Male, Female or Hermie? 🔬 Official Sex Identification Topic

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Showing white pistils coming from the preflower. The hairs can be hard to see without using magnifying glass.

Tip: Wait for the hairs to appear before killing it. Wait for the balls to appear before killing it, be patient.

Another female:

Notice the tear shaped preflowers and pistils coming from it:

Well developed female:



Clusters of balls:

Well developed male:


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On removing males

Other references:


Wow that is late to show, I have one Oregon Huckleberry just gone into flower, I thought I had 2, but mistook one for a girl.

They were very late showing sex. It was about 3 weeks after the Oregon Huckleberry x Pink Animal Crackers I germinated at the same time.

I ended up 1 girl out of 4 OH plants so I was a bit disappointed. The male I pulled out of the flower room was a great shape and structure, it would have made a great girl, I was gutted, to big to go in my breeding cab, had to sling it in the worm bin :cry:


I got a Bubba kush girl 3 weeks in flower looking good.
Until tonight got two tiny balls popping. I plucked em.
Gonna wait a bit



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Here it is @Abbbian. Good place to ask about sexing plants. I need a close up, and your tool you were holding the plant with is blocking where we need to look…


Hey @Upstate, thank you for the tip. I’m in the right place now… you and everyone else, you’re welcome to comment and say whatever you want… So, I have three plants to be telling me whether they’re males, females, or else…
Plant C…

Plant D…

and last but not least, plant E…

Thanks in advance!


Plant c …male

Plant d male
Plant e female


Hi @Upstate, thank you, I did think C was obviously male, but D, no doubt about it? Would I still have some time before pollen is built? Or is it “Off with both heads!?” thank you kindly!


First picture of plant d, the node right above your clear plant tape or whatever that is.

you’ll have time before it’s dropping pollen. I don’t think I would chop its head off yet, but I would stop coddling it for sure. It would go off into the corner of a tent until the sex Parts got a little bigger. I’m a hundred percent sure though. I still wait.


I see it! thank you very much! It does look like it! Out of 5 regulars, I guess after 7 to 8 weeks, I’ll be having two fems! Oh well, living and learning! I’ll wait a bit before I get them to walk to the gallows! Thanks a bunch!


Glad to help. Good luck!

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I had a troublesome one lately got to more than a foot and all I could see was one pistol. She was most the most frosty plant I’ve worked with, but I contribute some of this to me restricting her root growth. She was grown next to a sister and it’s on top here at mo playing cat and mouse with the land letter. Have one of the girls still for sure and think may still have the frosty one. I had to clear out as was going to be away from house but kept hold of a couple of trinkets. This is the stain the frosty one made


Basically keeping the two plants on even canopy required some intervention. She was in 7.5l pot and sister in 15l. If I have time she may run again but she is still alive elsewhere. But not in a preservation sence

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Ain’t looking good…

Lower growth

I don’t know, but I have the urge to yank it and start something else.

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I’m thinking male, not 100% sure

That isn’t a pistol coming out of it?

:seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:

Too early to tell, but keep watching