First grow in central India - araku

Hey guys this is my first grow overall, started with indigenous landrace from south India from a place called Araku

collected from a brick of dried flower.
A little background on the flowers and plants from that area - Araku is a hill station from the south east India at an eleation of 1000m and latitude 18 degree, during the 90s the state government of southern indian states basically Kerala and tamil nadu had shoot on sight on order for Ganja growers in that area so a lot of farmers moved north and settled in south eastern states of orisha and Andhra Pradesh and imparted their knowledge of growing Ganja which they had learned from Europeans that had taken interest in indigenous landraces like Idukki gold and Kerala gold from the state of Kerala and helped local tribe increase their production and growing technique tremendously while also introducing domestication. In the following 21st century Araku became a go to place for Ganja and evolved at an exponential rate both in terms of production and quality. The plants in that area grow similar to orisha with a vine like structure with amazing side branching and have a physcledic high when smoked in a good enough quantity but personally unlike modern hybrids they always have an ever presence of consciousness of your surrounding with no state of panic/anxiety. Though unlike orisha which usually carries a spicy taste with hints of Indian masala, Araku taste like ripe mangoes with a mouth-watering sweet taste.

This is the cream of the lot of flowers that i got from araku in the year 2020 though my grow involves growing the 2nd grade flowers majorly sold late or early in the season when there is shortage of ganja in the near by cities this type of flowers are let to pollinate more and are not taken care of like babies thus resulting in a hay taste and decent high I wanted to see if and at all these seeds could be produce in a better manner.

This grow is what it is only because of people helping me out here, i would like to thanks @Upstate and @Donnie for contributing in the grow and helping me so very much with a better understanding and history of the plant because this grow had to be done in a small jungle which truned out to be a very big task for a novice grower like me.

I will be putting up more photos of the grow in some time for now thanks cheers


Hey you are doing good man , just relax and enjoy it is what I keep telling myself.


Amazing stuff. Thanks for the history lesson… pretty amazing to be able to grow these landraces the way you have. Keep it up and looking forward to seeing and reading more!


Thank you for sharing this. It’s very interesting.

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Both of us growing the same strain but you are growing it in its home land . I vegged outdoor and flowering indoor .


This is RAD! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!


This is great! Thank you so much for sharing, watching for more updates :v:


hahahahaah @Donnie you and @Upstate both know how difficult this grow has been for me since the start from tackling cutworms and rabbits to major water logging issues because of heavy rain to nutrient deficiencies, its been a task to get the plants up and running. I actually started with 20 seeds in the month of May 2021

though unfortunately all of them were eaten by cut worms so i had to start all over again, so the 2nd time i started some at my home and after 2 to 3 weeks i transplanted them out in the open after some work which involved making a small trench to help with water logging issue and putting up makeshift barriers for protection against worms the plants started thriving, i actually chose 2 spots to put out my plants. The one shown is above is spot 1, for the 2nd spot i dug up a trench, transplanted 1 plant and started a nursery at the spot itself this time arround the plants thrived for a while before showing deficiencies

eventually the plants were up and running

Spot 2

Spot 1

finally, after 2 weeks of daily rain and some sun in the month of July the plants started growing and responding better to the topping i did so as to keep them small.

Snapshots from Spot 2

Snapshots from Spot 1

soon thereafter I tried my hands on some LST


Excellent grow log started here! Keep it up with the great details! Very informative.
You are doing a great job for your first grow… You’ve been a trooper, overcoming early plant fatalities, predators/ pests and a fractured limb too. You’ve shown great resolve and that " get r’ done" attitude. Hopefully you will be rewarded with a harvest of some buds that are better than anything you can buy . Within the next month the plants will be stretching and gaining some size. Nice to be able to see the comparison of your Arakku and @donnie 's Arraku. Beautiful plants!


Great …I’m enjoying your grow…,ye well done .Perseverance at its best and OGrs helping out.



@ShivamGrover thanks for the ganja information and good luck with your grow!

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Whoohoo. Countdown to harvest. :wink:


Yes brother, hoping for the best

some random resin snapshots from pulga a small humdrum village in Parvati valley.


And your going to get a large one.

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I sure hope so brother, this is my first grow so I really don’t know what to expect. Have you grown any indian labdrace before?


Nope. Some CBD strains and a few of THC that a couple of people developed and wanted to see how others could do with.


Here’s an update on the grow.

![image|353x500] image

Can somebody please tell me what these black spots are @Donnie @Upstate image image image image

View from the top of the hill image image


Can you guys see any sex @Upstate @Donnie , out here in central India the light schedule has still not reached 12 12, by the end of September i guess the schedule will be 12 12 so just wondering when the plants will show pre flower

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You’ll have to get me a close up at the junction of the leaf stem and the main stem 4-6 Leaf sets down from the top. The black spots might actually be called black spot. I’ll look it up for you.
The top two pictures are females. Pictures are a bit blurry for the others


They used to be growing all over the roadside like this when I visited Murree over the border about 15 yrs ago. I was only there for a day and then back to Islamabad but they grew on the roadside there also :slight_smile: I was too scared to ask for gurda or seeds :slight_smile: