Malberry/HolySmokes Landrace seeds/strains

This thread is dedicated to Malberry and Holy Smoke landrace strains. Malberry seeds specialized in African landraces and some of their varieties are still available at HempDepot. Malberry used to have a working website where they sold bulk seeds by the kilo. They still have a website, but no one seems to be working there. I sent them an email, but never received a response. I am not sure if/where Holy Smoke landrace seeds are still available.

Anyways, on with the picture show. :grin:


I was lucky that i got two Mulanjes to germinate and they’re both female. :grinning:

Mulanje clone#1 (on the left) July 3rd.

Mulanje clone#1 July 11th

Mulanje clone #1 July 22


Mulanje clone #2 July 3rd

Mulanje clone #2 July 5th

Mulanje clone #2 July 11th

Mulanje clone #2 July 18th


Since I half expect the outdoor Mulanjes may not finish before the end of the season, i am also flowering them inside. :grinning:

Mulanjes on June 21st.
The 12/12 light cycle began on June 16th
A few days after this picture was taken, i topped the big one.

I changed the light schedule to 10/14 a couple of days ago with the hope of them finishing by the end of September :crossed_fingers:
The Mulanjes are the two on the right


Mmm, Malawi is a favorite of mine. I will take up a seat right here in the front row.


Interesting stuff, there’s not a whole lot of info out there on these. I think I’ve got a freebie pack of Malberry Drakensberg Gold in the stash from a Hemp Depot order?


The Mulanjes are the one to the right and the one on the bottom. I had to tie them down some more.


Here’s the pic of the Mulanje in the bucket and a close up pic:


And a pic of the one in the raised bed and a couple of close up pics:

If the Blockhead i grew last summer is any indication, i won’t see any pistil formation until mid September


Here are the two Mulanje in my flower closet. When I dusted the Legitimo about five weeks ago I hit a couple of the Mulanje pistils at the same time, and again on August 1st. They’re currently at 10/14 light cycle. One of them has loose pearl formation flowers and the other one is a little denser. I’m not reading too much into what I’m seeing here as the containers are small and the lights I’m using aren’t super bright, probably around 80 watts of screw in leds. We’ll see what happens with the plants outside. I’m expecting 20-30 foot branches outside :rofl:

@Foreigner seeds are mature at 5weeks :grinning:


Sweet deal thanks for the real life feedback :love_you_gesture:


One of the reasons I do not use Home Depot any more, was due to a Malberry product, I purchased there. It has been years, since I bought HD’s Malberry Collection. Malberry organized, selection, of 10 of their best strains, for $300.00.
I completely rearranged my grow area, to start 3 seeds of each strain, and whittle down to grow a plant of each strain.
Germination went well, however about the 3-4 week of veg, and after being away for a long weekend, when I opened the tent, a startling revelation, every plant, looked identical.
Exact copies of each other. Flowered them, worthless waste of resources.
This was openly a scam.
When I asked HD about helping me with an address to contact the scum bags, they did not want to get involved, as per their company’s guidelines, that are posted openly. I did think since I once bought a shit load of seeds from them, they would help a bit, nah nothing. I do not bother looking at anything from HD.
I did scrounge up Malberry’s email, and it was as good as their collection was, worthless.

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@webeblzr Sorry to hear of your issues with Malberry. Perhaps the collection they sent you wasn’t really a mix at all. That would suck.
I grew 3 of the Peshawar earlier this year, and now 2 of the Mulanje. They seem like very different plants to me, although both have a pumpkiny spicy undertone, but very different overall. I’ve been reading about other people’s Mulanje grows for years and it’s very well liked by all who who grow it. I’d be happy to send you a cut if you’d like to try it.

Here’s a couple of views of the Mulanje in the bucket. She’s got very purple stems and is just starting to throw pistils.

Here’s a couple of front and back pics of the one in the raised bed. The Mulanje is the one closest to the plant in the red bucket.

I officially have an aphid problem. Been building for a couple of weeks and I’ve been patiently waiting for natural predators to arrive. I’ve had a few lady bugs and lacewings, but they don’t seem to be sticking around, even though there is an over abundance of food for them.


Here’s the bucket grown Mulanje

And the one in the raised bed. Mulanje on the left, and an Oaxaca in the right. Both Mulanjes are barely forming pistils.

I don’t have a lot of confidence they will finish in time. I’m hoping the weather holds out until mid to late November. It’s a coin toss where i live.


Flower pics


1st time I have heard of that strain from Africa (malberry) -interesting

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First time ordering from Hemp Depot. I usually stray from anything that has to cross borders but this transaction went smooth and the seeds arrived in six days which was very surprising.

Brad was generous with the amount of seeds per strain as he mentioned they were from old stock and will likely have a lower germ rate.

I’ve heard mixed reviews on Malberry but figured I’d just form my own opinion firsthand. I’ll likely plant a few over the winter and see how they do indoors.

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Nice! I’ll probably get some more of the Mozambique Poison when i order this fall. I was going to grow them next summer, but I’ve been getting so many awesome seeds thanks to OG, now I’m not so sure. :rofl:


He did mention that he was going to do a germ test on all his Malberry seeds in a few weeks and remove any poor performers (a couple have already been removed for this reason). Maybe I’ll throw a few of those MP in some water +h2o2 and see how they do since there’s always room for a stretchy sativa in the grow room haha.

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