New year, new system. (2x4x5ft tent, 4x10l pots, internal reservoir)

Some parts. Feeling festive…gonna write you a list :kissing_heart:

2 x Klamtare 58 x 45 x 30cm storage boxes (totes to our US counterparts)
4 x 10l buckets with lids
1 x 1500lph pump
1 x 1 way valve (for hosepipe)
1 x 12v solenoid valve 1/2" thread
2 x hosepipe tap connections (with 1/2" connectors)
1 x float switch
4 x IWS oxypot net pots (good size) currently only have 2 but 2 more on the way.
1 x 12v NC solenoid valve.
1 x toilet brush holder :joy:
3 x PG9 cable glands (5 if using a separate housing for sonoff basic)
1 x sonoff basic
1 x sonoff TH16
1 x inline butterfly valve
1 x 12v driver
1 x air pump
1 x air pump manifold (2 way)
15 x m25x15mm sealing glands
Hosepipe and air pipe

Right now some details
Usually flood and drain systems work on 2 float switches and 2 pumps. But seeing as the reservoirs are below the pots. This allows the possibility of a gravity return. Minimising pump heat and the necessity for a 2nd float switch. With really limited space I needed to come up with a “control bucket” that would fit the space without hindering the amount of pots I could fit. So I used a toilet brush holder to make it.

These are the Klamtare boxes. Picked because they’re heavy duty. Lightproof and more to the point when joined together make up a pretty much perfect footprint aswell as working as under pot reservoirs.

I’ve tried to keep the necessary tooling to a minimum for this so you know literally anyone could do it without a massive spend. I used my battery drill. A step bit and a Stanley knife to do the entire build.

In each tote (you’ll see they taper in a bit where they meet…perfect) you drill right at the bottom to fit an m25x15mm sealing gland to each which will be joined together to make “the res” using a bit of hosepipe.

Try to make sure these are as level and parallel as possible whilst Being as low as possible too.

On the back of each tote as high as possible you need 1 PG9 connector for air pump tube and on one tote of your choice a second PG9 connector for the feed pump AC wire.

This was my effort. The m25x15mm gland you see is for the feed pump out.

From the pump you see a one way valve. This ensures when the float switch hits and the pump stops. The water doesn’t try to return back to the res via the feed pipe.

This is the 12v solenoid valve and 2 x tap/hosepipe connectors. I chose 12v which is more work and an extra driver because the electrics sit below water level (just a personal choice safety feature)

Hosepipe slots over either side nicely now :ok_hand:

There’s an arrow on the valve to show the direction of flow. It points down for the record.

There’s the basic idea. If you pay attention to the glands in particular here. You’ll see the middle 2 have 2 each spaced 90° apart. And the furthest 2 have a single gland each. This is so the control distributes to both middle buckets and onto the furthest in a sort of more passive manner.

This is the controls for the 12v solenoid gravity return. A sonoff basic on the left. And a salvaged 12v driver from some old ikea under kitchen cupboard LED strips on the right. This will be the timer and power supply for the return. Working on a loop timer basis. So when the pump finishes flooding the valve will open and allow the water to flow back into the res.

I still need to order a couple more m25 glands for the return feed and another to add a “drain to waste” bit of hose with an inline butterfly valve on to make res changes super easy.

Probably forgot loads but it’s hard to keep up on a phone. If anyone wants to copy or alter for their space you know where I am. Always happy to help


Good luck with the project bro, clean build so far.


Cheers bro. Gonna run 4 x headband from cut first. See how it does before I waste limited JRB seeds dialling stuff in. @Esrgood4u is gonna do an s1 run of the f1s in the meantime though I think.

I’m impressed with the systems potential so far. Obviously actual working Is the test though


I’m gonna do my very best for you mate. Seeds In feminized form is likely the best option for people to sample the strain as every seed that makes it through the seedling stage will 100% produce bud. Im actually looking forward to the adventure :+1:


I have every faith you’re a better breeder than I am anyway bro and well you been there from day dot on the project. So it’s an honour you wanna :sunglasses:


:joy::joy: haha I’ve only got a 50% success rate from my two attempts. This run though I’ll be extra vigilant. I managed to pull around 900 seeds from 3 really small plants so if I step up my game this run should hopefully give more. :v:


That’s a better success rate than mine brother :joy:


And because they say





Had to go and lower the tone you cunt :joy::joy::joy::joy: happy new year. Love ya brother


Looking brutally fantastic, bud.
Bookmarking and looking forward to more.
Keep kicking arse.

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Fuck yeah man!! Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Cheers mate. Gonna plod on today and see if we can get a little test run done. And you spelt arse correct…where you from bro

Cheers brother. Will see what it’s looking like in the tent soon enough. Just try and shake this still pissed feeling first


So this is pretty much what we’re looking like inside the tent. Fits Like a glove :sunglasses:

Inside the control bucket. The 2nd pump would usually be at the bottom of the control bucket and a second float switch. Those 2 things definitely wouldn’t fit but with this system they don’t have to :wink:


So that second plug ( garden hose fixture) prevent flooding? Always swore dwc if ever do hydro.
The guy where we rented last had his tropical fish shop flood. I never got too deep in why but he was running hydro off one resovoire I suspect. Nutrient built up I would think causing build up of salt in pipes.

The solenoid valve doesn’t prevent flooding. It prevents the nute solution from draining back to the res as it fills the control bucket and in turn the pots. Once the water level gets to the top where you see the float switch. This breaks the circuit to the feed pump. Once the cycle is done the solenoid valve opens up and lets the solution “fall” back into the res


I hope you remembered the copper fittings mate to stop the roots blocking the drain lines. You don’t want them pots filling up and not draining so the roots are sat in stagnating water. Excellent build other than that I see no issue. Can’t wait to see it in action :+1:


I’ve not forgot but I’ve still gotta do some stuff with hose etc yet mate then I’m gonna slug the inserts with some chopped down copper pipe. I definitely don’t want them sitting in stagnating water. Never had an issue last time but that system had 20l pots not 10


They managed to get down my 10ml drain line and the pump stopped sucking. I think that LSD would have yielded more if I’d realised it had happened. I’ve ordered some 22 to 15 ml reducers that I’ll insert into to pipework that is screwed to the buckets. :+1:


i bet you built a bass system at some point…

:speaker: :speaker: :joy: :speaker: :speaker: