African landraces and heirloom thread

I’m no expert on the rich diversity that Africa offers, but I do know that there are over 50 countries, and an estimated 1500-2000 languages, it’s possible that there may be more cannabis lines in this continent than all the others combined due to the unique ecosystems, traditions and geographic features.

I hope that this thread can serve as a spring board for research, anecdotal accounts and information for those seeking to learn more about the African lines.

Perhaps those with experience can shed more light on the lines this continent has to offer? Calling all landrace enthusiasts, preservationists, breeders and interested parties! There are already preservationists on these forums with experience that may chime in and have invited some preservationists like love.of.landrace (IG) who are in situ to share more details!

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If i missed anybody, i apologize - will add to the list - seen yall posting in and around the landrace thread and thought you might like to join the conversation here!


Can anybody comment on any specific traditional curing practices from different parts of Africa? I think that the secret to the “black magic” that people have referenced here in the west may be derived from a similar process used in “malawi style cobbing”

Below is a diagram that i stumbled upon outlines the process on the interwebs, credit to tangwena & repuk:

Could also have been a similar process that led to the famous thai sticks that people still reminisce about to this day . . .


Nice thread idea. Africa needs its own thread.
I We’ve talked about the black African magic On several occasions and there might even be a thread labeled as such. Most of us agree it is most likely from the Congo, and was cultivated by the African Pigmy’s, a short statured hunter gatherer tribe that lives predominantly in the Ituri Forest, But has tribes in areas With great distance in between so there are other possibilities such as the bangi Congo region. I think it had something to do with a fermentation myself. Probably had a great starting product.


I received a vial of seeds from a contact who went to visit their family in South Africa last summer. They went to several tribal areas and collected seeds of whatever the tribes were growing. They don’t know much about cannabis, so they didn’t get any more info. Also, they didn’t know that they should keep things separate. They mixed everything together, so it’s a sampling of South African tribal weed during summer 2022.

If anyone is feeling brave to try some, send me a DM, and I’ll share it to you. You must be willing to germinate within the next few months for your next grow.


A guy named repuk (the little frog logo guy in the corner) made that diagram. He was a big proponent of cobbing ganja. I have seen many methods and all of them work well at the process of slow organic decarboxylation. The duration and temperatures seemed to be the deciding factors in the speed of the process.


Nice. I’ll bet you’ve got some winners in that magic mix.


i summarize short:
some of the trippyest reports came from Mid Africa : Congo, or surrounding Areas, Malawi, Lake Victorias Surroundings.

Some other trippy reports come from south Africa such as Swaziland and Durban.

Thats all i can tell from my hunt for the tripyest weed, when i didnt settle with SE Asians beeing the tripyest save bet, yet.

I personally have smoked 5 days cured weed that was 100 percent trippy, however, curing may be important to make it even more trippy, but i dont expect much, given that i had a very special experience.
It will probably doo much if your genetics are lossy quality tho .

So: what i advise to people is to find the right Genetics of the named Regions aswell…
And if you want experiment with cobcuring. (i personally wont, but you do what you feel is right)


I have seed from Mozambique that will see the summer sun, if I can find the right location for them. Direct intense summer sun should active the magic within. Malawi performed well in my hot sub-tropical climate.


Thanks for weighing in! I’ve heard many stories about the potency of the Congo lines, that makes sense for sure. Would love to know what sort of differences there are in the preparation styles.


I plan on checking the THCV content of the next African harvest that I finish.


Right. There are real Hyperborian vibes coming from that place. Giant spiders the size of Volkswagen Beetles, tales of the last dinosaurs lurking deep in the jungles, civil wars fought by child soldiers. That creeps into the soil and memory is carried by microbes and fungi, eventually finding it’s way into the local cannabis. No wonder the weed has trippy components.


well, dj short who loved black african, said he saw a dokumentation about pygmies simply growing the Cannbis just in random placesin the nature or on hedges, and for drying trew it on a Pile . Thats what he saw. (I speculate after couple days they took the pile under a bamboo-roof . otherwise this must have molded … SO yeah, there are things suggesting they cured it. HOWEVER, i also heard that black colorised living plant buds were seen in various Mid-african lines aswell, said a member who heard lots about old african stuff)
So: curing is not out the question. Also not for Thaisticks where they piled the thaisticks for shipping, hence probably a bit moisture in the Pile…
Making a connection for potency in those two Cases Thai/ Congo is not dumb. but again, thai is strong anyway.


Oh sweet! Mind me asking where your seeds are sourced from? I have a few going right now supposedly from Mozambique that are from Malberry. Both females have very different bud structures and are currently only 10 weeks into flowering. They had quite a stretch (3-4x maybe) and are only in 1gal pots which I wish I would have potted them up to at least 2gal.

Moz #1

Moz #2

And will hopefully get some seeds from each.

I haven’t done a cannabinoid test on the females yet but I did complete one with the male and there might be just a teeny tiny blip of thcv in there but really hard to tell with this particular test. I will test the females once the flowers are finished.

Btw awesome thread @US3RNAM3 thanks for starting it!


I have a small pile of them that came from a friend that belonged to one of those Doctors Without Borders types of groups, I also have some from Malberry. My plan is to do a side-by-side op this summer. The structure on your #2 looks very good. What amendments are you using? Do you recycle your soil?


Yes recycled soil and then amended with Down to Earth Feather Meal, Fish Bone Meal, and their Bio-Fish. Looking like they need more amending too.


Down To Earth makes good stuff. I use their Oyster Shell Meal and greensand. I will send you some seeds of the DWB selections at harvest time.


I don’t know much about landrace plants but I’m always looking to add to my overall knowledge on growing and I do plan to run some Sheelavathi so all this will be good to know.
Thanks for the tag @US3RNAM3 .



Pure zambian are here

Soon malawi gold from afropips.,…

Old school africans lines



All these areas have the same thing in common. A relationship with Malawi or a location near Malawi.


You have Zambian? Old Afropips Malawi line revived too?