🇪🇺 Gathering European Overgrowers

I have noticed there are many of us Europeans on the forum and we seem to be growing in numbers as of late.

It was actually due to unpleasant feeling that I decided to start this thread, I’m sure I’m not alone if I say that quite often read something that makes me feel like a bit of an outsider because of my geographical location.
Well this is me doing something about it.

There are several threads for individual European countries or specific languages that end up with barely any activity or even dying for lack of it.
Which comes to show that individually we don’t account to much!

We do however have a collective identity and, call me a dreamer, but my hope is to help strengthen it by bringing us all together and create a strong sense of community very much like others on this forum have successfully done.

Because of our rich diversity obviously there are many languages spoken in Europe, so for the sake of inclusion let’s all stick to English and if you want to use your native language by all means do, but accompany it with an English translation.

Also i have used the EU :eu: flag for illustration purposes only, wether your country is or not part of the Union is irrelevant, so long as you’re in the European continent you’re one of us and I’d like to hear from you.

Come say “High” introduce yourself and help this thread take off. :slight_smile:


I’ll get the Ball rolling by going 1st.

Im from the far west of Europe, Portugal :portugal:

Been growing on and off for the past 20 years give or take.

Started as a micro grower in a night stand cabinet with CFLs that I copied from a grow log on icmag and now I grow in a 2x4 tent,or 60cmx120cm in our metric system :slight_smile:

I have always just focused on growing bud although my interest has recently shifted and I am now planning on starting to produce seeds as well.
Not full on breeding even though I might play around with crossing some strains. Main goal is to be self sufficient when it come to seeds and also have some spare to trade and give away to whoever needs them.


Hi there, I am also from Portugal :portugal:

I have been growing for over one year now, but first time was long time ago.

I think the same way, just yesterday I reviwed RQS products and gave them a insight to come to OG, place some giveaways for europeans only, because most giveaways and contests are in North America, so it would be nice to have a folder for us, but can become under used because let’s face it: we don’t want to be disconnected from general OG, just more things going on for europeans.

As the give aways, the seed runs but in this case it is akward because of cannabis prohibition in most EU Countries.

Just to say I’m here, EU placed and checking in.

All EU players should comment, more comments means more interest from related brands and shops.



High from some Balkan country. Southern Europe
Great idea. There is no reason not to create a community that will use all the advantages of OG principles and spirit with ease and without barriers.

The first grow was almost 30 years ago. A teenage play. Mostly guerrilla over the years, irregularly.
Did a couple of indoor grows, but it got to the point where I wasn’t sure if my teenage daughter would rant to anyone. So I haven’t planted anything in years.
Now she is serious and reliable. I arrange the area. 1.2x1.2. I have some old feminized seds left. If it germinates ok, if not, I’m waiting for the OG seed run package. Basically, it gets more interesting now


Hey welcome @TastyCrop!

Well this is it, we have one now!

I don’t want this to be seen as a disconnection from OG, far from that!
I just think we are underrepresented on the forum and it was time we also came together. Hopefully in time we will also have our own initiatives.
And just because you post here nothing stops you from having interactions in other threads or vice versa.

Think of this thread as an addition, never a substitution :slight_smile:


Welcome @Spunk, good to have you :slight_smile:

The Co-op boxes are being distributed as we speak so you’ll have your seeds in no time.

Hope your old ones germinate too, did you keep them in the fridge?


Awesome idea! :+1:t2:

Im from far north of Europe, Sweden :sweden:

Been growing for 14 years and been a care taker for patients for about 8 years until i got raided. My bad for associating with people who didnt have a safe opsec.

I got a degree in Plant biologi for sustainable production from SLU, which have helped me alot to understand cannabis as a plant. For my patients ive been working on either growing a desired cultivar or cross until we have found something that works well for the illness and the person. This means that ive done hundreds of crosses over the years, many was just pollen chucking and others where more intentional with a strict taget.

My dream is that Europe will become a place where those in need that get the help they need, without be coming outlaws and that people who want to help as a small or large business have the chance to. The situation we got today is not sustainable and the model is adopted from America which had political motives for the probition which Europe never had. Its a shame that we are still strict on this front when America is leading the change on cannabis probition and we should abolish the law.

I think it would be awesome we within EU could start our own trade of seeds since we dont have to account for the customs being nosy and share as much as we can to each other. Also it would be great of we could help each other with Opsec and teach how to fly under the radar.

If you got questions for me im happy to answer them as good as I can, my door is always open.

