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Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on Overgrow, but I’ve visited this site frequently and appreciate all the information I’ve gotten. I figure why not start a journal here.

I’ve been growing for about 6-7 years now. I started with DWC for a few years and now I grow whatever style I feel is appropriate for the situation… coco or organic soil, they all have their pros and cons.

I grow for medical and recreational purposes. The growing and consuming are both part of the medical process. I was in the US Army and afterwards a test engineer where I worked on radar systems. I was forced to medically retire early. Now I am a home grower :slight_smile:.

I am not sure how the format will look, so I’m going to create this topic and respond with my some grow pics and info.


Welcome to OG @Oozle , why don’t you come over to this thread and introduce yourself, Introduce Yourself @OG (Part 2) - #3204 by OhNo555


I’ll start with my current grow:
3 x 3 tent
2 x 135 watt HLG Quantum Boards (1 is rspec)
7 - gallon pots
Stonington blend soil - amended with Insect frass, volcanic rock dust, rice hulls. Top fed fish bone meal, Earth worm castings, and more soil on F1, F14, F28. Some cal-mag (EC .2.-.3) 2-3 times early flower, plus liquid karma weeks 3-7.

Sky lotus and Cherry Lotus - Bodhi

These are clones I took from my last run. I made F2’s with the sky lotus and pollinated 2 cherry lotus females. The cherry lotus on the right is thinner leafed and it was my favorite so I ran it again.
These pics are from F54 and F55 of my current run. I will add some more pictures and a smoke report of my last cherry lotus run later.

Sky Lotus is left, Cherry Lotus right.

Sky Lotus

Cherry Lotus

I lost power 4 times during flower. Once during week 7 for 2 days. The Cherry Lotus threw a few nanners after the long power outage. I’ve plucked them with tweezers, h2o2, and some water. I haven’t seen any pollen sacs or nanners on the sky lotus. My power is normally good, but since I made F2’s with the sky lotuses, I guess it was a good stress test.

My last run with all the Cherry Lotuses, there were no signs of intersex, so don’t lose power 4 times during flower lol.


Sky Lotus and Cherry Lotus:
Week 1 of Flower


Sky Lotus

Cherry Lotus. As I mentioned earlier, this female has the narrowest leaves out of all the cherry lotuses I grew.



Ouch… Plants are looking great though!

Welcome to OG!


Thank you!


Here are my Cherry Lotus and Sky Lotuses from my last run. It was my first time doing coco so it wasn’t prefect. I grew them in 1 gallons using botanicare nutrients.

Week 1 of flower

F21. I moved 3 Cherry Lotus females to my 4x4.
In the 3x3 I kept 1 Sky lotus female and male, and 2 Cherry Lotus females. I selected 2 cherry lotuses that had different leaf structure then each other. I figure it would give me more to look through. I also pollinated an Amnesia Haze somewhere in the back, an Ethiopian Flame (only about 50-100 seeds) doc D, 2 cherry lotuses, and 1 sky lotus.

F35. In 3 x 3 - Sky Lotus back left, Cherry Lotus back right and front right, Alien Rift in soil front left.
The bigger tent has the cherry lotuses on the left. The farthest back plant is an Amnesia Haze.


F56. Pollinated plants

Cherry lotuses. I started having some problems here. I think heat stress plus maybe something with my feed.

F70 and last 2 are F76.

I will post a smoke report next.


Bodhi - Cherry Lotus

I popped a pack and had 5 females and the rest males. I let the males grow out a bit, but I really liked a Sky Lotus male and that’s the one I selected.
I grew 3 for flower and 2 for seeds.

There were a lot of similarities between the 5 plants, large colas, great structure, cherry/fruity smells, excellent vigor, and awesome effects.
1 of the females is my favorite as it has some unique effects and I am glad I have her running in soil now.

Grow Stats:
34 Days of veg (including germination)
75, 77, 80 Days of Flower for CL 1, 2, & 3
109, 111, 114 days for entire grow cycle
1 gallon Canna Coco
Botanicare nutrients Fed EC 1.2-1.6 PH 5.8-6.2
Yield was 90 grams, 90 grams, 115 grams

Cherry Lotus 1:
This is my favorite one to smoke. It enhances sound unlike any other strain I’ve ever smoked. It isn’t quite like mushies, but music just sounds better.
I put my headphones on and it had me dancing on the treadmill. Great strain for working out. It’s motivating, puts me in a good mood, I really love it.

Smell: Mostly sour cherries and musk and the flavors translates to the pipe.

This one foxtailed pretty good on me. I had some problems with heat. All 3 had some foxtailing, but this one was the worse.
My temps were 80-83 and 50-60% humidity.
I am running it again in soil and keeping the temps 75-78f 45-55% humidity and the buds look much better. Picture of soil plant above in a previous post.

This plant had narrower leaves than the others and stretched more.
The bud structure isn’t as dense or uniform like the other 4 plants, but I think that had a lot to do with the heat.
Harvested F75.

Cherry Lotus 2:
This is my 2nd favorite one. Probably the “loudest” of the 3. Large nugs, frosty, easy to grow.
Uplifting, music sounds better. Excellent smoke to share with a friend. It gets me pretty stoned.

Smell: Sweet Cherry upfront, then hit with stinky BO. Surprisingly good smelling BO. Cherry and wood coat the mouth when smoking.

Large fan leaves, big colas, large nugs. They weren’t very dense which is great for their size, no worries for mold.

This stretched the least, but was very similar to Cherry Lotus 3 and one of the Cherry Lotuses I seeded.
Harvested F77.

