Portable AC units

I live in a shitty insulated trailer, and while my current set up does manage, I’m looking to expand within the same room. Window unit might be an option but for starting I’d rather check out some cheaper ones that wont pump my wattage up.

I know it wont make a HUGE difference in comparison but I’d still like to search my options so I can possibly plan out a new design for the other side of my room. Any suggestions, tips, maybe tricks to set up something similar in a different manner?

Thanks in advance


Oh some specs. My flower room is a 5x3, I really only use 4x2ish of it so theres some space for a small floor unit. Then I’d like to set up another 4x2 in the same room that I can exhaust outside as itd only be for veg.
The entire room is maybe 30 square ft


We bought this portable air conditioner for our Pop-up camper at Aldi’s and its suppose to cool off a 10×10 room…8,000 btu’s for I think $199…we haven’t used it yet.


Ive seen a good bit of things saying portables are a waste as they are inefficient. It was saying something to the effect of they create more heat then they remove. There was something else but I cant remember. Im currently holding out to get a window ac.


Yeah the exhaust pipe gets really hot and makes it inefficient unless you can put right against a window or vent.

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Had one of those once . I returned it . Didn’t cut the mustard .

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Without having to look it up, what’s an average window unit pull wattage ?

I couldn’t tell you, I have central AC now .

Depends on BTU’s.

I have 3 units window and portable.

My 12K pulls about 1100 watts. The 6K about 600.

For a little room with one light, a 10K would be fine in summer. IDK where you live though and how hot your summers are/how hot the room gets/how much wattage you’re running.

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Window unit will definitely be more efficient and give you more actual cooling per watt/btu.


O do know that window units are way more efficient than those portables I bought on and put it up against a window unit window unit one hands down cheaper on electric bill and cooled better but now that I’m off grid with solar no more electric bill

Btw the peramoters of the test were pretty close to each other same kind ND of outside environment as well as inside last year during July and August hee in florida

Peace and stay safe


I built my tent/room with panda film and then to save space I mounted the portable AC/Dehumidifier outside the room and made a cardboard ductwork into the room. I then used flex piping to a T with butterfly controls so that in the summer it vents the heat outside and in the winter I run it through a carbon filter inside to keep the heat as soon as it gets cold.

Not exactly pretty but it works.


Long as it does the job
Peace and stay safe

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Currently using a 5k, non digital window shaker. 4x8x8.

This is on my wishlist for spring.
Usually $219. Fluctuates.
About 5.8amps.

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I ran an in room for years outside the tent and just pumped the cold into the tent, as MVBvapester did. I just made a foam backed plenum, used a wall duct fitting and a 4 inch vortex. It knocked the 10 degrees out that I needed it to.
I was able to vent the hot exhaust out of a boxed in basement window . Worked perfect.
Since I made my move to LED, no need for it, and gave it away.

I found my pics.

The plenum, AC set behind it.

cold air, going into 4’ x 8’x 7’ hydropharm tent and into a 4’ x 4’x 7’ veg tent.

Then into the filter.


That’s pretty good DIY work there :+1:

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Thatd be a great idea. I’d have to see if I can fit something like that in the space I have though. That’s another issue. I’m in a master bathroom that isnt very big . I currently have the flower spot in a stand up shower running into the entrance. The other spot I plan to use is the tub in the same room, however play room I really only have like maybe 8 sq feet.

Back to the drawing board.

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Berry interesting

Hey Beerus, I’m one of those phucked up units, that just does stuff. I’ve jack hammered through my basement concrete floor to make a sunken reservoir, to chase 8-10 degree reduction in my solution temps, when I ran hydro set up.
Years later, it became a sump, and I solved my wet basement floor after a huge rain.
Drilled holes from basement to roof, straight up through the floors to get to exhaust into the attic.
Yeah, a few years later on, I’m filling them back up, sanding and some repainting, like it never happened.
I’m blessed I own my home, and my wife is very forgiving…as long as I repair my butchery, LOL!
Just throwing out ideas for anyone interested. Best to ya!

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