Blue dream x super lemon haze collaboration

So I’ve been looking at strains I would love to grow and smoke :fire: and I’ve been getting more interested in breeding!

I love blue dream and super lemon haze! Both are top of my list as I like more sativas :fire:

I would love to try to cross these 2 strains but I don’t think I have the room nor do I know exactly what is involved in breeding strains.

I’m looking to see if anyone would be willing to give this a go and let me grow out the seeds etc :thinking::blush:

Also someone that would maybe show me the ropes of breeding :sunglasses:

I would do as much as possible to get this to be a new great strain :+1: and would love to share some of them here :wink:

If this post doesn’t fit this category, please feel free to move it to the correct category :+1:


Maybe read up on how to make it happen rather than asking others to do the legwork for your benefit? Just a thought.


I’ve talked to many people about breeding and I’m learning. Problem is space at the moment.

And it isn’t just for my benefit, it would benefit everyone that helps. Especially the one who breeds it as at that point it is their seeds. They can do with them what they want.

Also I love working with people and collaborating. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Blockquote I would love to try to cross these 2 strains but I don’t think I have the room nor do I know exactly what is involved in breeding strains.

This may be of some help in your learning:


Thanks :blush: I will give this a read :pray:


I’ve got a BD cut, and made selfed seeds with it. If someone has SLH pollen, I can throw some on there, or I’d be happy to send some of the selfed BD seeds to someone to search for a nice pheno to pollinate.

Just throwing that out there if anyone wants to do something with it. I don’t have a whole lot of the selfed BD seeds left. If anyone wants to use them to make more seeds, please don’t sit on them for too long.


Blue Dream is a cutting so a female plant. Likewise, Super Lemon Haze seeds from the original breeder Greenhouse Seeds are only offered in feminized form as the parents in the cross are also cuttings from female plants , selected individuals from Lemon Skunk and SSH respectively. To make a hybrid of Blue Dream x Super Lemon Haze one would seek out a genuine cutting of Blue Dream and some Greenhouse Seeds Super Lemon Haze. This would require reversing one of the parents. The complexity of a potential breeding scheme is as vast as it can also be simple in terms of population numbers, progeny testing, and such.

Also for consideration, DJ Short made something called Azure Haze back in in the day as his own take on Blue Dream, this being being mentioned as they are regular seeds compared to the aforementioned female cuttings. You can totally do something like that, a Blue Dream x SLH type hybrid, yourself with limited space and resources. Much love


Thanks for the info guys… and I didn’t know that about those strains…
I’ll have to look up the Azure Haze and check it out.

the hunt continues :stuck_out_tongue:

@Tracker this is maybe a possibility :slight_smile:


looks like they don’t have these seeds anywhere anymore :expressionless:

What’s your objective in crossing this two lines? That’s maybe the more important question before jumping into it. Otherwise you might loose yourself in the project.

You just want “superbluelemondreamhaze”? You think they can mix well together? What would this mix produce in your opinion? You want to enhance one or more traits of one of them? You could start by listing what you like and dislike for each of them, then try from that to imagine what you would like the cross to be.

Also consider that given the parents, you’ll probably end up at first with a lot of instability, which can be an advantage (pheno hunting) or give you more work if you really wan to create a line.


@funkyfunk Thanks for your statements and questions… :slight_smile:

Well at first I was out to make a cross, of 2 strains that I love to smoke on and that give me the effects of what I’m looking for.
They are both sativa dominant, which I like and as for the effects and medical properties, they are very similar. One leaning more relaxed and the other more energetic.
Both are very similar in THC% coming in around 18-19% which is a nice middle for me. I don’t like the super high potency strains as much.
Essentially, I would like to have a strain that runs right in the middle of the energy/relaxed trait and also tone down the negative affects of the SLH, such as anxious or paranoid effect, which I’m prone to :roll_eyes:

Thanks again for your input and forcing me to look a bit further into what I want out of the strain.
P.S. I love the smell of both of these strains! They get me super excited :slight_smile:


If you’re going to do this, Franco’s cut of SLH x Blue dream (clone only) would be the best place to start IMO. They’re two great strains, I’ve got a soft spot for hazes and blueberry anything. Such happy highs, and the first time I grew my own haze (Amnesia), I was hooked on taste alone. I recently acquired Franco’s cut, no plans for it yet as it’s being stress tested and still small, but I may be able to help in some way down the line.

I did an unplanned pollination of a Sour Diesel x SSH F3 (haze dominant) x (Blueberry Muffin x Vintage Blueberry). Though it was done on a whim, it’s probably the beans I’m looking forward to the most. The fact that mom is the best looking outdoor plant I have is certainly helping her cause. While it’s different from what you’re looking for, I suspect you’d find something in the offspring that’s right up your alley. If I get enough viable beans, you’re welcome to take some for a spin.


I have tons of super lemon haze f6 if you find the blue dream cut I can send you some. I’ve used it in projects and it Carried over to the offspring very well


@Acro thanks for the info :blush: and for sure I would give those beans a run :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Kushking902 thanks for the offer :relaxed: I would love some SLH beans :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think @Tracker has a cut of BD :blush:

However if Franco has a cut already, I could just use that and mother it :thinking: however that would at some point run out I think :face_with_monocle:

Maybe beans are the way to go :thinking:


The BD that I have was selected from S1’s of the original BD. I suppose that means the seeds I made are S2.

@Kasper0909 and @iceman are growing some of the seeds indoor. Also I posted some pics of an outdoor plant grown from the seeds.

This post shows a plant grown outdoor from the cut I have

This post shows a plant grown from the S2 seed outdoor

This post shows @iceman’s indoor from seed

This post shows @Kasper0909’s indoor from seed


Nice project good luck

I make a cross with dj blueberry x ethos super lemon haze

Going to starts the tests in early 2024


@Tracker man all those look amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I’m still following all the info everyone is sending :pray:

@ervasagrada that sounds amazing :heart_eyes_cat:


So many great ideas and suggestions!
Thank you all :pray:

Another question, which would you have be the male?

If I can only get fem seeds or a clone of BD, then the only choice is SLH as the male.

But how do you determine which way to go here :thinking:

Also I’m thinking if I want to do this on my own, I’m thinking of doing small plants in like 1 gallon pots. I don’t think I would need to have 1000+ seeds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that the SLH that’s in the co-op box or your own work??


I don’t have any yet, I need to get some :blush:

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