Good news everybody! MORE Act. Will it pass in the Senate?

I hate being a spoil sport, but I also don’t see this happening anytime soon.
I doubt that the Senate would pass it in the near future.


Exactly! Most of us living here were shocked as well.
Thank God for some common sense.

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Between big pharma and the threat of jobs lost in criminal justice , I think these crooked politicians will continue to get there pockets lined and will push this off for as long as they possibly can. Change will come but I don’t think it’s going to happen now.


Idaho would be my guess.

It is up to all of us to contact our legislators and let them know that we are for it. We have to put in action, not just words


Decriminalized. Still get a fine, still illegal to buy and sell.


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Oh so not pushing it back further still, let’s see how this goes. It would be about dam time.


The house only passes the legislation that the senate can vote on if the senate majority leader chooses. I think this bill has passed in the house, so now it will probably be dead in the senate.



Careful, this is close to a political thread and last time we had those it resulted in a serious case of hurt feelings lol…


It won’t, dead on arrival in the Senate. I’ll never see the Light of Day!!! SS/BW…mister :honeybee:


Yep the Senate, with current party control, will kill it and if it did pass, leaving it to the states to decriminalize it. Better yet decriminalize it at the federal level and mandate the backward state to follow!


I’ve been waiting for legalization since the 70s. I thought it would come much sooner.

Sadly, I doubt it will be anything like we imagine when it is made legal. The vision is everyone being able to grow it in their gardens, share with friends like extra tomatoes, sell at the farmers market, and have as much as you want.

Unfortunately, I think it will be regulated like alcohol. Personal grows will not be allowed. Big tobacco and alcohol will control the market, growing of product, distribution, etc. We will all be “allowed” to buy pre-rolled mids like cigarettes.

I hope I am wrong but in my view there is too much money as stake for the governments to allow it to be grown and shared like a vegetable garden.


The legalization aspect is almost certain to be lame, but the issue they voted on today was decriminalization. I really don’t care about legalization, because any way you slice it, only money can push it through, and money will only set rules that play for people with money. Decriminalization is the one to care about for people without money… ie most of us.


I agree with you on this. It will be for one reason - money. A constant-demand product with easily-siphoned money? The process of making weed legal has ensured the industry (in legal form) will be controlled by the same ticks that control everything anywhere they can make money.

In IL you can’t even see what you’re buying until you leave the dispensary. So, not only do you want me to pay $70 for 3.5g, not only do you you want me to pay obscene taxes on your absurd weed; weed that is guaranteed to be of lower quality than what anyone can grow. But, oh no. You can’t see, feel, or smell that weed before you pay! Silly dumb consumer!

Grow til I die.

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The problem with legalization that most will have will be from it being treated like alcohol. Just like you can distill your own liquor and brew your own beer people will be able to grow their own. It’s once you try to sell it that they will come down hard on you. And let’s be honest, majority of “pot people” want it legal, thinking they will be able to sell it like they did in the black market and get black market pricing without having the worries of jail. The reality is that will never happen. Even if they did let people grow and sell as they pleased, once the legal threat is gone everyone will do it and the price will drop to zero.
Once it’s fully legal and just another plant you will see who the real cannabis lovers are and those who were only in it for the money. I think a lot of people will be shocked to find out who a lot of those people are.


If it goes legal, I hope they just treat it like alcohol with the rules and make it simple. Home brewing is legal, your allowed to brew/ferment 200gal of beer/wine/mead a year per household (or 100gal per single person I believe). Distillation/moonshine is illegal, but freeze concentrating your home brew is legal (apple jack/ ice block beer). I feel any form of BHO/CO2 extraction should be done in a certified lab, for the sake of safety and environmental issues. Rosin, dry/water hash, alcohol extraction should all be fine for DIY.


Yesterday Friday December 4th 2020 congress passed the MORE act which will decriminalize Cannibis at the federal level in the states. Next week it will go to the senate. Some people believe it will not pass. I think its a step in the right direction but I have mixed feelings about the government’s motives. I get that they want a piece of the action at 5% tax. They say it will go towards schooling and citizens that were affected drastically by the war on drugs. If the MORE Act dose pass hopefully alot of states that don’t have recreational use will be more likely to follow suit. I always knew as a teen (before medical marijuana was a thing) that cannabis would become legal in my lifetime.
Its a step in the right direction, but I hope that the direction don’t end up going south. How do y’all feel about “legalization” and what that means for the small grower? Could they legalize it just to make it legal for big pharma industry and illegal for people like us?


Possibly… i doubt itll stop most of us! Hasn’t so far :sunglasses: