Overgrow Holiday Give-away: Puffco Peak (Winner Announced!)

Thank you for this kind offer!

I’m inspired by Jack Herer, who I met at a legalization rally circa 1990. There were thousands of people present, but he took time to have a real conversation with my “then girlfriend, future ex-wife” and me. He didn’t just autograph a copy of his book, but wrote a lengthy, impassioned plea about the importance of standing up to the people who criminalized this plant which is so beneficial in so many ways.
There’s no better way to spread the word about cannabis than to produce it and share the goodness!


I’d like to get in on this too !!!
My inspiration to grow wasn’t a person, it was High Times magazine. I spent a few years collecting them, after gaining a small stack of mags that took me from seed to ash I began to grow. My first time at it I learned to clone and had a beginners luck Harvey, very bountiful!
That was in 1997, it began with BigBud x SuperSkunk.


my inspiration was not to go to jail, since buying with a dealer and also finding a dealer is difficult and also dangerous​:raising_hand_man::pray:


I’m in! My mom was my inspiration to start growing cannabis specifically, but my love of gardening was inspired by the gardens at a bed an breakfast my family would visit yearly growing up. The owner was a master gardener and had the most beautiful roses. That inspired me to buy my first rose bush, and the rest is history.


This is a two parter for me… first is my dad. I remember being around 12 and finding his original Marijuana Grower’s Handbook. About a year later my friends and I were planting all our bag seeds in the nature trail out back of our school. Was pretty interesting going through with the science teacher giving out the scientific names of all the plants right next to a 4 footer and we were sitting there shitting our pants thinking they were gonna get yanked. Second would be @BogSeeds on OG 1.0. His work is where I first found out about the medical side of this amazing plant. When I first saw the strains he developed and they were touted as medical it made me do a double take.




My dad was my inspiration to start growing again after 40 years he passed of cancer was in alot of pain and i wantedm kinda sad he passed before to help him out i could provide som sorely needed medicine

Peaceout and stay safe


Count me in for this awesome giveaway!

My dad was my inspiration, although not directly. I remember as a young kid seeing the room in the basement with foil walls, 4ft T5s, lava rocks and hydro bins. Don’t remember any plants but the smell was etched into my brain. It wasn’t until I finally started smoking in college that it all came together what he was trying to do. Our relationship has grown so much after we started smoking together.


I’ll play!

Marc emery and his seed catalog inspired me to try and grow. Then When I found this site in 2003 I became passionate. Lots of amazing mentors like @SmknCanuck made that early inspiration form into a love for cannabis that has lasted for most of my life. :v:


That’s cool! :+1:
I have always liked his work.



Every time I log into this site I am inspired by the generosity of it’s members offering time and knowledge, and the innovation of techniques and making and modding equipment.

The strength of the members struggling and suffering not just with very dibilatating health problems but also the financial problems caused by their health problems, and still selflessly offering to help others out where they can.

It’s why I keep coming back every day, to be a part of this great place, because it inspires me to be a better person.


Thanks to @parkerspurps for this donation! Many people on the original OG. And now even more on the current OG. @Baltimore is one that comes to mind. He proves it’s not all about the latest and greatest tech, but the love you have for the plant.


It was Mel Frank’s book that convinced me I could grow. I read that cover to cover until I had it mostly memorized. I ‘devoured’ every High Times mag. I could get my hands on.

I swear Mel’s book started a revolution.

There have been many other inspirations along the way like Dr. Lester Grinspoon and Jack Herer.
Bog, Bodhi and JOTI convinced me I could add to the culture by breeding.

And that brings me to Over Grow. I’m inspired everyday by what I read here, Nubes to pros!
This place is the living embodiment of Bob and Ted’s Excellent Adventure where everybody believes in Be excellent to each other!



AWSOME! I wanna join in on the fun!

I was 12, cutting threw the craw space of my house is when I smelled the sweet sweet smell of the ganja. Later that night I went to investigate. When I opened the crawl space door is when I saw the glow of light coming from a side room. When I entered I came across 3 bushy Indica plants. From that point on I was in love with the plants. Sneeking in the grow space at night to bask in there presence. So I guess it was my moms boyfriend that inspired me to grow. It was the best shit I’ve ever smoked.

Overgrow gave me the tools to be a successful grower. Cant wait to give back! Thanks Overgrow!


Wow this is an awesome gesture! I was inspired to start growing local growers but mostly my Father in law. He is no longer active in the cannabis community but his handle was OlDad420.


I was inspired by some older grower/breeders in my old neck of the woods back in the mid 70’s.
Pioneers extraordinars from the n.w. corner in the Mississippi River Valley.
Much like the Popcorn Suttons of the Shiner era.


Ooh, I’d like to enter.

I was inspired by Ed Rosenthal and Mel Frank. I started with their books as my interest in the plant began and it just took off from there. Jason King’s big book of buds was also a big inspiration to me, getting to see all the big-name strains and descriptions in their prime.


This is very cool man. Scott is also a big inspiration for me as well. Was growing for decades before I heard of him or RD. Got my med card the first or second year they were available here in CO. The med shop across the street from me was the FIRST shop in the state to sell Rare Dankness seeds. I bought some Ghost train haze #9 that was unreal. I actually used his Ox strain in a few of my own chucks. Scott has legend status here. Just walking down the street people will start honking their horns and shouting out windows at Scott. Cant say he inspired me to grow, but sure did light some fires. Much respect !


Thanks @parkerspurps!

I was inspired at a young age by my elderly neighbors Fred & Bernice Boling. Retired farmers who “moved into town”, they were the most amazing plant caretakers I have ever met. They had a 30’x50’ garden that outproduced the rest of the neighborhood together. They taught me the proper respect for plants from start to finish and the symbiotic nature of a garden. Fred would sit on the porch telling jokes and playing his mouth harp while Bernice was the only person I’ve known who regularly wore out bibles. She would sit on the porch and tat lace while chastising Fred for his off-colour jokes (they weren’t really). Amazing people.


I hope my last post counts as a entry. If not I can indulge you all with another story. lol ! Thanks @parkerspurps and Scott Reach !