Clone Exchange Free or Trade, Moderated


-Overgrow is no way responsible for the exchange, if you dont get your seeds, or you didn’t like what you got. Do not come to me complaining about the exchange. It is between members.

-Do not post users addresses on here ever. It will be deleted. Security is a big deal, If there is a bad exchange, I do not want to see retaliation, Giving user feedback is ok, but dont compromise address, please exchange personal information with a PM. I have zero tolerance with that kind of behavior, Expect to be banned.

-If you ask for seeds, expect to give as well as receive. I do not want this to be a one way transaction,

Thanks!.. And enjoy.


Is there any fellow OG member from uk willing to trade u.k. cheese?

Im waiting to get a cheese cut back from a friend but it’s not a legit cut ie exodus, brightside, suicide cut.

I got it from a friend about 4 years ago but he didn’t know any background on it.

It’s a good yielder of dense buds, stinker too but not as strong as legit cheese and taken 10 weeks is much more potent than clone only that I’ve grown.

When smoking you know its got a cheese flavour and the flavour is quite strong but unlike the clone only it doesn’t have the berry undertones that make clone only cheese the taste sensation that it is.

If and when i get this cut back (eta couple of weeks) your more than welcome.

I’m down to take a clone, and have seeds to trade as well.

I’m in the MMMP/Michigan area always looking for a good clone. The list of ones I would love to acquire is too long to list. My trade is a lab tested Girl Scout Candy Bx1, proven 27.6% minimum total canmabinoids, 0.1% CBD, %0.4 CBC, 2.6% CBG, 24.4 %THC A9, 0.1% THC A8 0%, CBN 0%. Very medicinal for anxiety, pain, muscle inflammation. It seems to be a GABA inhibitor, would be excellent for crohn’s, I can attest to its IBS abilities, and it possesses anti-viral/fungicidal characteristics. Smell is liken to lavender, candy, sugar, slight berry, garlic, and the undertones of gorilla glue on the funky side; gaining heavily from the Alien Rock Candy sharing lineage with Gorilla Glue #4. Mother was Girl Scout Cookies, forum cut I believe. Mad Scientist Genetics nailed it out of the park with this one; and it creates extremely potent crosses. Cheesecake tests at 32%, a cross of Girl Scout Candy BX1 from this batch (i think) and Cheese (UK). Just killer… I will be running more lab tests on a more developed bud soon, i sent them a lower end sample. The thing is just rock hard nugs.

Just getting started on my seed collection which is extensive.

Triangle Kush
91 Chem VA
Chemdog D
Skywalker OG
Private Reserve OG
Garlic Cookies (GMO)
OG Kush (SFV, Tahoe)
88-93 dated Northern Lights 5 from The Seed Bank
Ghost Train Haze 1
Blueberry pre 97 (DJ Short)
Slymer (chernobyl…)
Golden Ticket (chernobyl…)
Gelato 33
Sour Apple crosses and phenos (alien genetics/obsol33t)
Orange Cookies (Franchise)
Males of any kind that are proven
Any proven pure female


Nice collection.

I’m gonna have to do a cheesecake cross, I have Birthday Cake, (gsc x cherry pie) and there’s a local cheese cut floating around…


If your in bakersfield you can probably hook up with the breeders cut

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fuck i think I’m drooling seeing your seed collection. :joy:

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Anybody would like too trade… I’m in toronto.

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I have some Timewreck seeds if anyone interested in trading


Hey. I’m vary interested if seeds are coming from that beauty :slight_smile:


Hey folks.

Quick heads up to let y’all know that we built a platform for safer clone trading = Strainly

Have a great weekend :v:

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Shoot me a pm and let me know. Thx

looking for a free clone, maybe send some free beans for the favor? :slight_smile:

i got legit GG4 gorilla glue #4 pest free and dud free have an original mother that i take cuts from no cuts from cuts from cuts im looking for sour diesel had her years ago and lost her been hunting ever since.


any chance you are in canada?

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No I’m state side I’d love to move to Canada very forward thinking cannabis laws.

Looking to trade for a blueberry male clone

If anyone in CANADA has proven elite cuts I have the real GMO skunkflex cut from Michigan to trade.