New Beans New Babies

6 Sour Bubble and 6 Blackberry Kush were soaked for 24 hours. All the SB had tails. These were all planted in 16 oz solo cups Photos and diary to follow. Not much to see at this point.

Medium is Royal Gold Tupur. Feed will be Megacrop v3 Looking for a nice lady from each.


Pulling up a early seat :sunglasses:


Well count me in then !!


This should be a good one!!! I’m all eyes.


Nice line up, I’ll be following along too. Excited to watch and learn, thanks for sharing your grow happy growing :seedling:


All 12 of these germinated. One had some helmet issues but I dropped water drops on it till it came free. One died from drying out somehow. Perhaps not enough moisture in the medium initially.

These two are not doing well either. Not sure if I am being affected by wilt or damping off. Either could be the issue. The Sour Bubble seems to be doing best against it. These I am going to just cull and restart.

So we are at 4 BBK and 5 Sour Bubble for now

Notice the odd leaf base on that first set of the foreground middle BBK. All of them did that to some extent.


and they all died. Or damn near all …just over-watering. killed the roots and they curled up and yellowed. some grower /me am hah!

need new babies quicker now. so gonna do the fem thing instead.

4 Master Kush bagseed (left) couple of them kind of leggy, but we’ll get it worked out.
4 Lucky Charms fems from @MoTR 4 of 4 germinated


Don’t give up just chalk it up to a learning experience.


Finally after an up pot the Lucky Charms are starting to hit their stride.

In the back we have 4 Master Kush bag seed Reportedly these have all been fems


Oh no we got boyz!


So that was unexpected…the Master Kush bagseed are ‘fatherless children’ hmmmm interesting sadly only one is a female and she is the largest one so far…

That clone is having hormonal issues BD1xCQ from @lefthandseeds

Now upfront we have the two F1 girls. New stuff that. It’s a cross between a SL BX x GojiQM male and a Sour Bubble female. There were 2 Sour Bubble females and I have about 30+ viable seeds from them.


Sour Bubble crosses

Unknown x Master Kush


So the two SLBXxSB crosses are at about 28 days now and we can see a bit of what they will look like. I trained these in an imitation of SOG style We will see what we get for colas

The leaves of these were always wide with one pheno fleshier/thicker and one with papery leaves. Both were a bit low on the stretch.

Lucky Charms is a little bit behind the others. By a week at least.

Unknown x Master Kush is stretchy and the pistils are short and green. The leaves did not take well to sulfur dusting.

BDxCQ by @lefthandseeds this clone is about a week ahead of plants from seed and so looks to be about 5 weeks along


The Unknown x Master Kush is at about 7 weeks now…looks as though it got crossed to a sativa …no where near finished afaict. Very frosty tho

@lefthandseeds BD1xCQ #5 has been in 12/12 since the first week of August so gonna say it and the two Bubble crosses are at 6 weeks now.

(SL BX x GojiQM) x Sour Bubble

The laggards are catching up and I topped one of them a couple weeks back and have shoved them in to flower now. So most of these are Lucky Charms fems. @MomOnTheRun


Sometimes I see something and have to try and capture it…for all that there is a leaf or two that looks bad I had to take this one.


Getting nice and frosty there!


They’re looking great, the bd cherry queen looks especially tasty. Sulfur is weird I sprayed my veg plants with it weekly a few times with no issues then they all started deforming seemingly out of nowhere…I guess there’s a threshold


Perhaps both flowering stage and leaf structure matter. It seems the heavy, fleshy leaves did well while the papery and narrow ones not so much …and much more affected after it starts throwing pistils for real


3 days ago


these are just an exploration to see what might be in there…I have probably 40-50 of these seeds. They look mostly like their Mom(s). There were 2 of them and I got a few from each so a bit of a spread since the two were of different phenos.

Intriguing about Sour Bubble is the taste. On the Moms when you exhaled there was a definitive note of sour dill. Potency was good and the affects excellent. I am interested to see what the cross will do to the flavor. The flavor was nothing like what you would expect from the fragrant melon smell they give off while in flower.

I have also some few seeds of that male crossed to SSDD, BDxCQ, Holy Punch and the Sour Bubble as well as the f2’s I probably have at least 200 of the f2 from #1 and so could trade a few of some of these if there was some interest.


well on the broken cola above, the leaves died. So I cut it and dried it for a sample. And it tastes fruity like it smells and no sour after note …yet. It was only 4 days drying at 62 % RH and then stripped down off the main and bagged for 2 days. Great smoke! And it looks nothing like the other one on the left above. In fact it seems to have gotten a bit taller in the last 2 weeks. I am sure it will get better as the bud has a chance to cure properly.
a10Dee x SourBubble

BD1xCQ #5
Time to take some clones.

Lucky Charms is front and center and almost finished.