Neb's 1st Grow Log

Hey OG this is my 1st time writing a grow log and almost my 1st time growing cannabis. Ive done 2 indoor grows before both of them turned out alright but its been almost 10 years since then. The very 1st time was at grandmas house while she took off to Arizona for the winter lol had to chop them down early though. the 2nd grow i hid a grow tent in my room and only did that for 1 grow before my dad started to figure out what was going on. Now that its legal to grow 4 plants ive got the go ahead to use the basement.

I’m currently in the process of setting a 4x8 grow room up planning to do a 4 site RDWC. Nearly everything is ordered just waiting for the final peices to be shipped. Any tips or advice along the way would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve always been curious if is a overpriced scam or if he actually has some bomb genetics so i bit the bullet and mailed off $180 for 10 feminized Bubba OG seeds. I honestly feel like its probably not worth $180 but u can be damn sure ill keep a mother plant at that price if its any good lol!

Ill start with a equipment list and some pictures of my grow area.

Equipment list:

Phresh carbon filter

Vivosun 1100 GPH air pump

Bluelab combo meter

2x Vivosun 600W HID grow lights

Vivosun 96"x48"x72" Indoor Grow Tent

AC Infinity 6" inline duct fan

25L bag of Hydroclay

Uniclife 1000 GPH water pump

8x Large air stones

Airline tubing connectors

Airline tubing


GH Rapid rooters

SunBlaster Humidity dome

Botanicare HYDROGUARD Bacillus Root Inoculant, 1-Quart

General Hydroponics GH1773 CALiMAGic for Gardening, 1 Gallon

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer, 1 Gallon Each, Pack of 3

General Hydroponics GH1723 Flora Kleen for Gardening, 1 Gallon

General Hydroponics Liquid Kool Bloom Fertilizers, 1-Quart

11pcs Plastic Graduated Cylinders and Beakers Set

5x30Ft Plant Trellis Scrog Netting

VIVOSUN 30X 60X Illuminated Jewelers Loupe

1 x Mastercraft Heavy Duty Storage Tote, 102-L

4 x Mastercraft Heavy Duty Storage Tote, 70-L

10 x Double Slip Bulkhead Fitting - 2 inch

4 x 10" net pots

2 x Growbuds 6 Inch Grow Tent Oscillating Clip-On Fan

20 Pint Dehumidifier with Continuous Operation Function-ENERGY STAR

~About $300 CAD worth of PVC and fittings for the RDWC and some ducting for the lights

10 x Bubba OG seeds by Dr greenthumb

So far ive spent around $4000 CAD for anyone that’s curious.

Covid made buying most of this stuff a pain i would have much rather shopped locally but here i am waiting till probably the end of the month for the rest of my stuff to ship in.

This is rough design of how my RDWC will be layed out.



working in a pretty small 800 sqft basement currently trying to move stuff around and make space. There is a window on the otherside of the grow tent ill be using for venting outside and a sump pit right about where i took the picture that i can use for water drainage.


They have been around ‘since the Ark landed’. I have no doubt they are holding old genetics. I contacted them a few years back when I was trying to locate some of their original Niagara (no luck).
The only thing bugging me (besides the prices) was they are almost all fem now, almost no regular seeds.

That is a nice setup you are working on, I’ll pull up a chair and follow along.
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I feel the same way!


@Neb looks like you’ll have an awesome setup! Looking forward to seeing it all set up. :grin:


Looks good and your list looks like you got pretty much everything covered. Dr greenthumb as in cypress hill breal? Ive seen some his stuff on ig but never seen anyone with it just cypress hill posting photoshopped pics of buds.


from my understanding dr greenthumb in Canada and the cypress hill guy are 2 different people.


Yeah i knew there was another greenthumb. But thats what cypress hill guy calls himself too.

NIce setup for only having a few grows under your belt, I def wouldn’t be able to figure all that stuff out so soon.

Dr greenthumb has been around for ages. 10 or more years ago might have been a decent option with the lack of availability of a lot of things but these days it’s super easy to get really good stuff for relatively cheap and price doesn’t always reflect quality. I’ve heard mostly bad things about dr greenthumb himself (seems to be somewhat of a dick) but I’ve also seen some impressive grows that were from his stuff (dr gruber on multiple forums comes to mind) so I don’t think the stuff is necessarily bad but def overpriced in this day and age IMO. I think I might have a cross with his ghost og in it from somewhere.

Very curious to see how these turn out. I used to browse that site as a younger stoner and daydream of having all the stuff.

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Even though I only have a couple grows under my belt ive spent many many hours lurking various growing forums over the years learning and researching so im pretty confident. But with that in mind I know I still have lots to learn and appreciate and tips and input from you guys along the way!

From my limited experience dealing with dr greenthumb he defiantly seems to be somewhat of a dick lol. Well I don’t think id put it that way but it hasn’t been a customer comes first experience so far.


Did some more work today cleaning up my space . Had a 3x4 space blocked off and opened it up might use it as a home to some mother plants one day. 1st I’ve got some mold to get rid of.

Hung up the ballasts/air pump on the ceiling

Here’s the one peice of equipment I already had and didn’t need to buy for this grow lol a nice Portable AC unit.

And this is a little work space I setup.

Tomorrow I plan on setting up most of the RDWC system still waiting for my water pump to arrive though. Should also have the ventilation ducting all hooked up tomorrow also.


RDWC mostly assembled just waiting for the pump to arrive before I can finish it off. Venting is all setup everythings coming together nicely! Air stones arrived in the mail today. Tomorrow I’ll set those up doing 2 air stones in each tote.


Air lines and stones all hooked up not much left to do now! Still waiting for water pump, net pots, oscillating fans, and seeds to arrive.

Im considering trying to squeeze some auto flower plants into the tent while I veg some monsters. Anyone else done this before?



Did you have to cut holes for the water lines or where there access holes there?
:green_heart: :seedling:


I cut the holes


Nice clean setup. Im curious to see how worth it 18$ a bean is. Seems steep.
I ran a similar setup,same lights in a 4x8, 2 6in AC infinity fans, etc… keep your ambient temps down low cause those light get HOT. You have an AC unit (I didnt) so you should have no issue keeping it cool.

Best of luck.

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I’m really not sure what to expect. Going to say curiousity got the best of me here lol. Last seed pack I got was pineapple something by Barneys farm and I didnt think it was great.


Just looked thru DGTs stuff, seems to have a nice selection of quality genetics. Hopefully you find something nice in those beans

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