Fitzera Does things

I’ll be using this space to drop pictures from time to time of what I’m doing.

Right now I’ve got a couple Congo Creek Hazes (Robert’s Creek Congo x OHaze from White Buffalo Seed Collective

Black Candyland from Joti and 2x MacxFPOG from Sacred Cut

Black Candyland

MacxFPOG 1 and 2

And the late seed pops are my possibly LA Chocolat x Maple Ridge Catpiss (finding out if the catpiss reverse pollen was viable), Somango fem from @matos420, Critical from RQS, Girl Scout Crack (hidden by gth in picture) from Seedsman, Destroyer (possibly x Zamal, from my first nld fuckup, could be hermie so need to keep a close eye), Ghost Train Haze from Rare Dankness and finally Black GDP Haze by Joti.

The late seed pops choices were made by things I haven’t popped before or wanted to run again, with the idea in mind of what might go well with the congo pollen. That’s why I was aiming more towards nld leaning selections.


Yum yum. Youve got a sativa goldmine in there.

What do you think of the black candyland? And how much did yours stretch when you put it into flower? I got a couple ladies that are quite short and squat, and just wondering how much more i need to veg them.

And how do you like those blumats?


Nice garden. Will definitely be checking this one out :+1:


Thank you, I’m pretty excited for this one!

The Black Candyland has jumped up about a foot in 1.5 weeks so far. Probably some more stretch to come. I did taper my lights down 30min per day or so over a week before full 12/12, I find it helps mine flip to flowering faster. I’ve read there are some more indica leaning and sativa leaning phenos, I feel this one is a bit more on the sativa side. It likes to bush out alot, lower shoots seem to grow 90° horizontally for about 6" before straightening out vertical.

The blumats are a necessity for me, I work away from home for months at a time with maybe the odd day here and there that I can get home. I’ve had a few runaways since I started using them, and I use a garbage can as a res so that’s alot of potential water on the ground. I run mine in a full loop with a purge valve furthest from the res, usually purge it once a week or two. I’ve got 2 airstones in the res but higher than the outlet so I don’t really have air bubble issues in the line, but the purge is important to do. If for whatever reason a carrot gets too dry, when you open up the valve you need to check back often because it can flood the soil before the carrot has resaturated. I think thats one of the main causes for runaways. I’ll feed them an ewc tea from time to time to help with any dry spots and ensure everything keeps running properly. The regular carrots really aren’t best suited for these 7gal pots but they’re so expensive I’m not about to buy the deeper ones at this time.
I really like them though, if I find a plant is showing its getting too much water (like my macs have been recently) its simple to adjust the valve back a bit.


Are these the ones you are looking to upgrade to? Blumat Classic Plant Watering Stakes (X- Large) | for Everyday Home or Vacation Use | Indoor or Outdoor Water Spikes for Plants | Automatic Drip Irrigation (2 Pack XL) : Patio, Lawn & Garden


No, those are the regular Blumats. He’s using the Tropf Blumats. The big ones are called the Maxi.

Blumat Tropf Maxi Outdoor Sensor (1)


Reiko has it right, the Maxi. I would be going with the 9" but looks like they have a 16" now as well.

I bury the regular ones right to the lip of the cap to get them as deep as possible in this setup.


Interesting! 1 and 10 the same price each but more if you buy 2 at a time. Are the classic for elivated reservoir and the blumate and Tropf used with a pump?


Okay @Fitzera this the journal I didnt know I was missing! Very cool selection, and the plants look fantastic. Gonna pull out my hammock and hopefully not take too much space in the corner.


I use a semi elevated res for mine, I think all of them can be with a res or pump or direct water line depending on what attachments you buy.
By semi raised I mean I’ve got my garbage can on a heavy duty 12" or 16" foot step. Garbage can allows me to go through alot of water (start of flower they drink alot) and it’s easy to maintain. If I was using a smaller res I would need it raised higher to get the same pressure and i would have to fill constantly. The whole idea is hydrostatic pressure…the larger a volume of water in a column the more pressure it has, obviously. The longer the feed line youre using off the res, the more pressure you need. You want a constant pressure, I don’t know what the limit on that pressure is before you should use a pressure reducer, like they have a pressure reducer if running directly off a water line. I havent had any of the hoses pop off any connectors yet.
Alot of people will look at this and just go with a drip system because it could be less hassle. But I’ve got it worked out well. Plus I use ro water and don’t have any water lines in the basement, so this is honestly less work for me.


