Shiatsu kush clone

Here’s my shiatsu kush clone about 2 weeks into flower. Under full spectrum led 200 watt in ffof recycled soil. She’s in a 2 quart pot. I have a purple kush x do si dos and Williams wonder x indiana bubblegum as well which I’ll show later. I don’t know much about the purple dosi other than remembering the buds being crazy colors with pink accents. The plant is from a bagseed, I actually have 10 more seeds. The smoke is outstanding and distinct.

Cured shiatsu flower, very loud smelling. I still can’t belive nobody else grows shiatsu, its so dank.


Nice! Heard this was a great strain! The other cross sounds interesting as well


It’s a good one the smell is unreal. It’s sweet pine potpourri, that’s the best way to describe it. High is relaxed and euphoric similar to a good blueberry. I bought these from the original release from bcbd. There’s a few phenos, here previous harvest of several phenos.


So here’s the purple kush dosi and Williams wonder bubblegum. The wonder gum is in the grow bag, day 2 flower. The kush dosi is the slender plant, it’s still vegging. Stems and other foliage has pink/purple accent already.


Here’s a better pic of the purple kush x do si dos. Already developing a lovely purple on the stem and under leaves. Think in the near future om going to run 5 at once and see what pops out of those. Last picture us my brother’s plant.


Starting to bounce back, I topped her 3 days ago. Stem rub smells just like the flowers…pine incense.


Better pics of her…

Shiatsu kush…


Bodhi sun ra on the right top. Got some gg4 x tk and headband otw soon as well.


I’m debating on whether or not to pop some more seeds. Need to fill my tent up.

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Here’s the wonder gum it’s Williams wonder x serious bubblegum male. Stem rub is skunk pine.

Flowers from wonder gum previous…

Funny looking plant on left is from bodhi too.


Love the Shiatsu Kush.

She’s a great strain for sure.

Wonderful flavor and excellent on the head.

Biggest cause for worry is buds so chunky, mold can raise its ugly head quick. Keep that airflow!

Was just thinking I needed to run this strain again soon.


Flavor sure is outstanding ain’t it? So good in a joint bc it coats your mouth in sweet pine. Buzz is strong but chill. Long tooth did you grow yours from clone or seed? Here’s that purple pheno…

Smells like Flintstone vitamin


Here’s that headband x airborne g13. Already got some stank on her.


Shiatsu kush almost halfway there, maybe 4 weeks left.


Seedling is a triangle kush, ladybugs are the best and there cool.

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I grew a shiatsu kush several years ago and they were huge , I crossed her to a pure African Durban and a few other things , the Durban offspring have all the same traits as the shiatsu but get even taller. I’ll add pictures when I find them but there on this site somewhere lol
image image

Yes that’s me and I’m 6”4 and that’s in a 25 galling smart pot :joy:
All pine a rotten funk terps on the ones I grew , the Durban cross was even stronger pine funk.


All about the pine with shiatsu kush. Just smoked a joint, and I never get sick of it. It’s one of those strains that doesn’t lose its luster, gets you ripped the same everytime. I’ve noticed no tolerance build up after several years daily smoking. Haze and og kush are the only 2 other strains I can puff all day everyday with no build up. 99% of things I get sick of quickly.

Heritagefarms I’ve seem those shots before…massive. my only knock on shiatsu is the slow ass transition. I’ve seen quite a few threads of people wanting pine strains well here ya go.

I’ve grown probably 500 plus varities from 100 plus seedbanks and shiatsu kush is the only one still standing in my garden. Says alot in my book…I’ve tried alot of elites to Cali kuskes to dutch old school. Will never catch on with today’s smokers cause its an ugly plant with ok looking flowers, but damn she blows everything away in every other department. Here’s mine getting that rotten smell going…close

Heritagefarms pm me I have a few originals left if u wanna run her again. Could spare a couple.


I had one that smelled of burnt tires and garbage so bad it made your eyes water while it was drying ,
It is odd about people searching for pine terps as I find it to be one of the more common terpene profiles found when hunting threw seeds , I’ve had it pop up in several different strains , I also crossed the shiatsu to a shorter fatter plant my friend made that was also reeking of pine and was super greasy.
Ironically the heavy pine terps are in of my least favorite and I’m not a fan of smoking them much at all , my friends wife says it’s her favorite type.
We all have such diverse cannabis tastes :grin:


Sorry edit

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Pk x dosi still stretching, triangle kush coming along nicely.

I think I’ll have to vegetate the heck out my next pk x dosi run. There such petite plants structure wise, probably have to veg it 3 months.

Shiatsu kush…