Repro :: Silas' Lost Skunk - Exodus Cheese x UGORG Blues

I’ve been working on this reproduction for a little while (Just finished week 6 of flower) and I want to put it on here. I want to start a Lost Skunk thread. The seeds were from my friend, @santero, and maybe he’ll chime in with some back-story on Silas and his cross.
The cross is Exodus Cheese, and Underground Original’s (UGORG) Blues - a polli-Skunk with some Blueberry (Smellyberry) in it. Originally created by Silas, and basically because it was so good, Underground Originals copied the cross and released it as UGORG1.

I cracked all 10 seeds and ended up with 8, then culled two more to make 3 females and 3 males to be used in the F2s
Females ::

this next female has had “praying leaves” from early on, as you’ll see

… and the males ::

(some of them got a little chewed up from my chickens when I left them outside)

One of the characteristics is double-serration on the leaves

Pre-flower females

LS#2 - from early on she had crinkled leaves that I accept is from it’s Blueberry heritage. The yellowing leaves is just a thing I let go. The ec, pH, soil moisture were all good. So LITFA it was

And the LS#4 (with her praying leaves)

… I"ll get into flower next sesh


Now things start getting more sexy



and the boys




I had a space problem and I couldn’t think myself out of it, so I just let it stand… these gals are all cuts known for their production and aromas. I let them stay in the room… Basically I’ve created a very LOUD room, and some very interesting things to play with
Gush Mints (Purple City Genetics cut)

Lime Heads (from fem seeds Lime1 x 707 HB by Meangene x SkunkTek)

Donkey Butter (select cut from Exotic Genetix)

and Peach Sherbert OG (from Perfect Tree)

I threw the boy in with all the girls and made a weed porn-o


Watching this for sure : )

Is that the middle boy from the boys pic ?


Resurrecting them there oldies but goodies = worthwhile endeavour.


silas from UK made the line around 2012/2013 and reported about it
over at TSD-forum before it went down. he shared seeds with a few
people and i was one of them. i still kept a few of the f1 in my vault.

you are reproducing the original cross, made with the exodus cheese
clone only hit by pollen from a blues bx2-male (from UGORG’s “blues”-

the double serrations come from the cheese and the yellowing is a blueberry-
trait that can’t be helped, blueberry shows mutations here and there sometimes,
that only grow out by themselves.

strong sweet/rotten fruits and old gymnsocks from the blues and cheese,
along with some stuffy berries from the blueberry is what i would suspect.
this is the real-deal cheese, in a (quasi) backcross to the blueberry.

the place must STINK like an old school skunk-heaven … the 90’s are back. :slight_smile:


This is awesome that you are willing to reproduce hidden gems like this. Blueberry cheese crosses are one of the most underrated medicial cultivars out there, a true gem to anyone struggling with anxiety or depression. Also it’s medical traits persist and can be build upon further for anyone who needs further customization of the cultivar to get your peak experience. It’s a really good place to start working towards your own medicine. As a caretaker, Blueberry cheese was always one of the first cultivars had handed over to patients with the problems described above. I hope that anyone struggling with these issues give these a fair chance, it have the potential to increase your wellbeing beyond many of today’s hype cultivars.

Awesome work @Zanzibar :100:

Pz :v:t2:


Hey there @ifish those are all three males in the room.
thanks for stopping by

@santero yeah the room is really an odor bomb. I can smell it outside, too :volcano:

… this ^^^ and it’s very complex. There’s a lot of things going on. I pick up all kinds of other things, too, things like Pine/cedar, kelp/salty, body odor, lavender, hickory smoke, etc. Very complex

Thanks for stopping by @Mestizo @LonelyOC

Here’s some more. This is a cut of the LS1 I put outside at my friend’s house

… and now we get up to date with these girls in the room at about 45 days
LS4 & LS1


and these Kushes are all flopping over. They stretch so much and I didn’t tie them up enough - so it’s a floppy mess… each plant doesn’t really fit into a picture. Luxury problems for sure

Donkey Butter

Lime Head

Peach Sherbert



Very cool Repro! Love cheese and also the blues! I really like stumbling across this work on here! Love the classics and the love and dedication that others have to reproduction and preservation.


I know it isn’t the focus of the thread but how’s that donkey butter?? Frankly, I’ve only smoked it once and I’ve been enamored ever since.


Hey there, SodaPop… DB is an exceptional strain. I got it as a cut and it’s impressive for sure. Great potency, aromas, short and stocky like a bulldog, and done in 9 weeks. And it’s a really nice pairing with the Lost Skunk, I think. I’m stoked to discover what shows up from these beans. The DB and the LS have similar growth structures (tho the DB is denser and smaller) and how the tastes will show through has me very excited to test them out. In a month or so I’ll have beans if you send me a good addy I’ll get you some when they’re ready

Thanks for stopping by, @sprinklememaynee This has been a fun adventure, for sure. Opening this line up will be a whole new adventure :peace_symbol:

I like this pic - three LS gals crowding up the corner


Well done, I am a skunk enjoyer. Thanks so much for sharing.


I believe it, when I smoked DB for the first time it had the nicest ginger taste to it and was followed by musky dankness. Happy to hear you’re having a good time with this whole grow!


Nice stuff! @santero is super cool with the beans! Lost Skunk lineage sounds killer. Best of luck with them!


This is pretty cool specially because I’ve never had real skunk as I’ve been part of the cannabis community for a very short time. One day I’ll be able to find some real stuff.

I wish u the best of luck and I’ll be watching this thread closely. Thank you for doing gods work here


Skunk is pretty foundational to most hybrid strains around today. The genealogy can be seen when researching strains on… practically ubiquitous. A collective called Sacred Seeds started breeding what would become Skunk#1 in the early '70’s, in Cali.
Here’s a good interview with Sam Skunkman where he talks about creating Skunk#1 (start at about 11:30)… impressive pheno hunt to say the least


This is really interesting. I’m the beginning of 11:30 they just start out by saying 1000 males and 1000 females. That’s so much growing. As a humble homegrower It blows my mind to pieces. This video really paints a perspective it took him 3 years to stabilize skunk. Awe man. I’m in for a ride.

The other guy is saying he grew 20,000 and then another 20,000 to pick a few. Dude if someone gave me to pick between three bags of chips I’d probably have a hard time

That reminds me of these freebies I got two years ago called Blue Monster.


@JAWS I think I saw you talking about several of these strains. Cheese stuff


another corner pic - week 8

LS#2 cola -LS2 is shorter than the others, and the aromas weirdly more dank. It has crinkled leaves, which might be a trait from BlueBerry, but the aromas seem more Cheese. I won’t know for sure until they’re dried and cured, just observing

LS#2 sidebud

LS#4 cola max preggered

This is a Lost Skunk (LS#1) I put put outside (interesting how the leaves change shape in different environments)


LS#4 looks so delicious :drooling_face:


Started harvesting and it’s been really fun. I’m very happy with all of this. I hung them to dry a little and now cutting off fan leaves to start the slow dry. The seeds are all beautifully dark and striped. I’m fully stoked!
Lost Skunk 1 fully seeded cola

Lost Skunk 4 fully seeded cola (I tried to make a long picture as I thought it would be magnified, but it didn’t really work for the post, oh well)

The LS2 is still standing (she is the crinkle-leafed but short statured plant that expresses both parents so well)

Here’s the Peach Sherbert OG (from Perfect Tree). She smells divine - a punchy peach fuel. All the plants I chose for this seed-run have very outstanding aromas. Select cuts chosen as pairs to the LS; the goal - QUALITY LOUDNESS

a few more gems coming up.