Introduce yourself @OG Vol. 1

Can I show the plant in this forum or else?



Sure, here for a start then if you feel like posting a diary thread just go too indoor/ outdoor growing. As well as showing and asking questions it will help in future grows as you can look back on what worked and what didn’t. Welcome to OG the best forum on the web ( this has been an unsolicited endorsement unless you consider being heavily medicated on Durban Poison a solicitation)…Enjoy!!:metal::sunglasses:


g’morning all (well, morning here :)). I’m from the west coast of Canada and have been growing aquaponically for about 4 years now, I’m still just a baby in all of this! I’m a programmer by trade, and passion, and have totally automated my stealth grows and have sensors reporting all sorts of data base to a database I’ve built, so I can recreate (as best as I can anyway) the conditions of better grows.

Favourite strains are… well, anything with THC really, they all have their benefits!

Cheers all!


Welcome @luxton, you should feel right at home here. :+1::seedling:


Welcome to OG @luxton. You will find there are a few on here that do things similar to you. Look forward to following your grow if you do a journal.


Hey @luxton, welcome to Over Grow!!

Have a look around the site and checkout some of the projects our folks are doing, ask lost of questions. :+1:
When you get comfortable, start a grow log.

Explore and enjoy!!


Thanks for the welcome!

My logs are move pic/sensor based… being a developer, I also wrote a program that, on a definable schedule, pulls up your webcam and takes a pic, saves it where ever you’d like… if configured, it will build a full date path for pics even, (IE. 2020\09\18\img_(datetime))… I got bored one night and it will now also create an animated gif of the years pics, the months pics and the days pics (I have it taking a picture every half hour)… I get bored a lot, lol.

If anyone would like a copy of the program, I’m happy to share :slight_smile:


Cool stuff! Great group here. Lots of IT heads.

@Luxton welcome to OG !

I’m new here
Born and raised in Belfast N.Ireland
Been living in San Francisco for the last 23 years,weather lot better here than Ireland lol

Been smoking weed for a long time,new grower well this is my 3rd indoor grow at the minute


Welcome @Irishrocker. Welcome to OG. This community is like the difference in your weather reference compared to other sites. Looking forward to see what you are growing.


Welcome @Irishrocker you will like it here. No matter what question or problem you may have, someone here will be able to help. Peace.


This is my 3rd grow started July 17th first time growing auto flower plants
Have 1 sour kush 2 gorilla glue 1blueberry 1 cream
All in a 32-32-6ft tent tent is packed at the minute sour kush is almost ready to harvest one more week should do it,
I’m spraying one of the gorilla glues at the minute to make some pollen


You definitely have it packed, but why not…lol. That is a nice looking kola there.

Huge cola on the sour kush thing almost out grew my tent,had a lot of problems with this plant for some
Strange reason like I say it’s done now another week it’s getting the chop,it’s started to grow seeds for some strange reason,I didn’t see any nanners on the plant very strange


It’s got huge buds as well,my last 2 grows were just indica plants So they stayed pretty small the sour kush and 1 of the gorilla glues got huge

I did make about 400 seeds last grow from fixing
A Female to grow pollen sacks,I have a shitload of female normal seeds


They look really good. Nice having seeds like that. :slight_smile:

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Lucky here!

Been on a few forums over the years and just getting back into cannabis and growing, always heard about/seen this site but never signed up, so here I am!

Aspiring breeder/grower looking forward to hanging out with you all :slight_smile:


Welcome to OG, Lucky!

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