Cherry Lotus 3:
The largest of the bunch. More sedating of a smoke. This is my choice for Netflix or movies (well 1 is great for that too).
Provides headache relief, relaxing, body effects, stoney but not brain dead. I am able to smoke it all day and not be too tired.
It doesn’t boost my mood like the others, more tranquil.
This is my friends favorite out of the 3.
It grew very similar to #2, but was larger.

Smell: Sweet and fruity. More Melon (cantaloupe) than cherry. Basil and some spices. Not quite musk
Harvested F80.

The other 2 plants were seeded by a Sky Lotus male. Plant 4 had a large cola and structured like #'s 2 and 3.
Plant 5 was shorter and stockier. It didn’t look like any of the other 4 females.
There were a couple nice looking males out of this bunch too. 1 or two were huge and I almost picked it over the Sky Lotus, but I really wanted the Sky Lotus F2’s and the Sky lotus male was structured more uniform, faster flowering, and a few other reasons.

A comment from a friend:
“My whole room smells like cherry candy. It’s crazy how strong the cherry is, love it.”


Besides the Sky and Cherry Lotuses in my 3x3, here is what’s going on in my 4x4:

Left side is Purple Hindu Kush (PHK) x Durban - AK Bean Brains.
3 gallon coco using Remo nutrients
EC 1.3-1.4.

Right side is Arise x Golden Goat (fem) - Irie Genetics
5 gallon soil - Mix of Michigan Made and Stonington blend. Amended with Rice hulls, earthworm castings, insect frass, and volcanic rock dust. Top fed 3 tablespoons of fishbone meal, earthworm castings, and more soil on F2, F14, F28. Some cal-mag (EC .1-.2) once a week first 2 weeks of flower. Liquid Karma weeks 3+.

F14. From F14-F21 these put on 14". I did lose power for 2 days during that time… so they probably stretched more because of that.


I cut down the cal-mag to 50 ppms (EC .1) this week. I think the back PHK x Durban is getting too much N.
EC 1.4.

I’m caught up now with my journals. I have this run and I am finishing up the sky and cherry lotuses in the 3x3.

I plan to update once a week or so.

Thanks for reading.


Nice setup!
You are chunking out some significant buddage there @Oozle :+1:

Oh… and welcome to Overgrow!! :grin: :vulcan_salute:


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Nice looking plant with an effective set that looks like it has them thriving.

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Looks yummy!

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Welcome Oozle! Really detailed reports in there. Sounds like some really nice strains.

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Pretty impressive garden you got going on there brother.
You’ve got great skills and ur plants sure express themselves well with you around.
Will grab a seat and watch ur work …


I didn’t expect so many people to comment and like my posts haha.
Thanks a lot everyone. Makes me feel very welcomed.

I was out of town for the weekend, so I am just catching up with everything today.

Here is an update in my 4x4, the 3x3 will be updated later today.

Left side is PHK x Durban (AK Bean Brains)

  • 3 gallon coco being fed Remo nutrients. Watering once every other day.
  • EC 1.35-1.4 - Water = 50 ppms (EC .1), Magnifical 50 ppms (EC .1), Micro and Flower 400-450 ppms (EC .8-.9), Astroflower 120-150 (EC .25-.3)
  • PH 5.8-6.2. I don’t check it anymore since I stopped using the silica week 2 of flower. The remo stuff mixes around 5.9-6.1 depending on how much bloom booster I use.

Right is Arise x Golden Goat (Irie Genetics)
5 gallon soil - Mix of Michigan Made and Stonington blend plus amendments listed above.
One watering with liquid karma and SLF-100, the rest of the waterings is my well water (50 ppms).

Arise x Golden Goat

I am happy to see my plants don’t look pissed for me leaving them this weekend. I thought they might shed a tear. I reduced the light intensity on the left side of the tent because it’s easier to maintain a proper VPD. I plan to increase the light back up to 90% today (240 watt QB).

I lost power again for 3 hours a few days ago too. That’s the 3rd time or so for this tent. I’m definitely investing in a generator for the fall. My power has gone out more in the last 8 weeks then the last 5 years… so hopefully the worse is behind me.


Now in the 3x3.

Sky Lotus left, Cherry Lotus right. F61.
7 gallon stonington blend

They are getting close. Lost power again. 5th time for these girls. I said it above, but I’ll mention it again, my power is normally very stable… It was only 3 hours this time during the morning. I was able to open the tent up and they got a little sun light. I keep telling the plants (mostly myself) that the power outages are just cloudy days.

The leaves look like they have a little more to give. I gave them a heavy watering 2 days ago. I might give them a little more, but I’ll probably let them dry out and harvest. I like to harvest with very little amber and mostly cloudy, so a couple more days left.


Oh dude !
I’m so happy you made an account brother :raised_hands:@Oozle

I went through so many of your grows on GD, I’m glad you decided to join this community.
I feel you’ll be able to organize and post so much more now !
Speaking of which, you did an awesome job making this journal !
Your gorw was fantastic. Nice reports

If you ever need help around the site just let me know brother



thank you!! @HappyTrees23s . not sure if im using the reply button properly lol.

Some pics of the stretch on the PHK x Durban.




The back PHK x Durban didn’t stretch as much, doesn’t have as many bud sites, but is flowering faster and has what I would call a “Durban” smell. I’ve only gotten Durban a couple times from a dispensary, but it smells a lot like those buds.

I harvested the Sky and Cherry Lotuses on F63. I will post a smoke report of those in about 6 weeks.


F42 for the PHK x Durban (left) and Arise x Golden Goat (right).

Looks like the Durbans are getting a bit too much N still and maybe a slight K deficiency? I am feeding EC 1.4, so I will add a little more bloom booster and decrease the micros a little and see how that works.