Fleur du Mal Seeds

Hmm that’s hard. I love all my children. And I love variety in my stash, like most of us I think. Right now it’s Princess 88, Indiana Bubblegum, Durban-Thai Highflyer and a MAC#1 cut I picked up at the Emerald Cup in December. But next month it may be ESB, C99, Sweet Tooth and some Wedding Cake I just finished.

Cinderella, both in FDM’s Princess 88 and C99 lines, has been a staple in my stash and my mother bench for over 20 years. FDM was more or less launched as a C99 preservation project when the original Bros Grimm shut down and Soul began his 10 years in the wilderness before returning to the scene with BG 2.0. I’ve come to prefer the P88’s more balanced head and terp profiles, but I still love them both and return to them after my regular varietal walkabouts… I’m particularly enjoying the most recent generation of C99, which I think successfully nailed down the favored Pineapple phenotype.

The ESB is very (extra?) special, but that means it is not everyone’s cup o’ tea. I love it as a daytime and social/party smoke, and a reminder of what weed was in the time Before Indica. Basically a Thai-Nigerian multi-sativa hybrid with a kiss of afghani, ESB is like a delicate Willamette Valley pinot noir, a fine beauty whose best traits are refined and subtle.

Generals Daughter was our first original offering, and to this day I think our most balanced hybrid. A combination of pure potent power from the G13, and taste and structure from the Cinderella 99, if grease is what you want, the GD will not disappoint.

peace -b420


Hey @Baudelaire I wanted to ask and I’m sorry to if it’s been answered before. But the Indiana Bubblegum, I was lucky to get a pack of brother monks, before he created th seeds. is this the source of the Indiana Bubblegum of yours?
Or is it the sativa leaner that brother monk gave to Simon before his bust? Always curious


The Indiana Bubblegum mother we used is a pre-Dutch cut dating to 1991. It was not sourced from European seed. It is what I would call a classic 50/50 sat/indica hybrid, which most folks today would consider sativa-dominant. Most likely from a northern Mexican sativa heritage, given the morphology and terp profile.

I don’t know enough about Brother Monk’s sourcing to tell you whether it’s the same cut, or whether Monk started with seeds. There were certainly Bubblegum seeds circulating in the US before Adam, Tony and Simon commercialized their Dutch Bubblegum lines. It was a very popular outdoor strain in the midwestern US throughout the late '80s.

peace -b420


Sounds tasty.


Hello everyone. I have a two part question, first, I’d love to see any pics of FDM strains you guys have going this summer. And 2nd, for Baudelaire, I’m just wondering if you’ve ever made an ESB x Sweet Tooth #4 cross and what the results were like, if so? I’ll be popping some FDM beans here in a minute, and will be sure to post a few pics here once things get interesting. Have a great weekend friends!


hey there @Rurumo! i’m actually growing out fdm’s durban and cinderella mix right now. they’re in the last few weeks of flower and i expect to harvest them soon-ish. you can see them on my grow journal.

it is my very first grow and i’ve been super happy with the seeds from fleur du mal. they grew very easily and have given me little to no issues. my durban is the tallest plant in my tent right now even being in only 3gallons of soil.

i love that the breeder mixes which fdm has are so cheap. that was part of my decision on popping them as part of my first grow, as i wouldn’t be throwing $5-10 per seed down the drain if i lost any seeds due to inexperience.

i’m looking forward to providing a nice smoke report in a month or two.

if you check out @Dirt_Wizard i believe he’s got some gorgeous fdm plants that he’s grown recently.


I’ve considered several crossings of FDM breeding stock with ESB, but ultimately never spent much time on outcrossings, preferring to focus on preserving and improving the strain itself for future use. The ESB is such a beautiful expression of the late 70s- early 80s era sativa-dominant hybrid style, when otherwise pure tropical sativas were just “kissed” with some indica to tame them and bulk them up, that I’ve never wanted to mix more indica into her lines. But you never know!

peace -b420

Grower pics of ESB from around the 'net:


I look forward to the Dublin and bubblegum mix. Thanks for getting back with me. @Baudelaire


Very good customer service ! Very nice swag B)!
Dublin mix , bubblegum mix and a free package of OG mix.


