Neb's 1st Grow Log

My water pump showed up today need to pick up a 1-1/2" to 1" reducer after work tomorrow then I can finish off the system!(almost still waiting on net pots)

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Lady’s and gentlemen it works! 1 very small leak in a spot I forgot to use plumbers tape will be easy enough to fix.

Very excited to have this put together just need some seeds and net pots now.


quick little update ive been busy shopping for beans, realized i already have an addicition lol.

heres a list of the seeds i have on the way. Pretty sure im going to start with the OG Bubba still.

OG Bubba by dr greenthumb 10 pack feminized

OG Cake by Mark 10 Reg (thanks @DougDawson)

Blue Cookies by Mark Reg (thanks @corey)

And a bunch on the way thanks to @DannyTerpintine

Triangle Kush S1 by CSI Humboldt 7 pack Feminized

Triangle Canyon by Jungle Boys 9 pack Reg

Perfect Triangle by Jungle Boys 7 pack Reg

Nature Essence – (Tree Spirit x Salmon River Og) x Mac Stomper [10 pack] Reg

Sugar Ray [Sugar Cane #6 x Mac Stomper] [10 pack] Reg

Swackhammer (Steve Hurkle x Mac Stomper) [10 pack] Reg

If anyone’s grown any of these out before and has some tips to share id love to hear them!

told myself no more spending money on seeds till i grow these lol!


Bubba OG arrived today got 12 beans he gave me 2 freebies.

Going to start germinating tonight! I’ll follow the planting instructions he sent with them.


Seeds are now germinating. Anyone have any tips on a good spot to store my spare seeds?


good luck with that :laughing:

what pump did you get? Do you have a link?
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Uniclife 1000 GPH Submersible Water Pump for Pond Pool Fountain Aquarium Fish Tank

seems to be working pretty good. I think my setup can handle alot more than 1000 GPH not sure if its needed though.

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I was trying to order when I realized I was on the Canadian page instead of USA :rofl:
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if u do end up ordering little heads up the dimensions on the inlets and outlets are not what they say. if u want to screw directly into the pump with pvc like i did ull need a 1 inch inlet connection and 3/4 inch outlet.

Got it! thanks. I have just learned that some go by ID and others by OD which is frustrating.
I am trying to set up a watering system and the gravity feed didn’t while I was gone.
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Home made filter for the control bucket. Engineered it myself lol!


Measured out how much water my system holds today and put some markings on the control bucket so I can tell how much is in the system. Full at 55 gallons. Any less than 25 gallons and the pump starts to struggle.

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Rapid rooters are soaking in some ph’d water 6.3

Hoping I see some tap roots by tomorrow night :relaxed:

Also calibrated my blue lab combo meter. My tap water has a ppm of 350. I think I should be fine to use my tap water but any input would be appreciated.


It’s been less than 48 hours and 7/8 seeds have popped. Things are off to a good start! Going to transfer them into rapid rooters before bed tonight and throw them in the humidity dome.

Left my grow lights on and put the seeds ontop of my grow tent. Expensive heating mat but it worked lol! Kept a average temp of 27 celcius


Yeah, good start.
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Hopefully my netpots come in before these are ready to transplant lol


Me too!
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2 of my growbuds oscillating fans showed up today, along with some grove bags im going to try out for my cure.

the 8th seed wasnt germinated yet when i threw it in a rapid rooter but just checked it now and it has a tap root so thats 8 for 8 seeds popped!

Im in the process of applying for a prescription to grow 25 plants honestly not sure if ill get it but the website said money back if u get denied so i guess i have nothing to lose lol. Appointment with the doctor in about a hour.


Big plans though to setup another bigger flowering room if i do get approved and then ill use my current setup as a veg room. Also have a space in mind for some mother plants.

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“At grandmas house” :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ah man that’s great!!! “ Well, grandmas gone being a snow bird, guess I’ll grow some pot“ :rofl::rofl::rofl: