Original Skunk 1 BX seed preorder

As these dry on the vine. I figured I’d give the folks at Overgrow a chance to jump on the pre order for these.

If you haven’t been following along, this was a Skunk 1 bx3 male from Master Thai that pollinated a female from Todd McCormick and Mel Frank’s 88 skunk 1 release female and a master Thai female.

These will be for the 88 skunk 1 x Skunk1 bx3

These will not be recreated.

Visit www.lastgreenvalleyseeds.com to get yours before the preorder price is gone.


Are those the ones listed on the site for $250?


@Oldtimerunderground Yes those are the ones. Crazy as they sound, and crazy as it sounds. They’re worth there weight in gold to me at this point, a true one off skunk 1 lol.
The blood sweat and tears that went into them. That’s giving them away in my opinion


No doubt! :grinning:
Out of likes right now :heart:
I was gonna say there’s gotta be somethin real nice in those beans, with that genetic combo. I’m excited to be getting some of the master thai ones, really looking forward to those.
Thanks again @Enjoi802 :pray: I appreciate all your hard work brother. Hope all is well with the family.

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Chopped them yesterday. The MT SK1 are for private, and unless someone let’s some out of their grip then rare as rare can be.
These I’d say are about as rare, except we know AG seed co sent out a few packs of the 88 skunk 1. Mine is a Punto Rojo leaner and turns bright red and gold! So I am sure the nice Christmas tree style plant of the MT SK1 BX3 are going to be a good round about BX.


Damn, wish I had the cash for these. Good work man. Gonna run those sour blu tooth beans you sent me next year and do a seed run with them


Seems like the site is down and not working correctly?


Under menu oddities/commodities

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i do think there might be some issues with your site. you should poke around and see if all the links are working. i got couple of friendly 404s for sure.

that aside, nice work. she is a beauty.

Skunk 1? As in the Skunk 1 given away by the tens of thousands for free? And you’re selling them for 250?
Good luck


yea its funny, I have been hearing an old friend of mine talk about how soon this would happen. the seeds breeders and banks couldn’t give away 20 years ago are back and supremely “exotic”


You have definitely priced me out of these but I wish you luck with your sales man.


Are these the Skunk beans we’ll be receiving with the ATF and Romulan packs?

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Why yes this is the skunk 1 that has been given away since the 80’s by the Dutch. Except I removed the Dutch completely by using beans from skunkman Sam from 88 prior to him giving them to Nevil, and another line of skunk 1 from the family that says they created it.

So I mean you can definitely find good freebies I’m sure. These however you will not find again. Or for free. So I’m sure they are full of good luck at this point :pray:

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Not exotic. It’s just a rare bird. And as rare birds go. Can’t be giving these away. Dutch did what they did. I just removed thirty years of influence. So there’s that.

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To some extent,. The MT SK1 are separate from this batch. And folks will be receiving info in the next week or two about info, as they are still drying. Two days into drying actually.
These are a mix of the 88 skunk 1 and the mt sk1bx3
But I’m sure some may make it there for you :pray:


Who knows Doug. Maybe when the Canadian ones go north there might be a special something in there for you.


That would be awesome bud. Just tight for cash this time of the year when many large bills come in :slight_smile:


he made the sweet selections before 88, watch his interview on icmag. and what family is involved in the creation of skunk? thats new to me