Getting Seeds in Virginia

Hi everyone, new here! First post even. :slight_smile: Since it’s now legal to grow here in VA, I’m making the leap and trying it. It will save me A LOT of money a month, I smoke around an ounce a week by myself.

I will be asking A TON of questions around here, I’m seeing there are many stages of the growing process that I just have no idea about, but I don’t want to let that stop me from trying! I ordered some stuff tonight to get my set up going, and I will have the rest ordered next week.

Checking what I need, I have no clue how to get the last part, seeds. Before looking into this I didn’t even know there was a difference in the types, I thought I could just wait until a random bag I was smoking had a seed in it and I could throw it in and watch it grow…luckily I did not do that. :slight_smile:

So my question is basically…do you feel safe ordering seeds through the mail? I don’t know where else to get them around here. Retail isn’t until 2024…so what’s your advice on ordering? Should I be scared to check my mail once it’s arrived? Once I buy the initial seeds, do I need to continue to buy new seeds or can I just use seeds the plant will produce (if any)? Once I get started I’m going to start a diary, because I will need A LOT of help.

I’ve been trying to read up as much as I can around here to get ready, learning about the various growing stages, trying to learn terms I’ve never heard before lol I’m glad this forum exists!

Thanks for reading, looking forward to leaning, growing, and making some new friends around here!


Dc seed exchange is doing something special for Virginia residents.


id personally recommend not spending much on seeds until you have a grow or 2 under your belt. Sucks killing some plants u just spent a arm and a leg on the seeds for.


Think it’s 5% and extra free packs. And if your a veteran or a caretaker it’s 10% off. I’ve been using them for about 5 years and they are super fast, with great customer service. Best of Luck in your endeavors.


Welcome! Tell us about what you ordered to get rolling. I would read through some grow logs on the site. Take a look at germination and seedling treatment. Once you get em past the first couple weeks they are pretty hardy.

I think you can be pretty comfortable ordering through the mail. You will need to keep acquiring seeds unless you get regular seeds and grow out a male long enough to pollinate a female.


Welcome fellow Virginian! If you’re in the Richmond area as your name implies, I’d expect some collectives to start popping up soon (esp around The Fan). To answer your question; receiving seeds in the mail isn’t a big deal at all to me. Folks around here have been quite generous to me, and I like to share. If you’d like me to send you something to get you started, give me a holler. Can have something in the post before the weekend.


Welcome to OG. I am in VA too. I get my seeds delivered to me. Have not had an issue yet.

You may want to look at Mark “Cali’s Best” for seeds. They are great for new growers. Inexpensive. He will mail you the seeds, you mail him back cash. There is a thread on here about him. Better to start with seeds that cost a dollar to get your feet wet.

Anything I can do to help a fellow Virginian, let me know.


You should try strainly! Lots of very reasonable prices there for decent genetics


Im in Va and I buy seeds online, never had an issue.

As far as making more seed or buying more, you’ll probably do both :slight_smile: I’d recommend starting with fem seeds to get yourself a harvest or a few under your belt. I’m 7/7 males on the last 7 reg beans I popped, that can throw off your plans. So thats another thing to think about (regs vs fem seeds)


I second Dcseedexchange I work with them and if you would like a discount code DM me. I also would like to point out my friends are bringing genetraders to VA the 27th. You could go to a genetics event there just google them.


Also welcome to the community!!!


I’m back and forth between New York and my land in Halifax County. Where is that show going to be at exactly? Never was able to get the info for the NY one last month.@Enjoi802

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Thanks! I’ll have to check them out, I have made a few trips to DC in the past for…stuff :slight_smile:

Don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure they sent a ton of seeds to VA grow shops.


So far I’ve just ordered a timer, 5 3-gallon pots, and some fan rope hangers. Today I will order a 2x2 Mars Hydro tent, a Mars Hydro TS 600w LED, a VIVOSUN 4 inch 190 CFM inline Fan…and then next week I’m grabbing some Bloom Nutrients and Coast of Maine Platinum Grower’s Mix. All of this stuff was recommended to me by a buddy who started here in VA, and also he told me about you guys!


A buddy told me about a forum where people were going to start trading seeds around here just…(and from reading around here being new)…I don’t have anything to trade (yet), and I don’t want to be “that guy” just looking for some free seeds. I don’t mind paying, I just am weary about spending $10 a seed when I have no clue what I’m doing just yet lol And I’m definitely in the the fan, well close, Museum District :slight_smile:


I feel fairly safe ordering with in the usa, where i live. However most of those seedbanks require sending cash or blank M.O., will never feel safe about that, ordering from overseas I lose more to customs then i get,and some of those overseas seedbanks want cash or M.o. as well.

A blank M.o.(no name of payee) to me is worse then cash, anyone can cash it and to make it worse it costs $5. extra.

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Thanks for the advice!


Thank you! That was the advice my buddy gave me, he said start with Auto-Fem seeds that will pretty much do the work for a new grower!

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That’s awesome. My grower buddy told me about an event here in VA where they were giving away seeds, but I was still unsure if I was going to do this or not so I missed out on that one!

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