work. Shouldn’t stick to it too much I’m gunna clean it again but sanded with 120 grit so I think will be ok :man_shrugging:


Looks good. Here is a couple pics of mine. I would like to buy some stone filters to use but haven’t found any yet.


Very nice! Bookmarked for future reference. :+1: