Instg8ters wiki sign up page CLOSED

I Made this page for Instg8ter…

@Instg8ter Everyone On OG seriously appreciates your kindness brother.!!!

You sign yourself up by clicking on edit.

An edit window should appear at the bottom of your screen that you can use to edit this post.

Add your username beside a number under the appropriate space & name your strains…

You can make your name bold by adding two asterisks before and after. No spaces. As this is open to Everyone you may need assistance if you can not yet edit a Wiki.

Keep this clean to read please & Here is the deal…

Select 2 strains, packs of (10) you want and automatically get freebie pack of (20) Brutal Paw F2…

NOT SHIPPING until first of the month …

YOU PAY $5 for shipping costs via:
Apple Pay, pay pal or snail mail

Instg8ter will PM each person off this list when time is right… Don’t flood this man’s inbox…

Chocolate Thai is Co-op preservation, can’t release yet …

These are all unworked F1, with minimal selection for germ and vigorous growth so they may throw many Phenos , I know there’s some special fire in there. The Brutal Paw is a late 70’s Michigan bred strain that is dutched down with a few elite Indicas that I will be BX’ing this season to try and get back to the trippy Monkey Paw I remember.

IF any strain has run out, Instg8ter will substitute with any quanity he’s got left, until they are all gone.

Any changes to the above descriptions/details are subject to change without notice, Whatever Instg8ter decides, that’s what happens.

Moveing forward, when @Instg8ter is ready he will click your name on the list, it will allow him to PM everyone individually for payment and safe shipping address… When he confirms each person’s payment and address is complete, I’ll update the list to reflect the change in status

List in photos below;

#2 @CADMAN Purple Thai X Pineapple Thai and Purple Thai X Platinum Pineapple…

#13 @BigT Brutal paw black pheno / brutal paw green pheno

#15 @monkeyman Brutal Paw (black), smelliest pineapple

#16 @Kingmambo Black Pearl x Pineapple Thai; Purple Thai x Dirty Margarita

#17 @repins12 Anything available, happy to pay shipping

#21 @Moka Jamaican Bobsled and Black Willie

Anyone ABOVE this line has been Crossed Off the list as per request by @Instg8ter as he has already confirmed the package as being sent…


#1 @DougDawson MW X DM and PT/PT

#3 @Gpaw PT X LS & TD X AG

#4 @Chronickyle purple Thai x pineapple Thai & purple Thai x platinum pineapple. Black version of brutal paw please :pray:

#5 @Donnie black willie & brutal paw black pheno

#6 @Chirpxchirp chocolate thai & Jamaican handcuff 97

#7 @joshj purple thai x bm x lb x cg & panama red x pineapple thai

#8 @Kcity87 D.T.H.F × Brutal Paw & Platinum Pineapple x Dirty Marg

#9 @yobigdaddy full moon f2/ panama red x pineapple thai

#10 @Seamonkey84 Big bud x AK47 X platinum pineapple and brutal paw black please!

#11 @Needsomebeans Brutal Paw (Black Pheno), Jamaican Hand Collected 97

#12 @WVMountainGhost Purple Thai x Pineapple Thai & Panama Red x Pineapple Thai

#14 @John_Trollvolta Tripple Durban x Acapulco Gold / Maui Wowie x Platinum Pineapple

#18 @Indoornesian Black Brutal Paw and Purple Thai

#19 @Granola Black Willie , Brutal paw (black)

#20 @OGBohab Panama Red x Pineapple Thai , Triple Durban x Acapulco Gold

#22 @Oldjoints Black Willie x Brutal Paw & JD SK1 x Black Pearl

#23 @DeadInside88 prefer to try the big bud x ak47x platinum pineapple or poison Mani x bangi haze. Truthfully not picky

#24 @Mongobongo brutal paw F2 (green) and Panama red x PT :v:

#25 @Lastmanstandin31 Made this page for Instg8ter…

#26 @nightmare Full moon f2
Black Willie x brutal paw

#27 @Beerus Purple thai x lemon
And sk1 black pearl

#28 @SweetLeaf Platinum pineapple x Dirty Margarita, Triple Durban x Acapulco Gold

#29 @Shaggy450r Maui Wowie x Platinum Pineapple, Purple Thai x Lemon Skunk.

#30 @Eagles009 Blue lights x plat pineapple
Maui wowie x dirty margarita

This list is complete with 30 person limit


Is the brutal paw f2 the black or green pheno


This is amazing! Thanks so much guys.


Definitely excited. All the people here on OG are awesome .


Come on guys & gals. Lets get this list to atleast 20 people signed up and make Instg8ters time worth the trouble… Hes got some :fire: stuff here.
Where are the Strainaholics? Haha


stop editing my name off of there please lol i got bumped twice


Yeahhh. Don’t edit your friends out. IF your trying to safe the page and it says you can’t… DONT OVERRIGHT IT. Please. Just wait 1 min and try again.


@monkeyman Hella yeah. Thats what I’m talking about.


Yet again, @Instg8ter shows his commitment to spreading seeds. His generosity amazes me.


I kept getting bumped so I just took the last spot

Thanks for the generous offerings!!! @Instg8ter


Green tall pheno with 60 degree lateral branches… have a few of the black and a seed run planned with a selection for F3.


I signed up for those

Omg all the strains but figured I’d work that line.

Much appreciated

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Hopefully I did this right, it was 18 and 19 left, but someone’s 20.

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How many people you wanna have signed up brother? 21 ppl strong so far…


Put a line at 25 and I’ll try and fill all I can after tha, I know I have 600 Brutal Paw… if not I’ll make more, and keep it running.


I’ll be sure to turn off the wiki feature at 25


Hey guys I’m rolling a fatty and hitting the sack, thanks to all glad I can offer them up .,.if I don’t get you this time there’s more coming down the pipe, just cleaning out to make room for more…
:metal::sunglasses::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling::seedling:OG this MF’r

Thanks to all my OG brothers and sisters.


List is done.


Let me know when you open it back up. Have been overwritten 3 times. Just to much demand!! Your’e OG to the core brother!!


Wiki is turned OFF now…

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