Mass Medical Strains

I have read a lot of differing opinions on the Mass Medical Strains (MMS) seeds, and I thought I would post here to get more opinions about them and their cultivars. I have had my eye on a few strains of theirs for quite awhile, such as PuTang, and I was wondering if the plants that people here have grown live up to the hype of their pictures and colorful descriptions that MMS posts online and in the seed banks.

I have read some negative things about the breeder in this thread here on overgrow:

I am not familiar with Prof P or any of the other people mentioned in the other thread, and have not heard the MMS guy on any podcasts, etc, so I am clueless about all of that, but felt that maybe it was best to discuss all of that here as well as other things MMS-related in this thread that I started specifically about Mass Medical Strains.


Peace. I’m my experience with their gear (which is limited) I have had the Fisheye OG and ran it nicely. I also have vegged the Prayer Pupil ( had to chop down becuz of unwanted guest soon to arrive​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sweat:). Have also vegged Putang. (cut that down for what I THOUGHT was balls on a confirmed female clone. I could have been wrong on it but didnt want to risk).
All in all I have had mixed opinions of him and his gear. I can say that he is not the most knowledgeable breeder as he can’t tell U anything about the plant if U use anything other than premixed supersoil as this is all he has grown with and admittedly doesn’t know much about nutes and clearly deficiencies. This to me is a bit twisted. How can one say they have spent time with a plant to breed and stabilize and yet dont know most of what could go wrong with it? How are U treating nute sensitivity and needs? If the bag doesn’t say he won’t know. I still have a collection of his beans tho. This is my observation that ANY1 who follows them (MMS) can tell U as he says it frequently.



I cant say anything bad about em. Only ran the e pupil but its solid. Got a keeper cut from it that bleeds burgundy n makes burgundy extract.

i crossed the cut with a tiramisuV2 male with both breeders blessings. Still havent run em yet.


Burgundy extract sounds interesting wonder if that trait will carry over to your cross that you made?

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this guy who runs MMS seems like he is unstable