Pz my growmies :v:t2:


Ill soon get lots of seeds that im happy to share with you. Just follow this If youre interested.


Pz :v:t2:


They were not stored correctly. It would be nice, because I would like to mess with those genetics again. Sannies Sugar Punch
But what will be will be

The sense of this idea is already showing :slight_smile:


Welcome @LonelyOC , is good to have you brother :slight_smile:

I have a lot of respect for what you do, taking care of people in need. Not just that you risk your own freedom in doing so.

That’s part of the plan also :slight_smile:

I do, starting with: what is Opsec? Pardon my ignorance haha


I have also been guilty of not storing my seeds properly and am now paying the price.

This is not guaranteed but might help: Stick them in the fridge and leave them there for 2 to three weeks then taken out and try to germinate them.

That period of cold storage will simulate a transition from winter to spring and might help stimulate the germination process. Also pre-soak them in distilled water hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours.

Good luck with them!


What I do, because I read somewhere they germinate with temperatures 10º above usual temperature, is just place the dish or can with the seeds in wet papper on top of my lamp with a pc alluminium dissipator to make a gap between the reflector or hood and the germination place so it don’t over heat, works fine.


This is not a folder, is a topic, we need a folder with topics to make it easier to find what we are looking for instead of scrolling over all types of subjects.

And yes, it should be a complement but shoud be organised, already spoke about this with lemonadeJoe but some work is needed to gather brands and suppliers and to do so we need to show numbers.

We need to be able to prove that OG has X number of european users and from there write to each brand and place an invitation both to membership and sponsorship.

We get free stuff, brands reach a wider range of costumers and all win.

But I don’t have the time to do this right now or since I spoke about that with LemonadeJoe.

Let’s go let’s go! I would love to have some free stuff to do some videos and by the way, we should share like a Youtube channel where we could individually upload product review or starin comparison, maybe a grow journal in video, in a way OG chanel in Youtube where users can upload videos as OG and not their Youtube profiles.

Pump it up!


It stands for “Operation Security”, how to be as safe as possible. Both with IT, how to share addresses and have a discret setup.

Pz :v:t2:


Yeah, i let the seeds chill in the freezer for atleast 24h, dump them in a shot glass with water and a couple of drops of H2O2 for 24h and then place them on wet paper towels in a plastic zipbag and tape it on the back of my TV :blush:

Pz :v:t2:


Hi guys,I am in Europe too.The situation here Is very bad with cannabis,It Is not a good idea to grow It…anyway,Happy to see a thread where I can get help in my continent at the least


great idea to create a thread for us Europeans.
I am located in northern Germany.
Started to grow cannabis indoor for personal use before selling seeds was illegal here.
Looking forward to see what’s going on here.


Yo @LonelyOC ,since I First saw you on this Place I had a very good feeling about you.Maybe because you gave me some pretty good science evidence in selfing auto thread fornlocking purple phenos
Respect brother


Whats up european fam!! Here one from south europe, Spain, I started growing a couple years ago to care more for what I smoke and bcz of the love to the plant. Now my passion is on landraces and pure sativas. As @LonelyOC said, I hope we can get our own seed trade bcs of the custom things!!

Happy growing y’all!!


I can see you have some frustrations with the layout of the forum.
Well I get you, being a member of RIU, ICMAG, 420MAG among others also got me used to a different format which makes it easier to navigate the site.
But the vibe here is so much better, so I think it’s a fair trade off.

Brother you seem to have a very clear vision of what this should be.
Everybody’s opinion is valued but let’s try not to impose so firmly our ideology and allow this to grow and shape itself in an organic fashion.

I don’t mean this in a bad way, I know your heart is in the right place but with some of your statements you’ve been very close to convincing me this thread doesn’t meet your approval or is doomed for failure.

I share some of your frustrations, in that us Europeans are too far behind and more often than not get excluded from initiatives by our brothers from the new world.
But we can’t expect too much too soon, there is some legwork to be done before we get there.

I personally don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Free stuff is always welcome but I didn’t start this thread to score some freebies. I’d rather focus on seeing us grow into a strong supporting community much like the rest of our OG family.

If we focus on growing as a community businesses will eventually target us for marketing campaigns with no need for us to chase them.

You said it yourself, without the numbers we won’t be noticed or even considered.

But hey, 4 hours ago we didn’t exist and now we’re here!

I believe by starting this thread I’ve given a step in the right direction for us European overgrowers and with just a bit of time and dedication many good things can sprout from here.

Let’s grow :smiley: