Medicating to sleep through the night

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve slept subpar. It probably started just as bad habits, but now no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to sleep through the night.

What would recommend in terms of medical marihuana? Any particular strains, ways of ingesting, time before bed… Anything that comes to mind or has helped you with sleep problems.

In my case, I don’t really have trouble getting to sleep (most of the time at least) but when I wake up in the middle of the night I’m just awake for the remainder of the night.


Start experimenting with Indica/Broad-Leaf-Dominant strains.

It’s honestly all about figuring out what works for you.

I’d recommend edibles - but there is a “learning curve”. Figuring out the right strain, dosage, and time to take the edible.

I use edibles to help keep me asleep through the night as well (chronic pain)… I still have to smoke before sleeping, but the edible keeps me good throughout the night/morning. I need both synergistically.
P.s. 95% of commercial edibles don’t work for me in.a medicinal aspect (especially those made with distillates). Research your own strain and make your own coconut oil.


I was just thinking about A medicine cab of sorts with different strains organized based on desired effect. Stress and anxiety, pain relief (AM/PM versions), muscle tension, appetite, and sleep. I have trouble getting to sleep, and would like to avoid the shot or two of whisky at times since I still want to be able to get up if needed. So I too need to figure out what strains or combos to use and sort.


I also wake up in the middle of the night.

In the wee hours I rely on cold mint tea still in the mug from the night before and a lung full of fine black hashish.

And then I watch an episode of forensic files and can sometimes fall back asleep.

It doesn’t always work but it makes not sleeping more pleasant.


MOTR did a run of Hibernate (Green Point Seeds) during the winter of 2019 that was for similar purposes.



I have those in my collection! I’m running Pink Lebanese from zephyr right now, and my tent is fuller than it has ever been but those are up next for sure.


Yep, I would most definitely do this. You can also decarb a bit longer when making edibles to get more THC to convert to CBN. Badkittysmiles uses a technique where she freezes then heats the coconut oil several times to increase sedition.

Personally, I can take up to 150mg of THC in a capsule and still wake up after four hours. Cannabis helps me in many ways, but sleep has never been one of them.


The staying asleep part is the real kicker. I get no more than 5.5hrs on a good night. :unamused: Feel like a POW. :sweat:

On the other hand our bodies alert us to things & figuring that one out is tough. Needs doctors, etc.

Drugs that severley knock us out are no bueno, IMO. Tried ambien a few times & felt like a sleep-walker 1/2 awake for the first half of the following day. IMO that stuff is dangerous AF.



I look at it like rso for med patients. You really have to build your tolerance up to it, and be able to take a decent dosage. And the strains it’s made from make a huge difference. (Also how it’s made).

You don’t want to know how much I take. :woozy_face: :smirk_cat: (It did take some time for me to dial it in for myself.) I literally just keep frozen coconut oil, and scrape up how much I need.


Bad sleep is one of my core capabilities. I used to have problems falling asleep at all, but it somewhat changed to waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake for hours. I am growing Hibernate right now, hopefully it does something about it. I’m scared of edibles but just smoking before bed time will probably not be enough.


25yrs of shift work has my sleep cycle totally fucked up.Insomnia for days at a time is my new norm.I no longer sleep more like nap.I have had a few good knock out sessions from consuming edibles.Chemo aka wheelchair weed was one that was really good as an edible for me.Ate 2 cookies had a nice relaxing buzz for an hour or 2 and then boom out went the lights for 8hrs…if i am not having trouble falling asleep i am waking up after 2hrs and wide awake again.Being on disability now i just kinda go with the flow of my mind and body.When i feel tired i nap then i may be awake for 48hrs or more.I will be harvesting in 5wks and hoping that at least one of the indica dominant strains i am growing will be my new sleepy edibles.


Do you do any kind of exercise, sport? It does wonder’s. I know it might not be the answer that you are looking for… but it sure helps.

Edibles with indica and Cbd. Either make your own tinctures or edibles. They do wonders for me. I have had many operations and injuries due to falls … and sometimes even after all these years I need something to help me sleep. I know the feeling of going to bed and waking up even more tired.

For me edibles/tinctures are the best


But do you incorporate lecithin in your coconut oil? Because if you don’t, then you are wasting your terps and hence why you need so much for the desired effect. Your body won’t be able to get the most out of the fat dissolved terps, that’s why the lecithin is so important. It helps fat water bond.


Bhang might be nice as it also contains warm milk and dope butter


That shit looks awesome. I need to track some of those down.

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I have been using reishi mushroom tea helps calm the mind and relaxes you. And smoke lots of indica


Exercise does seem to help, yeah. It takes a couple of days for me to feel the change and it’s damn hard to start when you are running on fumes. But still a good point, for me it really makes a difference.

Bhang looks like something to try, just for the hell of it! A little inefficient transfer it seems, good thing I grow my own :wink:


Ironically I’m just about to sleep- the only way I can. Good couple dabs of an indica like GG#4 plus two different sleeping pills. Even then still wake up after 6 hours feeling awful. Day after day. Follow this one, for sure.


Yeah I’ve had sleep problems the past year. Wake up every other hour check the time then fall back asleep. My back isn’t feeling it lately. I harvested a few clones of @lefthandseeds LowlandDaku and the first smoke had me out for 10 hours then back to bed again within three after smoking again. Now when I come home at night me and my pops blaze some afgani and my eyes get dry until eyelids become lead weights and close. Which I’m in the process RN.
My thing is appetite. Its hard for me to get the munchies from any weed. And honestly the skunk 91 hybrid ive been smoking is the first strain in a long time that had me really having a strong appetite increase.
But I can remember buying weed that can do both about 10-15 years ago. And you would eat a bunch of food then pass out soon after.


Could be lots of things. You should use more energy and follow a sleep routine so your body is tired and needs sleep…it could be things like a bad diet, you could be eating too late, Smoking too much, Drinking too often.
Edibles help me sleep really good and just using a lot of my energy up during the day so I’m dead tired