Lets's Talk OGs with OGers on OG

OG #18 is a nice one.


Love the sound of that. Did you ever find a cut of SFV? So much OG goodness will come out of this. Hit me up when you about to start, get that 92 to you.



I’m still hunting for a keeper og myself and will be sorting threw quite a few regular and fem seeds I’ve purchased. Things I have regular beans of and can breed back in pure form will defiently find there way to the community here.
First will be the ghost ridge back to the ghost cut and poss the #18 then
Face off og -reg
Tahoe og - reg
Sfv og IBL- reg
Yoda og - reg
Jedi og- reg
Josh d og - reg
Lost coast og -reg


That is a lot of OG for OG.


I havent yet, I know its regularly available in southern california. Working on picking up the ghost ,bty and #18 and will have to make a seperate trip for a sfv cut. I figure the ghost ridge will have phenos leaning towards both parents and I can make more ghost ridge on the sfv pheno and then use a male from those to put towards the sfv cut. Would still love to try that 92 ,it looks alot like the sfv og before it was crossed to afghan to make sfv og kush.


Nice list. I was gifted some of the Jedi Glue kindly from @Kobracom420 Gotta try that one my next run. I’ve also got a few Dosido crosses but I find they lean heavily to the GSC side. Though I haven’t tried the ones I’ve got. Also I have a Black Triangle Kush remix going, Might be a winner :trophy: If I find what I’m looking for in those I’ll send something your way :+1::v:


The dosi was good I have a few of those also, reminds me alot of the tahoe.


We may need to make an OG thread on here. @Mongobongo I am running a cut of Crippy Killer ( Dosidos x Face Off OG BX2) or as I called it at first Face Off OG BX3, from Archive. But I ate my words when I finished the first run. This cut is all cookies, except for the smell. Literally smells like a you spilled gasoline at the gas station.



Haha maybe “What’s the Best OG on OG” :rofl::rofl:

That face off OG is badass. The one I got from the @OleReynard server sale were danksy Dosido x white Urkle and Dosido x Starfighter. The DxSF I have going now. :v:


“lets talk OGs with OGs on OG”

Could a mod split this off starting up around post 29 @moderators


Yes sir, they are. 20


Skywalker OG is a favorite of mine.
Had Tahoe OG for a while, nice but I prefer Skywalker.
I may pick up SVG OG to compare, I hear it’s very similar to Tahoe.
Pre-98 Bubba Kush, though technically not an OG.


I have some OGers beans on the way.
@Barefrog whats the backstory on these?

By the name, were these made here on OG years back?

Also, do we get into the whole ‘what exactly is an og’ discussion? Lol
Like take goji og and nepali og, are they OGs or someone just decided to call them such?
Banana kush or Banana OG? Same strain from what i can tell.


Hola Gang

as far as I know this is the
original og from Ghost.
it was pass hand down to
different peoples along the time.

I know its different from most kush
very acrid and addictive taste.
its the kind of strain that every plant
is a winner.
indoor its more or less a totem pole
it need outdoor to develop a huge
branching that become baseball
bat bud.

Really really nice.



I wonder how many OGer’s have no idea what OG is, like me, and read all this with a huge, virtual question mark above their heads.


Mr @Barefrog any more for trade my good sir? :grin::grin:


I do not understand all the hoopla over OG. Yeah it is good, and has good taste/smell, but there are others I like better. They also yield to the small side most of the time.


When I read “OG” I think “are they talking about OG Kush?”

I’ve googled that a few times and always get a different answer. “Original”, “Original Gangster”, “Original Grower”, blah blah blah.

Still have no fuckin clue what it is.

Now we have folks around here calling Orange Goji “OG”. That muddies the water even more.


There are many “meanings” to it. From back in the day when the 1st incarnation of this site was up, the strain was created, and given the name OG for OverGrow.

That is the def I tend to think of when I read OG.

IF we asked 100 peps here, we will get 25 different answers…lol!!!


Just me doing that, didnt mean to add in confusion, lol. But Orange Goji is certainly an OG!!! One that actually yields too!!!