My first grow omg

Hi all, here goes; It time I dipped my foot in the water, a friend sent me a few seeds to start.
The seeds he sent: 7 dutch passion/ bananna blaze; and 3 Paonia Purple he got from his dad.
So I started soaking 3 bannana and 1 Pp at 9am this morning. So first obstical is he said to soak them for 14 to 18 hours but they sank to the bottom at 5:45 pm? Does this mean I do the next step or wait for the 14 hour point?


What is your next planned step? Some will take the beans after a soak and go straight into the grow medium. Others will put them in a damp paper towel and let the seeds germinate, then plants them in the medium.

Good luck either way and feel free to ask questions, this is a wonderful site for information and tons of helpful people.


I’m going strait into the grow medium.


hello big brother welcome to og I would tell you put it in a damp napkin and cover them as soon as you see that the root and twice the seed you put it in the ground … banana blaze Dutch passion I’m growing it now in my diary but mine is autoflowering


then you should already put them in the ground because as soon as they sink it means that they have opened so you could plant them ps I recommend 1 cm the seed must be put and high humidity light no until it comes out of the earth … what kind of light do you use?:heart::green_heart: OG

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Hi, glad to hear someone is growing the same thing, would love to follow along and see how yours are growing. Ill have to ask Scott if these are auto flowering. Thanks for the heads up.


brother ask if they are autoflowering or photoperiod because they vary in the sense autoflowering they bloom on their own without changing hours of light so 18 hours or 20 hours for the whole cycle … instead the photoperiod starts to vegetate at 18 hours of light for a month then it depends and when you want to send them into bloom you have to switch the light at 12 light hours and 12 dark until the end of the cycle then there are other things as well so get informed as soon as possible … for everything they are here and like me many other good ones OGers

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shabang against the state with its autoflowering garden💪 banana blaze autofiorente by shabang by shabita93 :joy::it:


Thanks for the info, I sent him a text to find out. But for now Ill figure they are. I got them put in the growing medium.

As far as the grow lights, I am gonna try using the ones ive used with my veg garden I have 4 of them


Welcome to OG AceHigh, so far so good , keep them warm and moist…not wet…and be patient.
Check out JohnnyPotseed’s thread on seed starting and good luck with your grow.:relaxed:


I looked up the banana blaze. Few thing I noticed to be careful of as a new grower. BB is an Afghani type plant so watch out for humidity during flowering she might have a tendency to mold just given my experience with heavy afghani. Good news about Afghani plants is they yield nice amount dense buds must of the time. The second thing is it mentioned leaving the plant more natural. This is often code for the branches can snap. Besides that this is gonna be great.


Wow thanks for the info, ive been looking them up also to get more familiar with what I need to do.
Also Scott just texted me and said they are autos.
Healso told me the Pionia purple grow is the same as Afgan Purple kush.

if I’m not mistaken they are 80 watts each if you have 4 are fine … what size of curtain do you have?

if you allow me since I’m raising everything right what you say I add are plants that need little but very little fertilizer

1500w LED Plant Grow Light, Full Spectrum Grow Lamp


ahahahah watts are not true brò and impossible as long as you look back they will be 80 watts each

Oh ok, just put what the package said. It said thst and 5000 lumins. At any rate ive used them for tomato plants and other vegtable plants and they seem to do the trick. I dont use a grow tent, I have a grow room 12’x13’x9’.

The manufacturers use “alternative facts” to determine their wattages, based on what they say the lights are equivalent to in a HID bulb. They aren’t. A 1000W HPS bulb puts out 140,000 lumens - and HPS is far less efficient in terms of lumens/watt than a good LED. As @Shabita93 said, those are actually very low wattage… a standard 1600 lumen LED light bulb uses 14 watts, for comparison. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. With that being the case are 4 of them going to be what I need for my grow? Iol

As others have mentioned, you are going to have to spend some money to light up that 12’x13’x9’.space. Probably a lot more money if you want to light a 12’ x 13’ space. I am not trying to dampen your spirit but 156 square feet is a huge footprint. I have no idea how to light that much space, but I don’t think those lights will cut it.
Just one mans opinion tho…