How much do u smoke?

Hay all !!! I try not to worry about how much smoke I actually consume. I’ve been smoking since '79 daily, in the beginning it was all about getting stoned. Nowadays it’s for peace of mind, and to deal with my fits of anxiety and muscle spasms. Funny thing tho, I smoke more than I have to because if the wifey says “wanna smoke” I never say no. We always reek of fire ass weed.
Every once in a while we have to purchase dispo shit, but lately I’ve been gud at keeping us leveled up.


Been smoking way way too much… when every jar is unbelievable fire it’s so hard to say no… probably 3-5g lately which is too much for my brain every day.

Today is day one of a two week tolerance break.


It’s crazy, isn’t it? Sometimes I wonder if it’s the volcano that’s making me use so much flower. I’ll easily have a couple bags an hour. I mean, shit, it’s not like I’m going anywhere or doing anything…

The only time I don’t have a bag is when I am working with the plants for an extended period. I have this theory that they know when you’re smoking and vaping–they can smell the combustion of their brethren.


Good luck! Those are the worst. It’s like life turns into one of those gritty movies that’s too contrasty and harsh.

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Didn’t last too long LOL
My wife just told me that I’m making too many noises (have serious back issues) and to go smoke something. Depending on the stuff for medicine makes a tolerance break so hard!

Maybe if I cut down to one g per day for a few weeks it’ll have a similar effect?


Nice theory! I just don’t like to mess em up if im too medicated,… I go through four bags to twelve a sitting. And my wife likes four. But I’m not going ne where either so I say relax and feel good. I just harvested about a month ago so I’m stocked up for a bit… I really like the theory btw.


The only way I can do T breaks is by using ‘the waiting technique’. Every day, I wait a bit longer to have my first toke and wait longer between each one. Ideally, and eventually, I’ll get down to one toke before bed. This keeps the night sweats and sleep disturbances at bay. Then, I’ll keep cutting down how much I smoke before bed. Then, I am ready for a T break. None of this cold turkey stuff for me. I can do cold turkey, but only if I am thrust into an environment where I am engaged and not sitting around, restless. I can barely keep my shit together as it is, and that’s smoking grams a day.


Same man, same for sure.


I feel like I’ve found my cannabis consumption counter-part in the world. It’s a really nice setup, isn’t it? Chilling with a bag? It feels so much less like smoking and so much more like holding a drink. It really changes the dynamic and makes it so much easier to chill and just ‘pass the bag’. I think more people would switch to the volcano if they knew what the consumption process felt like, mechanically.


I definitely agree. Sitting down and puffing off a bag of vape, I don’t know. Its somewhat way more satisfying and excepted socially over say a bong. Don’t get me wrong I like my glass pieces and everything but I find myself vaping so much. I cant put it into words but I feel its the best. More people would have one if they used one digital or analog, I prefer analog as to parts and course of time Working. People would definitely have em. When I say I use one at home, smoke shops are stunned I have one. Not many people get it. Its the best medical way to inhale pot.


Man, I’ve learned one thing - if it helps, do it.

Its the best, safest form of natural medicine we have. :v::peace_symbol::v::wink:


After picking up the Volcano- I’m off the fire.

My lungs, omg, so much happier.

I’m still trying to figure out temps, but for me, hands down win. My hubby, he hates the taste of vaped dry herb :woman_shrugging::man_shrugging:


I do four bags a bowl. I move from 6.5 down to 5 .5 every bag. Works well for my lungs. This is analog btw.


Nods, I got the analog as well.

Wow, apparently I’ve got some testing to do. Lol



First and second bag are always the best… the next two make me cough, and it seems to set in the stone.


I smoke about 4 grams a week.


I can easily do an ounce a week, but I am not in the position to do that right now. :slight_smile:

I do want to thank a member here, who is local by me.

He helped me with some fine smoke a few day’s before my last surgery, I say he actually saved my ass.

I won’t say who unless he comes forward, but I do want to say

THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Sorry for the OT but people like that need to be praised :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


A lot of us can greatly thank someone here, myself included. I wouldn’t have the resources to grow much of anything of without the members here. I’m always down to give credit where it’s due. Unless you’ve been there- you don’t always know how big of an impact it is. It can be literally life changing. Of course, you don’t want to get random people begging for handout, so I give your donor an anonymous round of applause!


Hey Piper - no problem, and happy to help!

Shoot me a DM or text with your email and I’ll send along some test results of one of the things we agree is pretty good - I’m interested in your thoughts on test figures vs effects.

Hope you’re back up to speed after the surgery!


Hey neighbor

I just had all the wires removed from my spine and neck, it was a temporary trial that can only do 7 days because of the high risk of infection. I was doing really well with no infection so I had an extension, I can drive again starting tomorrow.

I will message you a little later today, I am taking my first shower for weeks, yep, I am prime :slight_smile:

Thanks again :wink:

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