OG Michiganders Unite

Figured after talking with a few new and old members I would start a Michigan Lounge. Hopefully for local connects and gifting of cuts and medicine as our law allows. But mainly just to have a place to kick the can about local life , laws and leisure, welcome one and all if your on OG your an honorary Michigander to me…:v::sunglasses: 8ter

I’ll start, first outdoor grow ever 2 of first three were up rooted by a local bunch of Fox kits I believe, went total Bill Murray from Caddy Shack and started planning my revenge. Luckily the only special clone I put our was the Panama Red they only trenched around. After I cooled down and decided wiring 120 to a tomato cage and a motion flood light might be a little overkill I went out and pissed circles around the new Black Pearl and Purple Thai clones that I replaced the missing plants with…so far so good have not seen them playing out in the field since I marked my grow. And my new toy …as I torch a fresh dab of purple Thai bud run.
Peace to all the you


I like the page.


Very nice, I was just thinking about making one of those car storage tents into a greenhouse. Killer set up, I’m just south of Metro Airport here. Whatcha got growing in there @hewhocoruptz? Your plans well exceeded mine.


Thats funny. Last year we did the same thing as you with a car port. Hence the actual hoop house this year. I got blue dream, blue kush, life star, and jungle spice in there.


Man I’ve been meaning to get on some of that jungle spice , these are strains I’ll be running through a 3-4 week perpetual, first for a taste then for some projects. Added some old school Maui and Kona Gold in the mail.


Thats a huge list! I look forward to seeing the outcome of you labor.


So you’re growing those indoor then right?

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Have a Panama Red, Black Pearl And Purple Thai out in the back 40.

You’ll find out seeds get traded freely around here, I had only grown from cuts until I landed here in December.

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Yeah i just ran out of all my OG gentics. Thats where the jungle spice came from


That is impressive!

Now what’s going to happen?.. just watching



Those are gonna be some monsters, when should they finish here?

Nice picture @Gpaw is that a Frazetta?

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Thanks i have some concerns with how much clay there is but hopefully early October. It’ll be real nice to have them covered up during the fall when it rains for 4 days straight with no sun.

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Man I can’t wait to see those beast, how long you been vegging them?

I think i started them around april 20

Used to do flips of 20 with month veg from clones and they would be pushing 9’ hoods indoors. This is actually my first outdoor grow.

Here’s the journal for my indoor jungle.

Here’s some interesting reading and a way to keep cuts and mothers that won’t go against your plant count.

Also great info on compliance, counts, gifting and transportation.

I need to dive into the details on Cannabis Clubs and what would be legal/not.


Looks like a knockoff of H. R. Giger.
Great topic forming here!


Finish times of sativas in Michigan have me considering an enclosure for outdoor grows too, one that I can make light proof.
I’m growing autos this year.


@spaceman got it, H. R. Giger. Always loved his freaky stuff.


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Curiosity what’s the dj mix?