Growing Trees with Meesh 2021

Well, Here I grow again…

Still haven’t completely locked in my lineup for the year, but I have a few ideas. Its almost April and in a week or 2 I will start germing seeds. Last year Dad and I built custom trellises and they were game changing. Made large trees easier to manage. This year we will be fashioning a bug enclosure to hopefully cut down my need to spray the plants in flower as here in Southern California you will lose your whole crop to caterpillars if you don’t do something. I’m hoping for a great crop this year free from bud rot and bugs!

As usual, I started with a soil test from International AG Labs… Looks like every year I need less and less amendments. I will attempt to post my results in this thread below, for anyone interested.

Let’s have some fun!


I’ve sure enjoyed your grows😀. Can’t wait to see your trees!!!


So, Soil test results are in… I will be ordering the amendments tomorrow.

Here are the recommendations

Oh my goodness! Just realized they have a new amendment guy listed. I wonder if my guy retired, Lynn, he was awesome. Sure hope this David guy is as knowledgable.


Thanks for joining me again, Buddy! Good to see you!


Well Meesh I also hope your soil guy is good and has all the old records to go by. Can’t wait to see what your choices will be for some monsters.


I always enjoyed your gardening skills. Last thread was epic. This should be fun to watch! Good luck and may there be as little cattipilars as possible!


Well, last year I was doing fish drenches and cal/mag drenches every other week! Looks like those levels are good now and only will have 1 soil drench per month. If I recall a few years back when I started I needed over 100 lbs of amendments, last year I believe it was around 70 lbs and this year only 56 1/2 lbs. Getting cheaper every year as my soil gets better and better. Still got super high levels of zinc for some reason. Last year threw down masses of transplant formula as the microbes were supposed to eat a lot of it. Guess Ill have to do that again this year. I’m gonna call the new amendment guy David tomorrow. I’ll let you all know what he has to say about it.


Well you are sure going about it the right way and it’s paying off at both ends. Good luck🍀


If not, I have it all on file still. I am kind of bummed that my guy is gone.

So far, I def know that I’m going with the Maui Wowie from Sebring for absolute sure. Also going with the Garlic Panama Haze from @monkeyman. A blue dream as well.

I have 6 more spots to fill… I got a lovely seed selection from @SamwellBB so at least 2 or 3 of his. I need to update my seed list. Maybe I should post it here and let you all help me decide.


I am looking forward to my first Maui Wowie smoke. It sure has that Cherry smell on the stem rub. This is her this week. Yours will be this times 100.


That looks beautiful! I’m super jealous, I have many many moons to go before I can try that bunch of dankness!


I may try a go at Sunshine Daydream again this year. I never did get a female.


So recently, my mother sent me a little 2 tier seed starter thing with grow lights from Burpees. I just got it assembled this past weekend and started 1 tier of flower seeds. I even bought a timer and figured that thing out. This is my very first attempt at seed starting under lights. I fired that thing up yesterday and boy was I happy I hadn’t done 2 trays full as one of the lights doesn’t work. Who knows when they will send the replacement part.

I will not be starting my cannabis seeds in there though as I am way too new at this fake light stuff to know what I am doing and don’t want to worry about hardening off cannabis seedlings and light schedules and shit. I’m gonna proceed in my usual outdoor seed germing fashion using the good ole sun. Like last year, I will also germ 3 seeds each of any regular seeds in hopes of getting 1 female from each. Haven’t planned any container grows, but things happen. For now, just plans for ground plants once they sex.


That’s something I haven’t grown but would like to as well. Be nice to see one for sure.


Happy 2021 growing season! I hope it’ll be a fun year! Still snowing here, lol.


We are coming up on 50 degrees at night now and starting to hit 70s now in the daytime. My spring bulbs and flowers have already been coming up for a month now. My garden is greening up, flowers starting everywhere. Its wonderful! I’m back to drinking my coffee out there again. Happy Spring!


Can’t wait to see the beauties yall get going this year! I’ll try and keep up this year lol.

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On a fun note… Dad turned in some of his old guns to the cops at one of those no questions asked, clean up the community things. It’s not like you can just throw broken guns in the dumpster. Anyway, they gave him like 200 bucks worth of Target gift cards for them and Dad kindly bestowed them on me. I have joyfully turned them into a fancy new Nespresso machine with the milk frother gadget and all the fancy crap! I had been eyeballing this thing and abandoning the online shopping carts since December. For some strange reason, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Thought it too frivolous a purchase. Ha! I find it ironic that I’ve turned Dads guns into an espresso machine. It’s like the Cowboy and the Indian over here. Y’all know the only thing Meesh loves more than her garden is her coffee. :grin: By the weekend, you’ll find me in my garden, feet up, with mad espresso drinks! YES!

And that’s not all… I’m a serious online shopper and use an app that tries discount codes automatically for me at check out. Its rad, no spam or anything. Anyway, not only does it find you codes, you get points for purchases and you turn them in for gift cards. I’ve probably cashed in hundreds in the last few years for Amazon cards. I used my points gift cards to buy a boatload of different fancy coffee pods for the new machine. All of this wonderful for FREE!!! Winning! :star_struck: :seedling: :tulip: :coffee: :green_heart:


Seriously? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Like “never mind this sanitized & forensically useless pistol that was used in 20 murders” events? That sounds weird. LA. :man_shrugging:


So nice to see spring pulling you out of the office.

Soil results look good & the new dude might explain why the amendments are in sulfate form but that’s it…seems like things are working good. :slight_smile:



Yeah, they spout the no questions asked thing, but Dad said they videotape you and your license plate going in and out. So it’s basically entrapment with a cleaning up the community ruse. Either way, Dad’s guns were legal, they were just fired to death at the gun range I guess.