Pictures of Personal Crosses, Show Us Your Creations!

Thanks man, named her after my mom, who is battling Alzheimer’s right now.


does weed help with her problems?


Seems to help her deal with them better.


May you and your Mom BOTH have more peaceful days. Enjoy a festive/bountiful Holiday Season, take care, stay EXTRA safe and, as ever, be well…mister :honeybee:


Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you !!

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i picked up some high cbd strains to start growing for meds, i just dont know if they are high thc or not, or if they have thc at all


A fresh combination of Snowhigh Purple Thai Female with 707 Pineapple Thai male pollen from @Trowertripper.

Happy Thanksgiving All, roll up a Turkey Leg and be safe…



I’m waiting for Sebring’s revenge in my seed order (10:1 cbd:thc). Haven’t tried cbd myself yet, but my friend wanted to try it so I’m going to grow some for him. I’ve been told it’s a nice smoke in it self, but also works well blending in a bowl/joint with thc strains so you can find your own balance. I’m going to try it myself too of course.


Nice. Love a good thai.


Just chopped, taste test next week. If it passes I’ll put it in line for a small bud/extract run next cycle.


What’s the smell on this cross @Instg8ter?


Beautiful as always @Instg8ter

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so basicly its hemp, not enough thc to be recreational weed? cant have over .o3 or .3% thc here to be hemp, or cbd med.
0.3% THC or below

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It says 16%+ cbd and 2.5% or less thc. So not “hemp” but not going to get you really stoned either.
Click the magnifying glass to see details

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not worried about getting stoned on it, just wondering where it was on a legal stand point. this community has blessed me with the HIGH THC BOMB :fire:. And the CBD MEDS. I am so very thankful to everyone that has blessed me. Pure Love and Respect for All!!

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The Purple is picking up the Pineapple traits. It’s a more oily resinous plant and the pineapple added the frost chunky bud and the stick man Tall Sativa structure, Pineapple was more X-mas tree. Stem rub and buds smell of sweet pineapple so far. The 707 Thai is said to carry a high THC 18-24 CBD 3-4 ratio. Which is a bonus, been wanting to try a CBD strain.

I’ll keep this short, an older bro of mine had some Jew Gold Regular seeds chillin in his freezer since 1974 (hes an old school breeder) he also recently givein up on growing, basically after 40+ years hes burnt out from growing ;( So he gave me some special gifts…

I grew out 1 Jew Gold 1974 got a male, collected the pollen… Then crossed it with the best cut Granddaddy purple I had growing… Resulting in Kosher Daddy…

Sent out KD Reg seeds to 3 people to do a pheno hunt and I grew 5 myself.

Turnes out all of them grew very similar to eachother :wink: Next run I’m growing out several more KDs pheno hunting the “Perfect” Female and feminizing her. Of course I’ve got Orginal male pollen to back cross if necessary…

Either way already stable Genetics line no undesirable trates even tho I purposely stressed the heck out of them…

Also next run I’m hoping the last 2 or 3 Jew Gold 1974 beans and hopefully I get a female so I can revive this old school strain that’s nearly impossible to find without it already being crossed with something els… I wanna keep the Original line alive…

All grows between 4 people have been with 100% Organic nutrients … 3 indoor grows and 1 outdoor…

1st photo Kosher Daddy a friend is growing (4ft tall in 3gal pot)
2nd pic is my cured buds (grow under my old 180w led)
3rd pic is Kosher Daddys Mother. (Granddaddy purple)

This strain stems, buds and hairs, turn purple in cooler temperatures.

Only 4 people on this planet have this strain right now.

The CBD/THC is a guesstimate based on the parents Lineage. So it would be good to have it tested…

Breeder - Club Quadrent = Me CADMAN
Strain: Kosher Daddy
GENETICS: Jew Gold 1974 X Granddaddy purple
VARIETY: 30% Indica & 70% Sativa Dominant)
THC CONTENT: 20%+ (not tested)
CBD CONTENT: 1+% (not tested)
FLOWERING TIME: 50 - 60 days
Height: 4ft (no training) in 3gal organic soil grow.

TASTE: Earthy, Hashy, Fruity candy, Sweet, Citrus, Pine, Sour, Citrusy and Desiel it’s a overall (dynamic flavor profile)

EFFECTS: Body, Physical, Powerful, Relaxing, Sedative.

After curing for over a month now, the pungent smell is increased, more Desiel, Pine, Forest berry-ish, Earthy smell. & the effects are good, decent head high that transfers into a more physical stone…

Not a couch lock kinda deal, but my mouth is dry, pasty and I need a drink. Also makes the appetit start up a little.

When hitting the bong it’s the same flavor described here with the smell so its gonna taste good, but it might make ya cough, it’s a dry smoke if that makes any sense…

Pretty enjoyable and only would use this after work is done or maybe lookin to finish up some yard work. Or chillin or doing house work…

This strain wont stop anyone from getting stuff done, but it may cause you… hey squirrel

Granddaddy purple mother in seed mode.

Jew Gold 1974 Daddy

Pheno hunting Kosher Daddys

Kosher Daddys finishing up in party cups

Not sure IF I’m allowed to link my original journal from another fourm here? But it’s way more detailed on the info regarding how Kosher Daddy was developed, it’s also photo heavy…


I smoked some pine Thai early on and wasn’t that impressed. I age-cured it a bit and put it in my new davinci micro. I was well relaxed in a nice way all afternoon. It was a different kind of high for sure. It crept up and kept creeping.

I’m limited to how much I can run at a time. I’m hoping to run it again soon. I grew a gorilla girl freebie from seedsman and was pleasantly surprised at her smell. I was Drying her in my shower stal. I walked in and though “coffee?” it smelled like fresh roasted coffee beans? I tried some quickly in the dehydrator and vapted it and it tastes like hazelnuts.

Of course I cloned her nearly on but she wanted to revegg…so is said heLL YEa.

I also few three Tashkenti landrace plants, smoked one and it hit me hard. Very good high but a harsh toke


I made this cross a year or so ago im just now running 6 to see how they came out. Cross is tiramisuV2 (mandelbrots mag opus x ogkb2.0)male and a clone of mass medicals e pupil was the mother. I did name this one Breath of the beast®

Theyre babies still. Ill clone them all eventually.


Beautiful, keep is updated on how they turn out.

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