Haha welcome! And thank you. I’ll try to get lots of bud pictures as they come. Whenever I have to leave for work I’ll get my partner to take pictures for me and ill throw them in here but I promise they won’t be as good ,s he doesn’t get it like we do lol


Here’s a Lil something extra I do occasionally to help fill my time when I’m not working :wink:


Some interesting stuff in here, I’ll sit in for this one. Was a fan of black candyland but only the indica side, found the sativa way too racy, tasty as all hell though. Looking good my friend


Welcome brother! I’m interested to hit the congo and Macx with black candyland and the other way around with the congo pollen. But the congo is taking a long time to open his sacks, Feb 12 it was budding and nothing has opened yet. I’m expecting between 4-6 weeks, getting antsy waiting because i know I’ll be headed away for work soon. I need to get my pollinations done.


Always slow when you need them to be fast, literally not sure why that is but it’s always true for me. I have faith, sending positive vibes and blessings .


Thats the truth! Thank you. I’m hoping I can throw some pollen at the late pops too but it might not be possible for all. I figure most will show sex in the next week and a half the but the others later. If there’s enough pistils before I’m gone I’ll do what I can. Not too worried about sensi from them, seeds are cool and I’m expecting a good haul off the big girls.

My SSxHxMT is already starting to drop pollen though so that’s a plus.



I didn’t realize you also grow mush. Thats one of my next diy attempts i will be trying this summer, how long did it take to get the hang of that?

I have grown cannabis, made wine, brewed beer and mead, grown poppies, kratom. I figured i need to add something else to finish that list


Honestly it wasn’t hard at all. Once way back I tried to do rbf cakes but the syringes I used were so old nothing happened and I gave up. Last winter was my first attempt since and I said fuck the cakes, let’s go for the glory!
I did a grain tek using corn I got at bulk barn (fuggin expensive but it worked really well), and did a simple coir tek for the substrate and a version of a monotub. 5 tubs, 5 seperate types, 5 jars of grain for each. Only one tub failed on me and it turned out it was a contaminated syringe. Figured that out when I put some left over onto agar.
The other tubs yielded about a half elbow dry each. Sooo much. And I only microdose 200mg a day lol.

This time I used the same supplier for syringes but they were liquid culture rather than multi spore. And I know for a fact now, they are not what they were labelled. Won’t use that person again. But I have spore prints from the first round. One of the tubs produced wayyy more potent fruits than the others, the others were what you would expect.

Also I went with rye this time. Everything else the same. It could be the change or the different genetics but my yield has been much lower, about half, much smaller fruits but still more than I need. I had one tub fail after the second flush and two fail right off the bat this time. Biggest thing I can say is follow the teks very closely with whatever small tweaks fit you, but make sure everything is super extra clean and sanitized. I mean bleach and alcohol. The more effort you put in being clean the better off you’ll be.

Have you ever extracted dmt? Should add that to your list. It’s not difficult, just takes time. And depending on how pure you want to make it, your return might be fairly small from what you put in. I’ve only done it once but it produced the cleanest finest fragile snowflake like crystals. Pretty neat!

Edit: I really need to spell check better, all fixed


I have not extracted dmt. That one may not be for me, although my partner and i would like to do a dmt drink in the future. I dont use the word ayahuasca because it wouldnt be done with the cultural and spiritual intent/purpose ayahuasca typically is.
The intensity of pure dmt isnt my style of self improvement.

I have also extracted harmala from syrian rue, made San Pedro tea, lsa mixtures. A gradual drink is up my alley.

San pedro is also on my to grow list, but here i would practically need another grow tent to take care of them i think