Overgrow Holiday Give-away: Puffco Peak (Winner Announced!)

What is this about?

@parkerspurps was so kind and donated one Puffco Peak vaporizer for this giveaway. Thank you very much! :santa: :fire:

This will be a random give-away. Everyone participating will receive a raffle ticket (or more tickets - see below). Single winner will be drawn randomly on 15th December publicly on our Discord channel using our trusty dice roll bot. Hopefully he will receive the vaporizer just for the X-mas.

Entry Rules:

  1. Minimum Overgrow “Member” status (trust level 2) to participate
  2. Limited to one registered entry per member
  3. One bonus ticket if user is Supporter at the time of the draw (stacks)
  4. One bonus ticket if user is Regular at the time of the draw (stacks)

What you’ll receive:

Brand new Puffco Peak vaporizer, still has factory wrap on it. Just for everyone’s peace of mind amidst the COVID mess. :sunglasses::+1: World-wide shipping is covered by Overgrow.

How to enter:

Think about who has inspired you as a grower. It can be real person or fictious character. Grower, philosopher, anybody. Post his name or nickname.

Who’s in?

1 Foreigner
2 Foreigner (+1 regular)
4 dequilo
5 dequilo (+1 regular)
6 dequilo (+1 supporter)
7 SmknCanuck
8 SmknCanuck (+1 regular)
9 ifish
10 Comacus
11 hewhocoruptz
12 allotment
13 allotment (+1 regular)
14 parkerspurps
15 parkerspurps (+1 regular)
16 parkerspurps (+1 supporter)
17 Papalag
18 Papalag (+1 regular)
19 man-bot
20 man-bot (+1 regular)
21 joecool
22 YoBigdaddy
23 SamwellBB
24 Hydrlizr
25 Hydrlizr (+1 regular)
26 BarefootAndBlazed
27 BarefootAndBlazed (+1 regular)
28 BarefootAndBlazed (+1 supporter)
29 Indoornesian
30 Indoornesian (+1 regular)
31 Shanti-ri
32 Shanti-ri (+1 regular)
33 Shanti-ri (+1 supporter)
34 sweetepea220
35 ChronicMcBudz
36 ChronicMcBudz (+1 regular)
37 potdaddy4x4
38 potdaddy4x4 (+1 regular)
39 schmarmpit
40 schmarmpit (+1 regular)
41 schmarmpit (+1 supporter)
42 Mongobongo
43 Mongobongo (+1 supporter)
44 Gpaw
45 Gpaw (+1 regular)
46 Shadey
47 Shadey (+1 regular)
48 Joker
49 Joker (+1 regular)
50 LilJonB
51 YoungDad420
52 YoungDad420 (+1 regular)
53 YoungDad420 (+1 supporter)
54 OleReynard
55 OleReynard (+1 regular)
56 OleReynard (+1 supporter)
57 HolyAngel
58 HolyAngel (+1 regular)
59 HolyAngel (+1 supporter)
60 mtntrogger
61 Kingmambo
62 Kingmambo (+1 regular)
63 DannylovesCannabis
64 nefrella
65 nefrella (+1 regular)
66 nefrella (+1 supporter)
67 ReikoX
68 ReikoX (+1 regular)
69 Baltimore
70 Sasquatch
71 Sasquatch (+1 regular)
72 TheShowMeHomie
73 TheShowMeHomie (+1 regular)
74 Cannasaurusrex
75 Cannasaurusrex (+1 regular)
76 Canofbusjoe
77 Canofbusjoe (+1 supporter)
78 Grease_Monkey
79 Grease_Monkey (+1 regular)
80 Pawsfodocaws
81 Pawsfodocaws (+1 supporter)
82 Senor_frijoles
83 anonymous4289
84 anonymous4289 (+1 regular)
85 Old-Ron
86 Old-Ron (+1 regular)
87 Jdem075
88 2K19Starter
89 2K19Starter (+1 regular)
90 ShiskaberrySavior
91 ShiskaberrySavior (+1 regular)
92 repins12
93 Kcity87
94 Kcity87 (+1 supporter)
95 TerpSneeze
96 TerpSneeze (+1 regular)
97 Heritagefarms
98 twistedinfinity
99 twistedinfinity (+1 regular)
100 JustSumTomatoes
101 J-Icky
102 J-Icky (+1 regular)
103 piccolo
104 TreeTop
105 MBVapester
106 MBVapester (+1 regular)
107 MBVapester (+1 supporter)
108 EugeneDebs420
109 Tinytuttle
110 Tinytuttle (+1 regular)
111 Tinytuttle (+1 supporter)
112 Howard.Crane
113 Howard.Crane (+1 regular)
114 Howard.Crane (+1 supporter)
115 Swe-can
116 Swe-can (+1 regular)
117 Swe-can (+1 supporter)
118 randrobertson522
119 randrobertson522 (+1 supporter)
120 WHF
121 froggys_pharms
122 JBow918
123 JBow918 (+1 regular)
124 thenasty1
125 Needsomebeans
126 Needsomebeans (+1 regular)
127 Needsomebeans (+1 supporter)
128 rootfarmer
129 rootfarmer (+1 regular)
130 monkeyman
131 monkeyman (+1 regular)
132 DannyTerpintine
133 DannyTerpintine (+1 supporter)
134 Hydro-420
135 Hydro-420 (+1 regular)
136 Hydro-420 (+1 supporter)
137 BogSeeds
138 Chieftain
139 cannabliss
140 rob0781
141 Yawningtears
142 Jjm
143 Jjm (+1 supporter)
144 GMan
145 GMan (+1 regular)
146 TheBubbleKing
147 terpwee-z
148 Backyard_Unlimited
149 Shawncan75
150 Gaz29
151 Gaz29 (+1 regular)
152 Gaz29 (+1 supporter)
153 Hitman40
154 Enjoi802
155 Enjoi802 (+1 supporter)
156 Panamajock
157 Panamajock (+1 supporter)
158 ZardoZ
159 TokerJayG
160 MrMayhem1134
161 MysteryMoog
162 MysteryMoog (+1 supporter)
163 zavorotnuck
164 MadScientist
165 MadScientist (+1 regular)
166 PROfessor
167 LabRat
168 Molto_Mota
169 Molto_Mota (+1 regular)
170 Skiball
171 Skiball (+1 supporter)
172 Chronickyle
173 wrdboy
174 tompsu_daa
175 TrevorLahey
176 oleskool 830 + 1 supporter


Woo I’m in! And first! Jorge Cervantes/George Van Patten has always been an inspiration in my growing.


Can I enter this?

Well looking by the lack of a title next to my name, I guess NOPE. NOBODY trusts me :rofl:

I sit in corner now.


Heath Robinson my hero :slight_smile:

EDIT: I see folks with more than one

Old But Still Stoned from Cannabis Culture '01 a tip of the hat :slight_smile:


Put me in for this great give away.Thank you all.

Inspired to grow when in the 80s when i met to old hippy brothers in B.C…Mark Emery inspired me for his defiance of the U.S draconian drug laws.


Of course you can participate!

Image 03-12-2020 at 12.49

Who has inspired you?


Captainspacecake , my good friend , RIP


Awesome, thanks…

Who inspired me? Heck lily about 15 members here actually, your all so like minded and down to earth, love it. It’s very fun being here and seeing the creativity among other things… & for bonus points, You Joe ,)

Actually I started growing out of necessity, my wife has some problems (besides me) and it’s way to Costly and IMO dangerous to buy government cannabis, so I grow it now organically and I couldn’t be happier about that.


I’m in! Lol

I get inspired logging on daily and seeing people come together for a common cause…old members giving advice, new members growing for the first time or just in need of a little help…lot of hate left in the world but there’s always an escape at OG


I’ve been inspired by Bodhi. He has always kept his breeding true to his own goals and directions not jumping on the latest hype strains. He also keeps his pricing reasonable too so everyone can afford them. I don’t think we will ever see a $300-500 dollar pack of seeds from Bodhi.


Hell yeah. JFK!


I’m still a noob and don’t have decades of background, experience and inspirational encounters with wise old hippies to share.

I feel inspired by the idea of overgrowing the world, sharing seeds and preserving strains in contrast to the commercial interest driven cannabis business world we see these days. I feel inspired by people that share their knowledge in all fields related to our hobby. There are certainly a lot of them around here. Thanks.


I was really inspired by Scott Reach, personally. When I visited CO, I went to a few Rec clubs and sampled around. I was blown away by House of Dankness. I actually got to share a few words with Scott, as he was in the storefront when I visited. I doubt he remembers me :joy::joy: very down to earth dude and very knowledgeable.

I was also very inspired by my few short months on OverGrow. What a community… you guys REALLY rekindled my growing fire. I’ve never been more invested and focused on creating new and exciting strains to share with my fellow community members. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable, I feel very grateful to be part of such an amazing group of folks with similar interests.

Also, since I just got a somewhat permanent spot, I’m behind on growing and having a lot of resources on deck… I figure this giveaway would be something nice for the OG community and bridge the gap on giving back to the community in the mean time until I have pollen, clones, seeds, etc to share.
Good luck to all! :sunglasses:


I’m in
I have to say it was a young kid (Matt ) that worked for me he’s kind a like family he gave me a joint of something called ice cream ( his first grow ) it was tasty and better then anything I found on the street ( it was so good we got lost and I used the same u turn 4 times before I knew where we were lol )
Smoked a joint with the mrs after she looked at me and said if he can grow this hell imagine what you could do so with out asking she gave me permission to grow lol it’s been 15 great years


I’d love to join for this! Wow - extremely generous.

Inspiration for growing? I have always loved plants of all kinds, and started smoking in my mid teens. Was really spurred on when I saw the beautiful colours and imagined the amazing scents DJ Short and Breeder Steve were putting together.


I’m in for this. My gardening guru was my grandfather. He taught me how to grow anything outdoors. Come to find out it was organic growing before organic growing was cool. Now as to the herb my inspiration has been @Mr.Sparkle he has answered my questions even though I’m sure by now that he had answered it many times over. Along with people like him has helped me immensely in the past year of indoor growing.


Sounds great, i have always grown out of necessity but have been inspired by so many hard to list just one. So i will go with the most recent. I have been truly inspired by:


I got into seed making because of JAWS and Medusa (RIP)
They inspired me to go for it ! and I still am


Why not, that looks like a fun little bong.

Cervantes in the early days, Breeder Steve perhaps, Oh and oppressive unjust laws, I love breaking them.
Lately its Mr. Sparkle with his miniature marvels, will try a micro seed flower thanks to his example.