Introduce Yourself @OG (Part 1)

:loud_sound: I think it may be good idea to start this Introduction topic for current and new members, so we can get to know each other :slight_smile: … I’ll point out new members to this thread.

:warning: If you are new member just click “Reply” and composer window will appear.

Please if you had account on OG1.0 be sure to participate in old school members guestbook.

Let me start and introduce myself a bit:

I’m from Czech Republic (you might have already visited Prague, it is pretty popular among tourists) - small country in the heart of Europe, just on the line between the East and the West.

Growing and hacking internet for long 20+ years (IP networks, wireless, Linux, etc.). Computer specialist by education. I’ve helped build online communities many times, pretty successful. I still believe that the knowledge in them is the most valuable, although today many ppl are turning to Facebook and YT. My first seeds were from Emery’s Shop in the nineties… I love purple strains and enjoy nurturing them, photographing and smoking with friends. Love to experiment and always looking for challenges.

Waiting for the day recreational growing becomes legal in Europe. Looking into licenses to grow medical…

There is also AMA topic with me, so you can read more :slight_smile:

Previous introduction topic archived here: Introduce yourself @OG Vol. 1

Newbs here, 1st post. Read plz
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Lucky here!

Been on a few forums over the years and just getting back into cannabis and growing, always heard about/seen this site but never signed up, so here I am!

Aspiring breeder/grower looking forward to hanging out with you all :slight_smile:


Welcome to OG Lucky, good to have you here :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome @Lucky to Og!


Highbrixmmj here, I was active at Marijuana passion. And also a couple of private grow forums. I’m sure a few will remember me. I am back. Not currently growing at the moment, but still have all of my equipment and experience! I will set up again one day! I just miss being in the community and helping people learn about growing cannabis. I’m no expert by any means, but I have a wealth of knowledge and experience! I am here to help in any way I can, meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and admire the most beautiful plant on gods green earth! Cannabis! I am a medical marijuana patient New Orleans Louisiana, 40 years old. Grew steadily for about 10 years. Started out as an organic soil guy and then migrated into ebb and flow hydro, under LED using high tech growing strategies and equipment. Thanks to a fellow grower ~PJ~ for helping me on my way to growing the best cannabis I ever could! I hope to be an asset here, and eventually start a grow again in the near future. I definitely have some CBD genetics that I’ll be doing outdoors in the spring. Since it’s legal and all. I can’t wait to meet everyone here!


SweetLeaf here growing nothing but dead seedlings lmao hello Over Grow ladies and gentlemen


Welcome to OG, @SweetLeaf!


Hey og community im brian just recently joined from California. Also recently started growing. My buddy and i are having a blast doing it. He had 1 growing and about half way through called me up and was like bro come check out my plant. This thing was about 7’ tall and 4’ round. A giant bush. Thats when we started our passion together. We learned a little from a buddy and tons of research. As of recently purchased our first gorilla grow tent 5x5 and a kind led k5 xl750 ac infinity t6 fan. Started our seeds for the tent in August. Just started my first diary on here. We have developed a passion in a short period of time.


Welcome to @SweetLeaf, @Frostycolas, @Highbrixmmj, @Lucky. Glad to have you join us here. Great community. Best cannabis site around.


WOW!! bumper crop of new folks!! Welcome to Over Grow everyone!!

Hi @Lucky, Have a look around, I’ll bet you find some folks you already know.
@Highbrixmmj check out all of the projects on the go here. I’ll bet you will find the Landrace expansion and trade thread interesting. You know, it won’t be long before you are setting up your equipment :+1: :laughing:
@SweetLeaf, you hang out here and you will be neck deep in weed that you grew in short order! There seems to be no end of talent here so ask lots of questions. Think of this place as Stoner University.
@Frostycolas you are going to have a blast here!

Everyone explore, learn & ENJOY!



Welcome to everyone. This is the one place where everyone is humble but the ocean of knowledge is vast. :v:t4:


Welcome everyone, to our little hangout. We have so much to enjoy it’s insane. Sorry for my absence lately. I have to go back and catch up.

Grow on! peace


Welcome to @SweetLeaf, @Frostycolas, @Highbrixmmj, @Lucky.


Thanks Who its nice getting all the friendly welcomes


@Frostycolas was me just a bit ago saying to someone else what your saying to me, its a great place, good people. and so much for me anyways to learn and so many different to learn from .


Hello everyone. I’m new to this site and wanted to introduce myself. Oct2 will be 1 yr of real grow experience although I spent 3 yrs teaching myself how to grow. I’ve also been growing organic vegetables for over a decade.
Love Sour Diesel and I am extremely fascinated with genetics and breeding!


Welcome from a fellow SD fan. You will find the members here are an Encyclopedic Weedania. People will help you. Just reach out when you need it. :v:t4:


Welcome to OG @Phantom4GYO


@Frostycolas I am going to try to remember you have that ac t6 in a month or two of being used I would like to hear your thoughts on it , good or bad


So far I really like it. The setup is not at my house its at my buddys. But it keeps the tent in perfect condition. Really been happy with it. We got the t6 with the digital controller instead of the s6 with the analog. I personally like the digital better.