Landos Stash F2, Jabbas Stash F2 and More

Hello OG community. My name is Windy. I’ve been on the forums for several years but I am new to Overgrow. I am a big fan of Bodhi so a lot of my journals will include his gear. Mostly F2 work done by others on these forums and a cross of mine made with a Space Monkey F1 male and a Nitro Cookies female.

Growing in Nectar 4 soil. Using a t5 to veg (upgrading to MH soon) and a 600w HPS for flower.
Flowering in 5 gallon pots mostly.

Luckily you guys get to skip all the boring veg pics and get right into flower. They are all at 25 days.

Here are 3 Landos Stash F2 females I found. These were made by @Torontoke .

Pheno #1

She has always had the most vigor. Grows like an OG and has a soft sweet slight chocolate smell with earthy undertones.


Nice stuff, I like your style.
Welcome to Overgrow, have fun!

Stay hazed


Thank you @Blowingupjake I look forward to hanging out here and soaking up some more info.
Here are the other 2 phenos of Landos Stash F2 At 25 days flower
Very nice bushy phenos didn’t stretch much but did well.
I must add that I top almost everything in veg because I grow big in flower and I want to see if a new plant can cut it.


Jabbas Stash F2 was made by Schwaggy P whose gear can be found on GLG I believe. Check out the monster fan leaves.


Plants look good! Welcome!


Thank you. Keeping them healthy is a struggle so seeing them nice and green is fun.


How come keeping them healthy has been a struggle? Anything we can help you with?


Looking good love Bodhi’s gear always wanted to try the Lando’s Stash and sounds delicious. Welcome to the community.


So most importantly were my temperatures. They were way too high at times. Thankfully I was able to get the room sealed with a passive intake and forced exhaust. I will have to upgrade and find a better exhaust fan but in the meantime this one is doing well. Then my schedule didn’t allow me much time in the garden so that caused me to not be able to water as much or in many cases I got lazy and just water fed causing deficiencies.
Oh and I’ve definitely had issues with receiving clones in the past and not properly quarantining and sterilizing them :persevere:
Eventually I want to upgrade my lighting and go full organic but until my wife finishes her maternity leave (baby due in a few weeks), I won’t be able to spend money on better equipment.
When I do have the loot, I will be asking plenty questions about LEDs and other stuff. Thanks again and better believe I’m always open to suggestions, insights, tips, etc so please do :pray:


LED are the way to go. Just started using a 320 watt hlg quantum board setup about two weeks ago and I wish I would have tried them sooner I’m nothing short of amazed with it.


Thank you. Bodhi is a magical person and anything he touches is special. It’s no wonder why so many good people grow his gear and F2 it, pass out seeds, donate stuff etc.
definitely excited for the Landos now that I’m getting more complex smells and seeing her structure so far.
I also made a bunch of Space Monkey F2 that I haven’t even cracked yet.
2020 has sucked so far but growing some Bodhi genetics never sucks


Oh I hear nothing but good from others as well. Just have to wait until I can afford them is all. I’m glad they are working well for you. Do you use them in veg or flower?


Yeah seems you can’t go wrong with his gear. I’ve got some Blue Tara f2s that are just starting to flower outside and I am very excited about them. Just finished making Goji OG f3s getting ready to try those I found a very resinous male in the f2s that I think will have made some very special seeds. Getting ready to try my first round of them but I have high hopes for them and this male is something special.


Just started using them in a small 4’x2’ cabinet I’m made but the plants love the light they are putting off . I keep having to tie them down more and more because they are trying to grow into the light. The real bonus besides the better spectrum is they run so cool I can stick my hand on the thing without burning myself they’re just really efficient.


Ahhh… Goji :sob:
She’s kind of my Unicorn strain at the moment.
I grew some Goji crosses made by Basement Dank Genetics. And it was absolute heaven. I had to shut down my growing for a couple years and then the Basement dank guys sent me a pack they found of the Goji crosses again. But my garden was ravaged by spider mites at the exact same time they were seedlings. Lost everything.
Finally my brother sent me his last 6 Goji seeds and he has no cuts, doesn’t even grow anymore. I only managed to get 1 to pop. I will be using the resulting male or female to cross and lock a Goji cross in seed, somehow lol
Do you have any links to your grows?


My thread is Sincy grown fun I might have a few Goji OG f3s I could send . I’ve got some orange Goji also which is Goji OG x Orange Sunshine .


I did find and while I am grateful for the offer on the Gojis my next few rounds are full as hell and I’d hate to put Gojis on the back burner. I have ADD when it comes to choosing seed to pop.
Hopefully I will get them when the time is right. Thank you for your Generosity. And OMG they look so awesome :clap:t3:


No problem I’m pretty well set for my next couple runs also I’m just really curious as to what is hiding in the f3s I just finished them about a month ago and they just got dry enough to start playing with. Getting ready to use Goji pollen I collected on the Blue Tara and some Oregon Huckleberry from Dynasty so there will be some seeds floating around here if you want to try some.


I’ve got a Goji/Time Bandit grow log here if you’re interested. Just took pics this morning, day 33 flower of flower, about to post them in my log. Take a look if you want.

LED is definitely the way to go. I love my lights, won’t ever use HID.

Baby on the way, huh? Good luck to you and your wife. If you think you’ve been short on time now… haha.


Yeah it’s awesome to have so many seeds to choose from. I don’t have as many as others do I’m sure but everything I have was passed on to me from kind folks like yourselves and I want to be able to do them justice and grow them out.
I’m popping some Sakura F2 and DLA 5 F2 next. Then a full run of Space Monkey F2 followed by a full run of Nitro Cookies x Space Monkey I made that has shown promise. I will definitely have to get some Goji F3 from you in the next 2 months if all goes well, save me a handful :wink: