Phenotype and lighting type influence the success of cloning

Does rooting success of stem cuttings vary among genotypes (Bubba Kush, Ghost Train Haze, Headband) and lighting environments (fluorescent T8s, fluorescent high output T5s, plasma lights)?

Alot of growers learned to grow by reading books by famous cannabis authors.
I like many others watched and learned what the old school members were doing on overgrow back in the day and still to this day. But I do venture out and try to get a scientic explanation without having to go buy a book. Which why I go to to find alot of the info I post on my main thread which some of you may follow. I found this article particularly useful so i thought i would share it with everyone.


That is a very long but well written way of saying
T5s work great for moms and clones especially with the right combined spectrums, use a sharp sterilized blade when taking clones and regardless of what you do some strains root easier or faster then others.
I agree with all of these things and will add that some strains root better with smaller or larger cuttings , more or less light, it really helps to play around and see what works best in your specific environment. No two grows will ever be exactly the same unless they are indoor , same town same, same elevation, same plants, same exact nutrients, even then unless it’s a controlled tempature environment they will be different. This plant we love really is flexible in terms of how it decides to grow and due to it being grown in all different parts of the world for so long some are greatly different in what they want. Arid dessert vs tropical forest vs high elevation vs low elevation etc etc.
Basically when you get a strain dialed in it will always reward you for your efforts. Alot of what makes a strain great is really figuring out what it wants to perform to its full capability, the other part is of course genetics.


Preparation of mums prior to taking the cuttings has a big influence , maybe the biggest , in rooting cuts : )


Yep, I always liked to feed the moms a more balanced fertilizer a day or two before taking cuttings. That way they have plenty of what they need to root with. But through my browsing of others posts, I’m seeing that there are some plants that just don’t want to be cloned. When it comes from a grower that is clearly seasoned and experienced, I take note.


Aside from keeping then perky by doming/misting, ive found the single most importnat thing for success and soeed of cloning is keeping the rez/medium at5.8ph.
Makes a world of difference.


One week befor taking cuts prepare the mums by feeding them with a lower ec that is high in p and low in n , p is what you want to load the mum up with as p is for roots , if feed has high n in it the cuts will just sit in propagator and not root for weeks as they have enough n in there leafs to survive
I would feed mums a balanced feed always : )
If I am looking to top cuts , I shall also do this while they are on the mum also
A mum can handle that far better than a new rooted clone , kind of ( so clones don’t stall , mum already absorbed the stress of the topping : )


I should mention by balanced, I’m mean something with some P and K. I use to alternate between Alaskan fish 5-1-1 and Neptune harvest 2-4-1. I use to also have a kelp extract that just some K that I would mix I as well.

By balanced I’m referring to a 1/1/1 or similar : )
The plant is continually assessing everything , by alternating feeds is adding unnessacery confusion , better to mix them three togeather to create a 1/1/1 and feed that : )


Research the benefits of feeding the mom’s a high carbohydrate diet for a few days prior to taking cuts, it helps alot. I stand by the fact that some are harder to root then others.
There is also the fact that companies have been working on producing varieties that are intentionally next to impossible to clone and have been slipping questionable genetics into the gene pool for quite some time.

This is just one interesting read but I’ve been rambling on about this for ever and it mostly falls on deaf ears. Watch some of the old hortapharm videos and they straight talk about making sterile non cloneable varieties, if you connect all the dots they are setting up for a patent war where they can claim that most everything people have is based off there property. This is why they have been contaminating land races, pushing fem seed and setting up all the paperwork to take over when it’s time.
Oh and the mass genetic collection that companies like phylos have taken part in is not just for big pharma , law enforcement has been using it also to connect there own line of dots…


From the article you posted. With all these wonderful people working together it does not give me a warm gooey feeling… It’s a rather deep rabbit hole. Spent the last few hours researching. Where there’s a hole - there is dirt.

"On the Drug Policy Alliance website, they state that they are a leading advocate for prop 19 in California. DPA’s board of directors has included a president and chairman of the federal reserve bank, deputy directors of the defense department and the CIA, members of the Carlyle Group, IBM, the Rockefeller Foundation, and of course George Soros who is a major shareholder in the Monsanto corporation as well as other major petroleum industries."

“The entities that can legally provide medicinal Cannabis seeds are limited to the University of Mississippi’s Cannabis research program, HortaPharm R&D Company, and GW Pharma.”

That same university research program that G13 “escaped” from… Which lead me to alot of other things. Some of which has been deleted by the Reagan admin.

That leads no where.

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They left out Dr. Robert DuPont, Founding Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in the article I noticed.
Researching Dr. Carlton Turner is not easy to do.
Do I think the government may of released G13 purposefully as a way of infiltrating cannabis by means of controlling the genes? Im beginning to.

The graph is from 09. The highest level of THC measured this year was over 37%.


Ok my research now has basicly leads me to believe that the movie “Half Baked” is basicly a story based on exactly what we are talking about. Thurgood Jankins (Dave chapelle) is a janitor at “Frankensense and Murr Pharmaceutical Corporation” who in turn scores some weed at work from one of the scientists.
Kenny is in jail for killing a horse with junk food while stoned on a munchies run. They’re depressed and smoke Thurgoods pharma sourced pot and float when they smoke it. The biggest clue that GMO is involved is that all the varietals are landrace strains like Mowie Wowie and such but the effects of smoking it beat the best weed in all of New York City sold by Sampson elite drug services. And the cops are busting Sampson too after Thurgood breaks into the pharma Corp he works for for a big score.

Now the weed that would of been used by the pharma company that Thurgood work for would of come from the University of Mississippi’s program at that time. Also think of the year the movie was made and keep in mind my graph above. Monsanto released their first GMO seeds in 1996.

“Monsanto and the Drug Policy Alliance are not the only entities leading the charge to regulate Cannabis through genetic engineering. As published in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Experimental Botany, Researchers from the College of Biological Science of the University of Minnesota have identified the genes in the Cannabis plant that produce tetra-hydro-cannabinol (THC), claiming in a press release that it is “a first step toward engineering a drug-free Cannabis plant”

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I’ve been freaking out about this for quite some time they have been putting all the right peices in place to shut everybody down they see as competition. I have a older thread on here entitled how to stop this potential take over that goes down this rabbit hole. In reality with the connections and circles they have made it can’t be stopped, cannabis will go the way of big AG /Monsanto and all we can do is keep are hands on as many non screwed up genetics as possible. There was a company that sold a bacteria that killed russet mites, Monsanto bought it and it is no longer on the shelf. They already own 80% of the nutrient companies , general hydro etc, maybe they released the bugs along with there mutant genes.
It’s highly possible that that cannabis cup and high times are all a part of operation greenmerchant and we have all been played from the early days.

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The thing i find funny is that Dr. Carlton Turner was promoted to Reagan’s Drug Czar the year after they stopped drying the buds in the sun and started using tabbacco houses at the UM research farm (what innovation lmao).
Thats not enough work in my eyes to justify a promotion. He was in charge of the cultivation techniques used at the farm which is laughable looking back from today considering this was a goverment funded farm that employed top scientists.

High times helped sued to get the real results from the famous studies that condemed cannabis like dead brain cells, low sperm count ect… So I dont know man.

People literally paid phylos to take all the data there going to use to screw cannabis industry, that and sending Steve all those seeds for the south American grows smh. Alot of the older breeders are already involved or always have been , just follow the connections and you will see a rather small circle of the same people. There is a reason Dave dosent exist on film…

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When do you think the first GMO cannabis was developed?

Hard to say , hortapharm was definitely interested in that field from there early days and the technology has been available for quite some time. Wouldn’t it suck to find out every strain with skunk1, g13 , northern lights etc carries the marker and is owned by somebody. Almost all of the seed companies over there have Dave’s genetics , I trust sensi seeds somewhat because they got there stock from nevil and there was alot of arguing back in the day over who had what and from where. Robert layed the foundation with his books to become the leading authority on cannabis , funny how he had a degree in cannabis botany before they were even available. They have been setting this up for a long time , prior art , the proof these strains existed before them is all we have. That will even be difficult because everybody keeps crossing new to old making sure everything is a mixed up as possible. You can’t own prior existing varieties that are in the public domain and you can’t own landraces. Notice the push to destroy land race genetics threw contamination. I was at a BBQ with some bigger growers and one of the south American dudes was there. Well one of there workers not anybody high up. Anyways he overheard me talking genetics with some people and quickly jumped in , rudely demanding to know what landraces I have and where I got them. He looked really upset when I told him there are people getting as many landraces out as possible before there gone. He immediantly wanted to trade beans and I declined and then he went off on how gmo cannabis is the way of the future, preaching patents and how everybody else is old news. I explained to everybody there exactly what he was talking about and why it’s horrible while he glared at me from across the table. He abruptly left and everybody there let me know he is a real asshole and I should avoid him. They only allow him around out of fear, you see this person grows prob 10’000 plants in a county where people get busted for more then 6 and he employees most of them to work for him. These were all guys that had commercial licenses untill the county flipped the rules around, now they work for the egomaniac who seems to be allowed to do what ever he wants.
Odd how nevil was pushed into hiding while people like ben , arjan etc were building empires, all with the help of high times , the same magazine that brought all the attention to nevil that resulted in international warrents.

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Again not a warm gooey feeling. RSC landrace are still untainted correct?

I’m assuming most of them are , when you read there descriptions some already say they can’t gaurentee they haven’t been slightly contaminated by outside genes. I’ve avoided those lines and stuck with the ones they claim are sourced from pure stock.angus is a good guy and really straight forward so I trust them. I will say that my seeds from India came from there directly and I probably trust Indian Landrace exchange more then anybody else at this point.
Swami works with alot of lines that were never dutched up as did master thai. Master Thai genetics are no longer available but swami still has a site up. They did this a long time ago to the food growing industry and cannabis is there next target, it’s projected value is to high for them to not take over. The one big advantage this time is we know what they do and what to expect.
I’m not sure if it has been decided yet but dave is involved with a USA based company that filed a law suite against some CBD manufacturer claiming they own the patents to all CBD lines and products. If it’s decided in his favor it will open pandoras box with all the patents him and his affiliates already hold.
If you look up cannabis patents you would prob be shocked to see there are over 1500 already. A large majority are owned by a university in Florida. A couple guys have one that literally covers all edibles, as soon as these are proved to be enforceable they will sell it to Kraft foods and everybody who makes edibles will get a cease and desist order backed by a legal team they have zero chance against. This is just one example of what’s to come.

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