Introduce yourself @OG Vol. 1

Welcome to OG @JuicyJay.
After your first harvest, the thought of buying weed will never enter your head again!! And you’ll be hooked on growing too… it’s fun, informative and will keep you smiling!

Welcome to OG @Growtogrow.
Thank you for joining. It’s really nice to see more long time growers join OG. I hope you enjoy your time here, it’s a great community!

Welcome to OG @theolecrow.
There are some very talented outdoor/guerrilla growers around OG that may be able to help you with any of your concerns on outdoor growing.

Welcome to OG @tomGT.
Sharing is the only way to OverGrow the world!
It starts with people like you, and places like OG, that want to learn from one another and share with each other to accomplish a similar goal!


Welcome, John! There are a few of us from Missouri here. It’s quite an interesting time in our state with Medical allowed but no dispensaries yet. The first cultivation facilities were inspected last week so hopefully it won’t be too much longer…


Hello all my name is Malcolm and I am from South Africa. I have recently decided to start growing indoor and I have been looking for a community to share my grow with and to meet some new people. I thought this one looks good! I have a bit of experience growing outdoor but I am new to all this I have also never been part of a community of any kind. Thank You


Yea thanks for warm welcome thank goodness i got my cultivar card hasn’t effected me as bad as others. What part of our lovely state you from? looks like i might have just scored some nice seeds from server auction.

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Man, lots of new peeps! Welcome to you all. Have fun poking around. We have infinite knowledge LIVE, 24 hours, 7 days a week, heh. Plus we share fishing stories, recipes, traveling info, you name it. World Wide Web, we are. peace.


I’ve lived in a half dozen states and three countries, but I’m back home in the middle of Missouri. I spent a long time in the St. Louis region too. Pop into our thread sometime: Show Me State Medical


Hi Malcom, welcome to OG. Glad that you are here.

You’ll love it here, this is a great community.


Welcome to Overgrow @YoBigdaddy happy to have another homie from the show me :grin:


Welcome to OG Malcolm, I hope you enjoy it here, lots of info to help you start your indoor grow.

I have a couple of ex work colleagues I talk to from South Africa, I hope the severe water shotages from last year have eased up for you, it sounded horrible.


@DesertGrown , @Gpaw and all OG Thank you for the welcome!
I will get a diary on going so you can the full reveal of the cabinet!



Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile: yes everything is good with water and all! Does anyone have any advise for starting a thread I have my grow setup already.


Just follow the link and think what you want to call it, and start your thread. List what equipment and grow medium you will be using, you may be limited at first to the amount of posts you can make for a little while, its an anti spam feature and post up some pics if you have some pics :slight_smile:


Hi there, I have been smoking and growing since the 70’s, and I am happy to be here. I look forward to reading and participating in interesting discussions with many friendly and knowledgeable people.


yo mates… i come from croatia, im researching all i can for my first grow, my goal is to make open source automated grow box for dwc with custom everything, i like perfection, and i look at plants like a machines that need fine tuning, im electrician, but with some novice skills in programming in web languages, c++ and with some good experience building industrial machines and control systems… personally, i have researched growing for about 6-7 years now (lights, nutes, grow systems) just cause im a stoner, i promised myself ill make it ever since my dear friend died of cancer and with all my research trough panic and first time trying we couldnt make enough to have decent supply of medicine (1g of oil per day), so i came with this idea: you go to web page, input what you want (soil, hydro, 1 box or perpetual via more), you get out all the code and part lists and pdf for assembly (since fine tuning environment needs a lot of knowledge, and existing devices cost in thousands of euros, it needs to be on open source hardware), hope ill have alpha edition in a year or so, since im all alone and work really hard and dont have much energy left for it… allready have some basic made, design wise and some basic control, but i want to get to industrial grade machine level before i put out anything (pid control of nutes, vpd takes care of temp and humidity, filtration of air via hydroxyl air purifiers and power supply via solar and/or power generators since its illegal here to grow and its gotta be stealthy for about 8-10 grow boxes)… so basically, i have no advice to offer, but i appreciate all the effort you guys put into your grows and share so i can use it… my biggest need now is to find a way to make my own nutes by buying individual ingredients, and fuck, there is a lot i need to research for that, i need to do this cause of lower price plus there is almost none of the good powder nutes i can import in my country, or if i can, shipping is more than product costs… big love and respect!


Where can I get gibberelic acid? Seedbay had some briefly…


Welcome to Overgrow, @monkeyman and @vo_o!


Welcome to OG monkeyman, glad you like it here, you might be interested in the thread, The Story Of Sassy :wink:

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Hey @monkeyman, welcome to Over Grow!!

Have a look around, we have an amazing number of projects happening and a great group of folks too. Explore, ask questions and enjoy!!



If I lived some where illegal that also was a pain to import stuff to I would buy fertilizer for vegetables there normally cheaper than cannabis fertilizer

Welcome to Overgrow @vo_o look forward to your grows :grin:

I have a brother who is also an electrician it takes a meticulous person to be a good electrician you should do great with cannabis