Sebring's 79MauwiWowieCherryBomb pheno f4

In Late August i was gifted with some of @Sebring 79 MWCB f4 from my brother @Mongobongo.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Sebring for all he does for the cannabis community and all of us here at OverGrow.He is worthy of all our praise and yet the words seem lacking for what he gives to us.I for one will jump through fire to grow what he touches. @Sebring its an honor to grow your MWCB and anything else of yours i am lucky enough to grow.I only wish i did you and your MWCB more justice in my first run of it.

I have not seen many grow logs here of folks growing it.With the big drop from Sebring coming tomorrow I thought i would share what you are all in for.

Sept 2nd/20 i soaked 5 seeds.
Sept 5th the were popping out the dirt.

Sept 17th 12 days after breaking soil in a 16oz cup of promix seedling mix it was time to up pot.Those roots grew fast.Transplanted to 1gal poly bags of premium promix.Get uniformed vigorous growth

Sept 19 , 2days after transplant taking off now

Sept 21st a close up of a MWCB

Sept 25 MWCB plant 3

Sept 28 MWCB plants 2, 5 , 3 very vigorous growth for 26days from soaking seeds and 21 days above the soil.

Sept 30th 25 days above ground and its time to flip them to 12/12. MWCB Plant 4

Plant 5 after 12hrs of dark

Oct 3rd plant #4

Oct 4th MWCB plants 5, 4, 1,3

Oct 11th , 11days into 12/12 . Plants 5, 2, 4, 1


Oct 15 and 17th plant 5

Oct 23rd 23 days into 12/12 and the frostiness is starting

Oct 25th plant 2

Plant 1 shaping up nicely

Plant 4 bud and the plant

Oct 26 26 days of 12/12 and its starting to snow snow snow

And this brings us to Oct 31 and the 31st day of 12/12
A couple of shots of one of the MWCB ladies.

And the latest bud shot of the MWCB blizzard taking place in my garden.At day 31 i can only imagine what kind of blizzard it will be in another 30 days oh let the Blizzard roar

I will continue to update this first post as we take the Sebring MWCB Blizzard journey to the finish…

Sadly in my rush to get up and growing again and get my first harvest in a few years before Christmas. I feel i have not truly tapped this One of a Kind Ladies full potential or done it true justice as the tent and closet are packed full and flowering them in 1gal poly bags.
I do however have clones of each of the 5 ladies going for moms and will be taking mass cuttings to do a run of MWCB in my 4x6x8 flower closet. I will also be sure to have a bunch of 3ft clones to go outside in the ground come May and a couple in 20gal pots on my south facing balcony…,as my 4x8 tent runs my other projects.I will also be acquiring a couple of 4x4 tents and have set up a 5x5x8 closet for an auto flower room.

I will do this one of a kind strain its proper justice on the next run with all the knowledge i have gained from this first run.Its a really easy plant to grow,will respond great to LST,scrog and SOG …At 21 days in to flower they have had this fruity cherry aroma,as its hit day 31 you are first hit with a pungent fruity cherry aroma,as you lean over and inhale above the buds it becomes a ripened rank fruity cherry skunky aroma,upon inhaling it even more i felt my sinus clear as the aroma of what seemed like spearmint ecualyptus streamed through my nasal passage.I find myself daily heading into the tent just to smell them.

This is a strain you want to have in your garden for years to come.It will be in mine till my time passes here

So its now day 32 of 12/12 i pulled one girl out the 4x6 closet with the burple lights.The intoxicating aromas as she shook and danced her buds off was other worldly.I so cannot wait to have a smoke of her.

And another Lady i pulled out the 4x8 tent under the HPS.Her aromas were even more pronounced as she shaked her buddies being moved out.These are in 1gal bags cannot wait to do some in 10gal pots and in the ground in spring.Wish i had a better camera than my phone for pics

33days of flowering pulled out a different MWCB lady tonight.These lovely ladies make you feel like you on the islands ready to strip naked and jump in the ocean and prance on the beach.The sweet putred cherry berry aroma,followed by that rancid sweet over ripened fruity skunky scent only to clear the sinuses with her undertone of spearmint eucalyptus grows more pronounced by the day as she covers in a blizzard of snow.

