First grow in central India - araku

hahahahah so Pakistan and India are like 2 brothers from the same mother, if and when you come to India you will find the same out here, cannabis growing along the highway in some region and in case you find someone doing something dont hesitate to ask for seeds since seeds and stalk is legal out here.


I will get a close up shot of the nodes in a day or 2. I am also planning on doing another feeding by using up the remaining of my vermicompost and manure, with little mustard cake because according to my understanding i have really struggled with nutrients at the spots, plus these plants take up quite some nutrients so i think i can go a little overboard and see how they react.


Man, just started digging into @Donnie’s thread on his arakku, these are looking off to a good start too, and your description of the effect sounds beautiful, hope that this whole process goes smoothly for you and you end up with some nice herb at the end of it all, I’m excited to watch. If you’re concerned about nutrients and don’t have a lot of access to commercial products you should think about looking into KNF practices, it seems like a good way to generate your own nutrients from indigenous plants around your area. All the best! :v:t2::v:t2:


@Donnie plants have been doing so good I am very exited for the end result. I will surely look into KNF practices, though I did feed my plants yesterday with flowering manure, vermicompost and mustard cake let’s see how the plants react. I always had this notion that landraces are supposed to be fed once or twice through out the entire cycle but these plants seem to be taking up good quantities of nutrients. Here are more photos from yesterday.


@ShivamGrover They are looking good . I use Greenleaf nutrients . I’ve been feeding 2 to 3 times a week the other day I gave a little fish fertilizer they didn’t care for it in the stage mine are in . I’m cutting back on feeding to 2 times a week now .

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They’re looking good! Whatever you’re doing now keep at it.:v:t2:

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Good to see a log from India. I loved the six months I spent there in 98. One day I’ll get back there. Spent four months up past Manikaran passed the tourists bit. Best hashish I’ve ever had from way way up.


Ohhhhhh good to see people know about Manikaran, I love that place its like my 2nd home. One of the earlier post in this thread is a snap of charas collected in pulga its a humdrum village 15km from Manikaran.


Yes sir will do.

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I went up to pulga nice hot springs up that way. I also hung out in Rasol above Kasol I’m sure you know where I’m on about. Rasol was lovely stayed with village head Davey Singh , went with him to Malana as he was supplying them creme. Lots of good memories trekking and hanging with shepherds and getting Jungly charas.


Yeahh i know about rasol, though i have not visited that village but i plan to this year or early next year both rasol and Grahan which is another village south of kasol. It’s very intriguing that people from rasol were supplying cream to malana, because malana is the epicentre of charas. What exactly do you mean by jungly charas because for us it’s the fast rubbed hard textured commercial resin balls/sticks with a lot of plant material, do you mean the same?

this is not a good photo but this bud is from pulga harvest 2018, plants from that village smell so sweet, actually sweetest ones that i have ever encountered in that whole valley, from rasol to malana to tosh i have had the luck to try all aside par grahan, since now a days a lot of pot travels down to Delhi and nearby cities it’s easy-to-get hold of the charas.

Some snapshots from the valley.

Rasol cream year - 2019 harvest

Malan Super cream 2019 harvest

Jungly charas from the valley 2019 harvest

Jungly charas from Uttarakhand 2020 harvest

Pulga cream from 2020 harvest

Pulga 2nd grade - 2020 harvest

Ps Please dont mind the background in some of the photos.


Yes as in the shepherds rubbed it from whatever wild plants there are where they have walked rather than cultivated fields I know that as jungly. Then there’s the first second rubs etc Malana is a small village yet everyone claims malana creme now way they make it all and I was privileged to go there with the people form rasol.


Ohhhhhh okay charas rubbed from feral plants. So malana was the first village where the technique of cream was introduced in thus it has a it’s fame. Domestication is very prevalent in that village due to foreign influence plus they have multiple valley’s where they pot is grown, I remember in 2017 I visited waichin and I happened to take the village route rather than the tourist route and so me and my friends happen to cross the fields in that area, all that grows is ganja in that area like close to 3 -4million plants growing unprecedented. Now a days though, domestication is seen in rasol and grahan both. Where farmers have fields and the cream of rasol in my opinion is tastier and equally strong in comparison to malana, while places like pulga, tosh and nanthak still have mostly feral plants growing with little domestication. Though the techniques of rubbing with patience and care has made its way to almost every village in the parvati Valley.


Plus people from malana only tend to respect people from rasol and grahan thus the fame of both the places


Hey all i have some update of the grow.
SPOT 1 - Plant 1 - This is the only plant i had given up hope on since it was dying though as its said don’t lose hope this is the first plant to come out as female.

SPOT 1 - Plant 2 probably the biggest one in the whole lot i Had high hopes from this one but i think this has turned out to be Hermaphrodite could use some insight on this plant

Same plant different branches

While on spot 2 there is no plant showing sex from y understanding though i one of them has yellow leaves with brown marks on it.

While the other plants seem to be doing pretty well

The circled plant is the one showing brown spots

Top vies of SPOT 1

Top view of SPOT 2

Would really appreciate some insights @Upstate @Donnie . Cheers


Wait for more opinions but I see it tear shaped so might be a callix:


That leaf looks like Potassium deficiency to me:


Thanks for sharing, always amazing to see them grow in the wild … beer3|nullxnull


Thanks man, I did feed them a couple of days back with a flower fertilizer so probably due to all the rain the soil has become compact and the plant is having trouble absorb the nutrients. We will find out in a couple more days how this pans out.

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Unfortunately it does look like you have a hermaphrodite. However, I have noticed twice now with Indian varieties that they can start out as a male and switch to a full on female. It might be worth pulling off the male flower(s) until or unless it gets to a point where it’s too difficult to keep up with it. It will take at least a couple days for a plant to replace a male flower. At the moment there isn’t much it can really pollinate if you miss a male flower so you’re not risking too much…
Just pull off the male flowers and bury or eat them.


That’s a good idea I was thinking along the same line of plucking them but then I thought it might be a bad idea, though now that I have a second opinion I will do what you suggested.

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Here’s a little update on the plants
Spot 1 -

I have 3 plants at this spot out which 2 of them have started to flower.
The first photo shows the one which was the first one to flower and it has already started to stretch.
The second photo is of the hermaphroditic plant though this has started to show more pre flower female signs plus i removed the male preflower flower and the photo shows the exact place where the male flower was present, all the other stems have started to show female preflower.
Third photo is a top view of the spot.

Spot 2 -

None of the plant is showing any signs of sex at this spot though the plants have started to throw some minty fragrance. Will have to wait and see how things pan out at this spot.