Happy Little Trees with Meesh 2023

Spring has sprung and with it I popped the first of my seeds. Ready to rock out this year’s grow! We had epic rainfall this Winter. Should be a good year! I was too distracted this year to get my soil test, so I’m going with it. However, I will test and amend in the fall after harvest. I’m sure my soil is still pretty awesome from I believe 4 years of testing and amending. I’ll just have to rely on experience if I have any hiccups and adjust accordingly.

I have 9 in ground spots inside the bug net and I’m probably gonna push it and stick 3 or 4, 20 gallon grows in between the trellises like I did last year with the GG4ril. My line-up was literally chosen this morning and filled up quickly

Black Mamba reg
Peanut Butter Breath F
Cherry Pie F
GG4ril reg
Iced Cube reg
Blue Dream F
Orange Goji reg
Road Kill Skunk F2 reg
Gorilla Sherbert F


Mothers Milk
Vintage Blueberry

The fem seed plants are practically gonna go to ground as soon as they have a first or second set of true leaves. I’ve got 3 to 4 of each regulars of each strain I will wait for sex and hope for a female of each. The gorilla sherbert is a back up fem seed plant. Should I lack females as that shit happens.


Can’t wait to watch the show. Happy Growing Meesh, hope it’s your best harvest ever. :v:


Sweet!!! Tagged for follow. :sunglasses: :metal: :peace_symbol:


A new Meesh grow! Yea!!

…Pulling up a chair and packing the party bong.



Good luck brotha !


I am waiting on 3 Orange Goji seeds from Jetdro who is kindly sending me some F1’s on Monday. :grin:
Aside from the 3 of those that I will start next weekend, it comes out to like 21 plants before they show sex. 4 are practically going straight in the ground. So, it will be only slightly a pain in the ass. Eh, 1 plant 21 plants gotta feed and water them anyway. May as well go big.

Super stoked to be back at it with all of you!


Back at it ! Love it, looking forward to watching the grow show :facepunch:t2:


Go Big or Go Home! I love it!


Looking forward to another great Tree grow.

:green_heart: :seedling:


Dad and I just went down to my grow store and got all the supplies I need for this grow. I’ve used an organic soil called Vermifire for years on my container grows and to sex out my plants before they went to ground. Last year though, they were out of my brand when I went to get some for my GG4ril container grow, so I mixed Happy Frog and Ocean Forest soils together and was super stoked on it. I’m going with that again this year for everything above ground. Also, doing the same Down to Earth all purpose dry nutes and weekly inoculations of Mammoth P because I swear by the stuff and I like colas the size of my arm. What can I say?

Stoked I don’t have to grow out Dad’s Cheese this year. I love the dank nasty flavor of it, but the intense body buzz kills me if I smoke too much it. Regardless, I’ve grown it for like 4 years straight. I have a few other’s that needed a repeat. Like the GG4ril, Orange Goji and ffs I haven’t had my true medicine (Blue Dream) all year. I’d love a true Blue Dream clone, but it is what it is… As far as the indicas for the men of my life, @Greasy is bringing me clones in 2 weeks. If I can keep them from prematurely budding, I will have a blueberry cross. If it’s the same strain that he gave me when we did our holiday bud swap, it’s a really kick ass and tasty indica that even I loved. It tasted like this Blueberry Lavender juice I order from this Mediterranean place I eat at. Good stuff! Also, the Black Mamba is dominantly indica. I can’t try to form trees from these though, I have to keep the buds smaller by container growing, hopefully keep the budrot at bay.


You’ll kill it as usual @Meesh. Most stuff you touch turns gold. I’m watching in anticipation. :+1: show us how it’s done. :wink:


Oh Honey, it turns to gold one day then the next, Poof Mother Nature throws me some budrot or pm and takes it away! That whole gorgeous 8 foot Chemdawg last year AND the whole SSDDbx plants. It kills me every time!

But, Thank you for being here with me! I have my fingers crossed for a good year!


@meesh one single plant grown out fully yields the same as my entire indoor grows all year does :rofl:
Electric bill?? :rofl:
You’ve got this :+1:


We’ve actually ran out of a few strains in the past. If all 3 of us are particularly fond of 1 strain. Umm… Iced Cube one year if I recall. This year I’m gonna run out of the GG4ril if I share anymore of it. I pulled growers rights and forbid the dudes from it. :rofl: For some reason, I absolutely love it. I’m hoping for another Female this year


Hey you did all the work so why not??
I’ve eventually found my strain for pain believe it or not and it’s the strain I’ve always tried to avoid. Stardawg. It has an aweful smell. It has me hearing stuff but as soon as I hit it these days I get a good sleep. It’s taking some getting used to though. It’s my go to now. :+1:


Tagging along for the ride. I have to ask, why no soil test? You should still have time before everything goes in the ground. I just feel that has been the key to your success. :+1::seedling:


yeehawww - she back

yes sirreeee :fire:


Taking a seat…over here.

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@Esrgood4u Isn’t Stardawg a parent of Sunshine Daydream? Cuz that was SO good for pain! So I am not surprised by this. I am stoked you found something that works! Pain is no joke.

@ReikoX because I suck and have a lot of health problems this year with lack of care from my physician which spiraled my depression. Also got engaged which distracted me and tax season. Now I’m into it, but because I’m injured gonna put the fem seedlings in the ground very quickly here. I will soil test in the fall though and amend for next spring. I’ve been amending at the wrong time of year in the past anyway. I think with the soil drenches. This grow should be fine. If not… live and learn


Sorry @Esrgood4u Forgot to ask if you have any of the ssdd seeds as I will gladly send you a pack? SSDD tastes delightful and kicks ass on pain too