@Baudelaire definitely hooked you up love the no larf sticker.


What info do you have on the Indiana Bubblegum? Was it always a single clone-only or was there a seed line in the late 80s?

There is no relation the the THSeeds Bubblegum? Adam Dunn claimed his was named after stickyness, and never smelled like bubblegum.


That is something I’m curious about as well. I love to hear the history of these legends.


The FDM Indiana Bubblegum is based on a selected US-derived clone dating from 1991 of Indiana Bubblegum, the pre-Dutch cultivar grown fairly widely across the US Midwest from at least 1979. It was definitely a seed line in it’s day, long before it was brought to Holland. Even Adam acknowledges that.

Quite a few stories but little verified on the origins and original genetics, but I’d classify it broadly as an American skunk strain, like Skunk #1, being composed of Colombian and Mexican sativas crossed lightly with an Afghani. Many credit Johnny Boone of Kentucky’s Cornbread Mafia with developing and popularizing the strain in the 1980s.

Adam and Simon and Tony (and Alan Dronkers later) all received a cut that they then bred to one of their undisclosed stable studs. FDM’s version is a backcross to the ‘91 clone using Serious’ Bubblegum male from 1998, then backcrossed to the clone mother again (bx2). We are currently testing a bx3 “cubed” accession that smells exactly like classic pink bubblegum i.e. “Bazooka Joe”. It is generally less indica leaning than the Dutch versions, but carries the indica fruitiness, bulked up bud structure, and early ripening, while retaining a lot of the sativa head and mold resistance. It’s a great balanced sat/indica in all the best ways.


Just ordered Bubblegum for next season. Stoked for 2023! I wouldn’t mind getting that Bx3 instead of the Bx2, I’m sure I’ll be a happy camper regardless. Bazooka Joe :drooling_face:

I vascilated for days with carts that filled, then shrunk, then filled again and shrunk again. I’ve got a bad case of seed acquisition disorder, in active recovery. My wife would have seriously questioned my sanity had I pulled the trigger with the full cart :rofl: You’ve got so many other tempting heirlooms, ESB, C99, ST #4.

Thanks for all you share, I really appreciate this thread and the effort you invest in your cultivars. The information you post regarding all of them is top-notch as well. Cheers!


I have some of your Cindy getting going right now. Vigorous plants :seedling:


I’m almost 100% positive BOG got his Bubblegum from that same cutting from Adam himself if I’m not mistaken.Beautiful plant


So glad I stumbled across this post. Looks like some :fire::fire::fire:

I’m gonna pick up the bubblegum and sweet tooth, any new strains coming out though before I order?


Actually, Bushy always spoke about the Sensi White Label Bubblegum seed line of the mid-90s as the source for his Bubblegum. Makes sense as BOG’s Bubblegum hybrids always leaned strongly indica. The original Indiana landrace was much more balanced sat/indica. BOG Bubble would get wiped out by mold in most humid Midwest summers.


Adam says BOG got it from him in an interview where he talks about that one white widow male everyone was using back in the holland days I might be mistaken I’ll have to rewatch it now



Sourced from Nevil’s own freezer, circa 1988. I’ve been waiting for 20 years to do this preservation project. We are still winterizing and germ testing but should have some available for the intrepid few who would like to get there hands on an absolute foundational breeding strain that was nearly lost to the mists of time.

She’s a fat, greasy bear of an Afghani Kush, from when Kush meant “from the Hindu Kush”. Sire of Black Domina, Legends Ultimate and Maple Leaf Indicas. Powerful, full-on indica body stone, with an earthy sweet, rotten banana bouquet. Should be terrific for hash and pressing, and solid breeding stock.

Will also have an interesting Ortega cross that will highlight the great stone and terp profile in a more sativa -balanced hybrid. Stay tuned, or ask about them when you order. peace -b420