Heritage Farms - feedback

Now that I’m a sponsor here at og and will be making some of my work available I thought it would be appropriate to start a general feedback thread for those who have aquired my beans and would like to comment on there expieriance.

Thank you all for the support


So far 100% germ rate. Thanks again.


Do you have a web site did a google search came up with one in coleville is that you? If so it won’t let me in.


Unfortunately, I can start anything new until I move in August. :frowning_face:
But after I get settled in… it’s on!!! It’ll be all about some Platinum Pineapple F4!

There are a lot of strains/crosses I can’t wait to grow! Not being able to start more seeds, right now, is really difficult for me, because I’m spoiled… only the most extreme, seed obsessed, guys/gals know what I am going through at this point in time… it’s awful!


I do have a website but I’m keeping it separate from here. It’s not the one you found though I have no idea where colevile is. All my listing will be on my post in the sponsored section here.


Planted the Gopher plant with my grandson last weekend. Told him he gets half of what sprouts for his garden at home.

Can’t wait to drop the platinum pineapple, sound like a great cross and who don’t like pineapple tasting smoke. Would rather aquire from an active sponsor/regular member than a random PO Box in some other country. Really have only bought GLG gear because they are in state. Open up the vaults and we’ll OG your gear around the globe…:v::sunglasses:


@Heritagefarms is awesome! Will be popping some Platinum Pineapple in two more runs.


how can I find your website to order some seeds


I’m not advertising my website outside of California , if you do stumble upon it based on strain data there is no contact info on there it’s more for informational purposes and still needs some updating. Check out my sponsored thread here on the site.


Make sure you wear gloves when handling the Gopher plant. It secretes a latex-like sap that will irritate most people’s skin right away… giving rash, hives, welts, that sort of thing.

Plant education for children is important and must be taught in a way that they can understand, absorb and remember the information without having to go through the consequences of touching certain plants.

Not all plants are user friendly and some are poisonous to the touch. Some plants let you know right away that you shouldn’t have touched them and a bad reaction could be on the way.

it’s important for our young’uns to learn and understand about the plants around them, what they can touch and what they can’t… and why.

Your grandson is lucky to have a grandpa, like you @Instg8ter, that is knowledgeable about plants and can teach him the right way to do things the first time… without paying for it first!

I can’t wait to have my own grandchildren and teach them what I know about plant life! They’ll be plant-smart for sure!

Apologies for the quick thread hijack @Heritagefarms!


No worries I’m glad people are enjoying the gopher plant and taking caution. Even if you don’t have a immediant reaction to the sap it can cause people to become very uv sensitive in the area it touched resulting in bad patchy sunburns. I advise people to treat all plants as potentially dangerous unless you know otherwise.


Sounds like wild parsnip or even worse giant hogweed. Two plants that cause phytoreactions from their sap.


Heritage is a man of his word. Been really helpful and non judgmental.


that is true… next week for some platinum cracking.


Hey buddy, my gopher seeds got here and I thought they were pot seeds and couldn’t for the life of me think of who was sending seed, lol.

Did I already ask, what’s the best way to plant them you think? Is it best to germinate them and get them started like pot or just go right into the dirt? I’ll end up with these plants dotting my property, lol. Maybe by next year, I’ll be able to sow them in rows… :grin: I’m not sure why the little buggers are so bad. I always have a few but they went wild this year. Maybe because it’s been mostly bone dry. I bet some got flooded out last night. We had a hell of a night of storms, hail, and steady rain. First steady and large rain all spring.


At a glance they defiently look alot alike, I would last them directly in dirt in little pots and keep moist once they come up they grow pretty fast. They have a week or two germination period so don’t give up on them right away.


I was, no scratch that, am very satisfied with the quick and professional response time. My shit arrived neatly packaged and faster than I expected. I am interested in seeing what else you have available. I like the fact that it’s a win win situation, contribute to the community, spread your gear, and of course I get to smoke the benefits. If you can @Heritagefarms a list of or linq to your cultivars. Keep up the good work :muscle:


I have a thread here in the sponsored section that will be updated with what I have available.
I’m currently out of everything besides the Platinum pineapple but am workingon a few projects as we speak :wink:


I have recieved platinum pineapple f4s, and some lavender beans, . Super fast shipping and quality beans, you can tell from the look of them, they are very mature. Cant wait to pop some of these. The lavender holds a special place in my heart. Thanks cant wait to aquire more.

Stay kind,



Platinum pineapple 7 weeks from seed and 2 days into flower… @Heritagefarms got some fine green genes packaged in these beans

Only planted one seed