Its listed as 8 to 11 weeks flowering time.With 5 ladies going i am hoping one is an 8 weeker.That would mean its only another 23 days till one would be done.I do not think i could endure all 5 going 11wks and having another 44 days to go.Glad i took cuts from all 5.


nice pics, nice looking plants! Saw that strain listed on DIY, sounded good.


For the cost of shipping you do not want to let it slip by you.Thanks Who its the plants and Sebring that deserve the praise they made it easy to grow it and show it off


he is out right now, and i got so many now to run lol, if it ever became legal here and you could run hundreds in a hunt , In Canada I see some get pretty big number permits.

Not discrediting genetics but the grower matters, nice healthy happy plants = good grow and grower. Nice job!


I am in Canada my license lets me do 242 plants indoors.Can pay $300 and upgrade to 494 plants…

Sunday 3pm EST it will be available to all of us


Thats awesome Bro! do you run that many? lol that was impulse shouldnt of asked. but its wild to me.


I only started back growing the start of Semptember.I currently have 34 plants flowering.Have 20 plants veggings.A bunch of clones growing .Right now i am at about 100 plants total.I will be amping up as i expand my grow areas i plant to hit the 200 mark by January


thats sorta mindboggling to me, most of my life its been sick bird, ill eagle . Would love to just get a job as helper to a grower at a grow place that had a really decent head grower, but to old.


awesome looking pics and happy plants there @SmknCanuck. Spearmint Eucalyptus sounds like a great terpene combination mmmmm


Hey Who i feel for you.I will be 53 in 3months.I am still hoping to get a tract of land up north and set up a mega grow to aid those who need medical marijuana and cannot afford the dispencary costs as they are on disability…I have adopted 8 that i will grow and help supply as i will have way more bud than what i need…Age is a number and us ole folk know a lot about growing and done it under illegal times and with limited equipment…We are still of value to commercial growers

Monkey Man how ya doing brother.The MWCB is like a kalidascope of aromas and takes you on an aroma journey as you continue to inhale it.Its one of those strains you need to grow and smell it to really appreciate and try to explain it in full.


First of all 53 is not old! Secondly, that is very cool of you to want to help out people in need of good meds. That MWCB sounds like a very special pheno indeed, hopefully I can check it out someday if Sebring ever does another run of those


@monkeyman The seed release is tomorrow on his website!


yes I am excited - I found out this will be part of the release, among many other delicious sounding cultivars


3pm EST time so stoked for it to.


This is an excellent start! :joy: :clap: :raised_hands:

Thanks for the grow-log. :slight_smile:

I’m especially interested in the Cherry Bomb (Reeferman(?)) aspect and see similarities in the buds to one of my favorites & pet IBL project, Red Cherry Berry. :grin: :cherries: :strawberry: (Skunk #1 x Cherry Bomb Indica).

Info on that :cherries: :bomb: & Reeferman in the '80s is scant & I’d really like to know as much as possible. Like the DNA sequencing. :laughing:

The Red Cherry Berry plants have been shorter & bushier than what we’re seeing here but the buds & resin look & sound very similar. :nerd_face: :skunk:




242 plants hell I might start eating weed with those numbers :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


Awe shucks thanks Cannabissequoia Sebring has well earned the respect and admiration of us and for myself inspired me to do more for others and give back in a small way.The Red Cherry Berry sounds intriguing to.thanks for sharing :grin::+1:


$500 a year for a license to have 242 plant going at a time with the option to pay another $300 and kick it to 494 plants.Well worth the minimal cost…Trust me i plan on eating my share of home made edibles and bubble hash.


Do they allow you to sell extras ? Just curious if I should apply for citizenship :joy:


@TheShowMeHomie Its crazy here.Anyone wanting to spend the money can obtain a license as long as you have not been convicted of a drug offence in the past 10yrs.CannabisCanada you pick the plant amount you want and pay them.They in turn set you up with a licensed doctor or nurse have a 10 minute video call.Say you have aches and pains,insomnia anxiety or whatever.They issue a perscription for a daily quantity of meds.$500 says your daily med need is 56grams and that entitles you to grow 242 plants at any given time.Mail your perscription and application to health Canada and they issue your grow license.Then buy 1 purchase from a federal dispencary and your allowed to carry around a 1/4 lb at a time…Canada is a great country