Just a spot to help keep track of my shenanigans

Going to post pics and progress in here from now on since the gushmints experiment is over. your all welcome to make your selfs at home,!

Got the new flower run in with the 6 initial keepers and 9 untested apples and bananas x gushmints. Hope to find something as good as the #3 pheno since i didnt clone it.

In the veg tent 2 hella jelly out of 4 :frowning: and one vanilla cream pie out of 3.

might need to pop more seeds or get some mothers going asap to get ready when this run comes down.


Someone say shenanigans? I’m in for the show :popcorn:


welcome already ordered the donkey and performer!


Yup, I’m down for some shenanigans! :crazy_face:


the winter cold has finally really taken over the last 2 days. -20 over night tonight

been making the grow room a little tricky to tune the air is so dry from the furnace and heat is always going on and off every 20 minutes. 2 gal pots used to get allow me to water every other day but now the pots are dry daily. some could prob even use two per day… and im not even 2 weeks into flower yet… girls dont look the happiest but hopefully i can figure em out

another week max before i get in there and shave those legs on the 9 apples and bananas. and defoliate the other 6 big girls


Decided to do an extream defoliation and branch pruning going for mostly just tops

2 hrs later

Have 9 gushmints x apples bananas that i haven’t ran before on left and 6 of the keeper phenos from the hunt.

Now from those 6 keepers i will choose one or two to stay and run a monocrop. Time to ice mt back and prepare for two days of pain


I swear the next person to say shenanigans is getting pistol whipped :rofl:


hey farve whats that bar you like again ?


The one with the fruity umbrellas and stuff? :thinking:



I like that you shaved them down low @204medismoke


thanks figure id do the tedius shit now rather than when trim time comes. no larf for me pls !


well unfortunetly on my last run i must have missed a herm branch or late nanners hidden somewhere cause i have seeds in the end product… really unfortunet not sure how bad it is but the smoke reports are all really good which makes me think a perfect run would be even better. just gotta find hope the culprit is gone.

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An alarming amount of seeds?..you didn’t have any males nearby? If the answer to both of these is “no”, then please leave me a few of those seeds stashed being the toilet at the gas station around 1pm…lol.

Shitty deals on the hidden herm though. Are you still mother searching? What’s your seed lineup if no keepers found this round.

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ya still mother searching now unless these 6 pass this grow with no herms than ill pick one out of them maybe 2 until i get something i think is better. i havent went thru anything yet to see how much seeds but if when i do ill save em for you if u really do want lol. i found fire in herms before and im sure these will have some.

i have 2 hella jelly and one vanilla og in veg i think if i dont find anything to keep im going to go clone route and do some mono crops.

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