Gpaw’s Grow #6, NL Autos

Gpaw’s Grow #6, NL Autos

This is a Royal Queen Seeds Northern Lights Auto grow.

Flowering time: 5 to 7 weeks
Harvest 9 to 10 weeks after germination.
(10 weeks = Aug 14)

And a big thanks to @George_The_Vault for the kind donation of seeds and SWAG

So here is the plan:

  • 5 Gal. Cloth pots with structured soil profile
  • Gpaw’s Super Soil Ver 2.1
  • micro clover cover crop (started May 22)
  • 20/4 light cycle

Pop 3 seeds into expanded jiffy pucks (honestly, I know better, but I am still batting 1000 and - I’m a little superstitious…) :shushing_face:

I found 20/4 (with my light setup) was a little better for the plants than 18/6 was previously
Once the seeds pop I’ll plant the jiffy pucks in the pots and “let ‘er rip – boy!”

There should be enough nutriments in there to carry them with margin to the finish. Now, I am using Wegener’s Organic as a tea substitute (because I haven’t got my worm farm yet). This stuff is great, Unless you are running 50 plants, stick to the half liter bottle.

As a tea: (watering 1.5 ~ 2 L add 12cc) = full strength

I use this ‘as required’ through veg and early flower

Following so far?

Now here’s the plot twist, that nice cover crop of micro clover? Its going to be ‘green manure’ in the end.
It will be ‘plowed under’ when I top dress with base soil and the Gaia Green ferts.

And the surprise

My soil mix has been known to sprout fungus gnats (by the hoard) so I was happy to try a suggested cure, Mosquito Dunks. (Special thanks to @beacher & @GramTorino for pointing dunk out to me in January) The active ingredient is Bacillus Thuringiensis, a nice predatory dirt living bacteria that infects a variety insects.

So, according to the Stoners’ Guide of Infinite Knowledge, Wiki:


I prepped my latest 5 gal pots and before I planted the cover crop, I ‘cheese grated’ a bit of a dunk puck onto each pot and mixed into the top 1/2”. A quick check showed I used about 0.2gm on each pot.

June 1

Beans are 3 for 3. Xplanted in the 5 Gal. pots.

10 days since prepping the pots and treating with dunk. ZERO fungus gnats! I checked the yellow sticky paper – none. This is like Silent Spring. Dang! This shit works, so little did so much!

June 3 

All three are ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ (wearing their shells)

Each has the inner membrane attached to the Cotyledons and the shell, once it dried out they popped off with minimal impact.


NL autos… awesome! I still haven’t readily found BT yet for my fungus gnats, but they’ve actually gotten alot better in the last while. I’m curious it see how it works for you

The clover is looking dank!


What the heck is that? hum|nullxnull You’re always one step beyond cool1|nullxnull , I will follow your progress if explained with noob-friendly language … frech|nullxnull


Sure!, I can go into that… :nerd_face:
I thought if anyone was interested they would ask… didn’t figure this fast! :stuck_out_tongue:

… I need to prep some visual aids … and I have taken some cerebral functions… off-line at the moment… (you know, maintenance…) :nerd_face:

I’ll give you a proper response tomorrow…



Count me in…pulling up a recliner


Pulling up a chair as well, now where is the pop corn??

Cheers Johnny


Ooo excited to see this. I love seeing no-till growing. I will try it one day i swear!


I am in Gpaw. Have my note book and #2 pencil to take notes. Indoor autos is a near future project.


Makes me happy to see stuff won here grown here I bet it makes @George_The_Vault happy too


Where did you get the mosquito dunks from ? Never seen or heard about them


(I’m slowly figuring out the drawing package)

grow #6 pot structure.pdf (19.3 KB)

and the current soil mix…

Base Soil Mix 2.1 (another work in progress)
  • 4 parts Promix

  • 1 part perlite

  • 1.5 part cow manure

  • 1 part EWC

  • 1 part sea compost

  • 1.5 c dolomite lime

  • 0.5 c rock dust

  • 1 c chicken poop (Acti-Sol)

  • 1 c powdered egg shell

  • (2 Tbsp) blood a little bone meal

  • 1 c alfalfa meal

    • add more perlite as required

2~ 3 L of water as required (you want it slightly damp – not wet)

{ratios of compost and manures vary in practice as they depend on ‘how hot’ the material is}

{missing: coconut coir - I was almost out}

cook for a month, stir and turn over 3 times min. (add water as required)

You want the water pH’d to low 6’s ‘cause there is a lot of buffer in that soil .


sure does buddy, love to see the diaries from all seeds won or purchased via The Vault :slight_smile:


This bud’s for you George!

this bud



I found them at the local Home Depot but I have seen they offered on-line, prices vary (a lot).



I’ve had gnats since I opened a bag of cyco coco :unamused:


Mosquito dunks are great. We get them at the local hardware store and use them in our fountains and bird bath. We have also put them where we have had standing water too.


Man… I sure hope you got better seed stock than I did… I know you’ve seen my NL Auto grow. One of them needed 12 hours to flower. The one that did auto flower is 13 weeks from germination and looks like it could still use one more.


After following yours I was really surprised by his choice icon_e_confused|nullxnull , let’s see what happens … :sunglasses:

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Oh Yeah, I made a note about that one! I’m glad you figured it out…
That’s will be known from now on as the “ReikoX move”.



Go ahead and get down with your bad self Gpaw!