Kevin's famous chilli

Hi guys!

So after much prodding from @iceman , I finally decided to start documenting my grow!

I am growing in coco+perlite in a DIY micro octopot or as @GrouchyOldMan calls them, “Octopuppies”.

I currently have some Meph freebies and a GG4 RiL by Tony GG in the garden.

Growing in a 5x5 with a 480W QB currently, as the plants grow older, I’ll switch out to a 1000W LED bar.

Feeding them Jacks+Cal-Nit+Cal Acetate+DIY Tribus formulation :smiley:

I am a big fan of grow automation and plan to switch it all out to a Raspberry Pi, including the mixing of the nutrients.




Looking great brother!
Wishing you the best with your grows. :v:t3::slightly_smiling_face:


Are you kidding? I’m in.
Fact is, I’m gonna grab a front row and set this one to Watching straight away.

This is going to be one fascinating story to follow. It’s an awesome grow, but also sort of a proof of concept at the same time.

I hope you’re ready for the OG audience, we do have our Wits and our Wizards. Prepare for erudite chatter Kev.

Mind if I invite a few friends along?
@firehead @Papalag @Pigeonman @SaintAliasKnife @Jetdro @Floyd

So, thanks for doing this @kevinmalone, it’s the kind of thing that makes OG so damned cool.

PS, keep the pictures coming :rofl:


What are those two big Yeller colored plants?


Nice, looking forward to watching your grow. Best of luck. :v:


Are the blue tubes auto-refill system?

After some quick searches, yes, they are…lol

Did you guys make these microoctopots? I want to get a couple, but can’t justify paying that much.


Hey @tappy,

The micro octos are $10 each on the AmZone. Kevin made his own pots I think, so even less.

If I had the space, I’d prefer the Original Octos, but these little one gallon chingas do the job pretty durn well.

The autofill he’s using is prolly $30 in parts. And they are hella fun to play with. The final step in an automated grow room. At least one way to do it.


nice setup. we’ll be watching! Best of luck with your grow, Kevin.



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The one at the back is a meph auto and the one in the front is a TonyG RIL.

The plants aren’t as yellow IRL though, I guess I need to learn how to get better pics.

I did make them on my own since the pots @GrouchyOldMan is talking about aren’t available in my country.

Soldering iron and sanding paper are your friend.

Grouchy is right, didn’t cost more than $30 to set this entire thing up.

Thanks @SaintAliasKnife :smiley:

Thanks Doug :smiley:


Got my :popcorn: @kevinmalone !



Great start @kevinmalone

I’ll tag along for the show

@iceman he’s a good dude glad he invited you to the show

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Where’s this famous chili recipe? :thinking:


Lol…I thought it was gonna be a favourite recipe thread.
Funny episode though…lol


Came for the plants but was hoping to leave with some chili :hot_pepper: was gonna try and make my own octos actually but I couldn’t find big enough options to make 5/6’s so I’m waiting for the day I can afford 8 6g’s. Definitely down for the show, I’ve been contemplating a pi setup for a while but I’m the most computer illiterate guy I know, especially for my age :laughing: love your style @kevinmalone :facepunch:t2:


Came to see some famous chili :fire: :fire: :fire: and figured I’d pull up a chair to see your grow. Hope it is a nice and easy one.

Thanks @Papalag , Yep @iceman is a super chill dude!

Gotta scrub it from the carpet :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @Blackbeard :partying_face: :partying_face:


From my limited experience, the volume of the octos does not really matter, in fact I’d say, the smaller the better.
This is ofcourse assuming that you have an auto refill setup, its super easy to setup and all you need is a float valve and some RO fittings.

The smaller box would empty out faster as the plants grow bigger, this gets in air in the box giving the roots an extra o2 boost since we don’t add airstones.

The pi setup looks pretty intimidating at first but there are a lot of tutorials to guide through it and with AI, writing the code is even easier. I hope to automate the following things

  1. Mixing and pH of nutrients
  2. Measuring VPD and adjusting devices accordingly.
  3. Temp/RH probes in the environment as well as the rez.

Now, That’s what I’m talkin about… some meaty topics for any Octopodler!

  • The unique, efficacious, mysto Octo Air Gap! That’s a good topic for starters. This autofiller Kevin is using allows him to control the exact water level for every pot in the system. With ease. So, if the air gap is a variable, he can tweak it. @Jetdro, in your large and complex octo grows, would you intentionally vary the water level in your pots?

[A note about that Autofiller… Look, I cobbled together a cool little autofiller based on a few koi pond examples I’d seen elsewhere. So, I’m gonna shamelessly extol the advantages of the design Kevin is using because it works. And it is dirt cheap! Anyone remember “The Whole Earth Catalog?” Overgrow The World is kinda like that. Sharing ]

Hey Kevin, would you care to share your ultimate scale if this cheap and functional octo network proves out? You were talkin dozens, right? PoP Quiz: Who remembers where/why the “Octo” came into Octo-Pots?

And, by the way Kevin, what is the % mix of coco / perlite you used? Did you sow the seeds directly into the bags? Spill Dude, we are sluts for detail. Lol

Respectfully Submitted,
-Grouchy :v: :green_heart:
PS, keep those pic coming Kev…


Can someone link me to the diy octopot write up? I been working on something of my own and I just realized I was over engineered it.

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