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Showing white pistils coming from the preflower. The hairs can be hard to see without using magnifying glass.

Tip: Wait for the hairs to appear before killing it. Wait for the balls to appear before killing it, be patient.

Another female:

Notice the tear shaped preflowers and pistils coming from it:

Well developed female:



Clusters of balls:

Well developed male:


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Wow that is late to show, I have one Oregon Huckleberry just gone into flower, I thought I had 2, but mistook one for a girl.

They were very late showing sex. It was about 3 weeks after the Oregon Huckleberry x Pink Animal Crackers I germinated at the same time.

I ended up 1 girl out of 4 OH plants so I was a bit disappointed. The male I pulled out of the flower room was a great shape and structure, it would have made a great girl, I was gutted, to big to go in my breeding cab, had to sling it in the worm bin :cry:


I got a Bubba kush girl 3 weeks in flower looking good.
Until tonight got two tiny balls popping. I plucked em.
Gonna wait a bit


These are from 4 different Dutch Passion Durban plants. There was an ID10T error with a timer, and they got flipped back to 18/6 after a couple of days in flower, then flipped back to 12/12 when I realized what had happened.

As a result, I’m pretty sure these girls have taken a walk on the wild side, but I’d like to get a second opinion.

Thanks everyone. :vulcan_salute:

Oops. Guess I need to read that grid post again. :laughing:


Yeah, its a male

@Guitarzan…not seeing any male parts at all. If you do get a couple ball sacks it will be a brief episode and it should fully revert back to all female. I would think Dutch Passion has pretty heavily tested the seeds to uncover any hermaphrodite traits. Keep a close eye, but I think you are good for now.