In search of a keeper Durban from different parts of the country

@Old-Ron and I talk quite a bit. We love to shoot the breeze, bounce ideas off each other, and give each other a hard time. He is on the road often, and it helps to pass the time.

We both ended up with some Triple Durban seeds from different gentleman (@lefthandseeds @instig8ter) that we were super excited to grow out, and we came up with the idea of growing them out simultaneously, and keeping a grow journal. We want to stress that there will be different methods and equipment used. This is not a competition; it is the opportunity to allow the community to share in this comparison. We have also decided that if either of us ends up with something the other would like, it is a good opportunity to practice mailing some clones. It is also an opportunity to have a good time, and maybe give each other a hard time here and there as well.

After we sparked this idea, there was a member giving away Kullu x Durban crosses (@upstate). He was kind enough to mail me a 12 pack, and so I split these with Old-Ron, and away we go. He will update his side of the thread when he returns from work travel, later in the week.

Today is germination day. I decided that since I went to the trouble to make LABS, that I would use it. Since I had a couple seedlings dampen off last time, I figure it couldn’t hurt.


Sounds fun! I’ve seen the beast that @Instg8ter has been growing, and it looks amazing. I’m curious to see what else comes out.


As am I. Looking forward to both strains being grown. @lefthandseeds was kind enough to gift me some Triple Durban( and others)too. Looks like a winner for sure!


Definitely along for the ride. I need to grow out that Kullu X Durban before I have to take a hiatus from growing and I’d love see what to expect with different methodologies.


il pull up a chair for your grow, i love me a little durben.
i grew out some durben from sensi seeds years ago, they were huge sativa buds of aniseed hairy buds. i made loads of butane honey oil with it and it came out reddish in color but the taste and functional head high was 10/10.
any more seeds left @lefthandseeds/ @Upstate, would love to try it again some day
anyhow o/p i wish you both all the best for a great grow/harvest of the durbens, il be here


I’ve got a few left. (kullu /durban )I still have 4 people I have to send to, but if you don’t mind waiting… ( sorry so slow) I better get my ass in gear!


thats great, if you send me a pm i will send you a safe addy, i dont mind waiting as not gonna grow any till next year. thanks


Well this will be cool! :sunglasses: :+1:

I’ll watch the fireworks for sure!



Thank you everyone for your interest. This is a pretty personal quest for me. My wife is not a big smoker anymore, because she is very task oriented, and it has become hard for her to maintain her focus. She has only had a couple strains that she prefers for clearheaded days, and Durban was one of them. I would be tickled to death if I could find something she likes. I’m not sure how likely it is, but it is much more likely that I will find something I like! Win / win

I let them soak almost half the day, and put them into a paper towel to finish germination. I also used the LABS water for the paper towel. Next time I may just save the soaking step!


I also will be watching, and learning


Peace OG. Pulled up @Badger Good vibes stay safe and GROW HARD :fist:t6:


Hey man, I need to save the F1s I have left from what I made to do the next generation. So i don’t have any to give out for a bit. But there might be some F2s going around soon from people growing what I was able to give out of the first gen.


I’m pulling my old beanbag in that corner right over there. Anyone with Golf Shoes visiting, please be careful. Good Luck on your growin’, I’m looking for pointers. Do have a pleasant week, stay safe and, as always, be well…mister :honeybee:


If anyone needs F2 I have a bunch from tester buds. Whole plants should be dry and ready to shuck this week also. I know there’s some Phenos in there because the twin towers was one of the first three dropped froM @lefthandseeds, as he donated to me when I was a newb and had a bunch of seeds lost in shipping. Much appreciated and well initiated to the goals here. I’m pulling up the lazy boy for this, anyone wanting to join in DM for f2 stock if it’s good with Lefty, I’d love to see a co-op pheno hunt with a bunch of members!! I was holding back the f2 until some people got some other runs in with mine only being a 3 plant search…



I can’t speak for Ron, but I would be more than happy to have other people pop in with pictures of theirs for sure! Thanks for popping in with the offer brother! This could turn out to be epic.


I love seeing your pictures from that grow. :metal::joy::metal:


Trying to get time to shuck the jars of the two fully pollinated F2 plants (500+ I’m guessing). I want to see what else comes from them I imagine there’s a few Phenos, need a little denser but for a Sativa leaner it’s pretty good and cure is a lot of it. Just getting ready to post a smoke test at three month cure…sitting here stoned and watching “The Last waltz”. I want to get some of your other gear in the rotation this year when I get back to Africans that Malawi haze sounds nice.

SMOKE TEST: in jars locked at 56RU For 3 months, buds are heavy Sativa more hair than sugar leaf, reason why the seem a bit airy. Dense centers break nice with fingers, more oily than trich covered. Sticky enough to grip the paper on a hand roll. Taste has mellowed to a citrus pink lemonade taste with a cool menthol, sweet syrupy, anise numbing the lips After taste is BlackJack gum (licorice). Very nice up buz for watching some mid 70’s rock/blues/folk…The Band topped it off with a big Panama red. …


Tagging along to watch the show!

@Instg8ter Totally interested! That is a hell of a cola for a sativa!


Shoot me a safe addy and I’ll get some Triple Durban out for the hunt…


Pulling up a chair with my pipe in hand!!